Don't Fade On The Trade!

The cat has something for you today. I wonder what you'll give me for it at my bay. I am open to all options from you. Give it a go to see what comes due. It is the best. Better than all the rest.

Here is the trade.
In depths we wade.
What will you give?
It helps you live.

You'll trade cash?
I'll make a dash.
Whoops, not worth that.
Your trade is scat.

You'll give a car?
My, that will go far.
Nah, mine is worth more.
No trading at my shore.

You'll give a house?
Doesn't even have a mouse.
That sure sounds like a deal.
Nah, that trade I don't feel.

You'll give them all?
That is your last call?
What a great trade.
Whoops, that one will fade.

Mine is worth more.
Now go out the door.
Yours is worth so much less.
That I can confess.

Now what will you give?
It helps you live.
It is the best.
Will impress your guest.

So offer away.
Will you pay?
One million for it?
Now that is a hit.

But mine is still worth more.
So much more at my shore.
I can't take that.
Your deal is scat.

What will you trade?
It is a great can of Raid.
It will numb your tongue.
May even pop a lung.

Don't you want to trade? It is such a great can of Raid. Pffffft to stupid trading nuts. Theirs is always worth more than yours even if it is a pile of crap from mutts. Ever notice that? Yep, even when it is scat. They want the best trade as into such waters they wade. Good thing we avoid such a pass. I'll stay a non-trading little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, did Daylight Savings Time mess everyone up here? Did not expect number one this late in the morning.
      I remember people wanting to trade food in school. No, whatever they were offering was not better than what I had.

    2. Hank must have got messed up by it
      See, you can get number one and not get up for a bit
      Just wait for it to fall back
      Yeah, food trades always lack

  2. I'd trade lots of things for a nice batch of smarter humans to run the world.

    1. That would be good
      We'd trade some stuff at our hood

  3. I got wampum for a trade
    Best darn deal you ever made
    Beads are made of genuine glass
    Bet you thought this would end with ass

    1. haha that is what I figured out
      And it did with beads about
      Hmmm hopefully not that kind
      Never mind my behind

  4. Didn't every family sitcom have an episode where a kid does a bad trade (Pokemn cards, bicycle, etc.)? Lol, I learned my lesson from those shows!

    1. Yep, just about every show
      I pulled off some good ones, for me, though lol

  5. I made a bad trade in 2nd grade (over stickers- lol). I learned my lesson for sure.

    1. haha the great sticker trade
      A tale that won't fade

  6. I have taught my son that when someone wants to 'trade' at school, it's usually because he has the higher quality item. ;)

    1. A good lesson to learn
      Then you won't feel the burn

  7. I'll trade my apple for a candy bar. No one ever fell for that one

    1. haha should have tried the teacher
      You might have been able to reach her

  8. I'll give a cat.
    I have plenty of that.
    You want another, right?
    Three won't give you a fright.
    I have one that I wouldn't miss.
    She can give the occasional hiss.

    1. haha but give isn't trade
      So no dice will be played
      The cat would get hissy face here
      Not fond of the other ten that are near
      Even hissed at the poop machines
      Dogs are all he likes at our scenes

  9. If you want my candy
    Nothing is dandy
    I won't trade, no way
    It's mine, all mine
    So you can just go away.

  10. Craigslist is funny like that. Every time I put something up for sale on there, some bozo wants me to trade for their junk instead of paying cash for mine. It's funny to see what some of these people have to offer though.

    1. Yeah, it is amusing to see
      Even though they get plenty an eye roll from me

  11. Time trading certainly messes one up for a while
    Great verse Pat.


  12. I learned long ago, being one of five kids in nine years, never to make trades!

    1. haha wise move to make
      In trades don't partake

  13. I don't trade
    as their stuff is not up to grade.
    so they can go blow
    now I must go.

  14. Trade cash?
    My private stash?
    I'd rather grow
    Some dough
    At mt broke ass show
    Where's that magic tree
    In the place to be


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