It's Free For Thee!

We know free is never free as we've been there at our sea. Well unless you steal then you may get a deal. A plea deal that is with your thief biz. But then you'll have lots with your jailhouse cots. That sure spun around. Are you confused as to what will be found?

Back on time.
Turned on a dime.
Around the clock.
Humans do rock.

Can't leave it alone.
Changes at the tone.
But we've been there.
Said that double at my lair.

Hey, it's my time.
So I dropped the dime.
That would be twenty cents.
Won't pay any rents.

I can do math too.
Doesn't that impress you?
Hey, it's my time.
Like your time reading this rhyme.

Or are you a skimmer?
That brain grow dimmer?
Not in your prime.
Either way it's your time.

Doing something though.
Yep, here at my show.
You sure are doing it.
Reading my quick wit.

Witty and free.
In the place to be.
I stole Blue's line.
He may curse the feline.

But he did it on his time.
Maybe even sucking a lime.
Now we're back to doing.
Are you already shooing?

Shooing the confusion away,
Can make for a fun day.
But doing you still are,
Whether near or afar.

Figure it out?
Both words are about.
Time and free.
I've taken up the free time of thee.

Is time ever free? Always doing something at your sea. Even if thinking or sleeping it is something to do. Time is being used by you. Maybe wasted and maybe free? Beats the heck out of me. I am asking thee. Can time be free? In your free time you can contemplate that from a rhyming cat. Hmm or maybe ask the singing bass. He only sings to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. 1 + 1 = 2
      Two number ones
      I didn’t think I could get it done
      I can do math it is true..

      Haha ok I just had to

      I had a friend who was always broke his motto was
      ‘If, it’s free it’s for me’

    2. haha look at you go
      A winning flow
      On a streak
      Tomorrow sleeping in may end it at your creek lol

    3. Did you wave?
      Or hi with a rave

    4. 1+1=2
      Did you win a blue suede shoe?
      Cat, what did True win
      At the kitty cat bin?

    5. A cashew jar
      is it filled with cash
      so I can travel far

    6. lol not a bit
      But it rhymes with it

  2. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank!
      Always a pleasure to greet you
      No need to walk the plank
      Where is Blue?

    2. Blue's away
      Hank got seconds to play

    3. Blue is stressed out
      Didn't you hear me scream and shout?
      As that deadline's bringing me down
      Making me feel like a blue suede clown
      6 more weeks to go
      At the Blue guy show
      Just so you know
      Say it ain't so....
      In the place to be
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Dooweeee

    4. 6 weeks to go?
      Damn, no wonder you are lying low

    5. I'm too slow
      Just so you know
      That deadline's killing me
      In the place to be
      But that's okay
      At the blue guy bay
      Beats eating air
      Or a dirty hair

    6. Need some power drink
      Then out it will sink

  3. I have too much time on my hands
    That I wish to care.
    When my problems are sorted,
    I will travel again wothout a care.


  4. I have times my brain shuts down and goes into sleep mode, but I wouldn't call it free time.

  5. Replies
    1. Beats me
      Sure much to do to find out at my sea

  6. Time costs a lot less when you're a kid.

    1. That it does indeed
      Then "I'm bored" takes seed

  7. That's one of the good things about being old. For the most part, we have the freedom to spend our time as we see fit. (And it's GREAT!)

    1. Telling me to get old quicker?
      May not be good for the ticker

  8. Free free bumble bee
    All outsiders come in free
    If you're hiding from a foe
    Come in free, collect some dough

  9. Every moment that is wasted
    Is a moment that can never again be tasted

    1. That each moment is
      Have to use them all as away they whiz

  10. Each day I try to take some "free" time.
    To play the piano and entertain the cats.
    Also. to do other things that are just mine.
    But cats are cats and they'd rather chase rats.
    That's how they spend their "free" time.

    1. That they do
      Chase and then come to give some attention to you

  11. Time seems priceless the older we get
    The young want it to move faster, a bit.

    1. That the young do
      Then we realize and flip the boo hoo

  12. I'll take the free lunch if nobody wants it!

  13. What an interesting thought . . . is time ever free!
    I'm always quite a busy bee!

    1. Never really free
      Always taking from something else at ones sea

  14. Hey, Pat, where you're at.
    Is time ever free?
    Rarely at my sea.
    I remember when people used to have pastimes and did things like put jigsaw puzzles together. My "freest" time is when I am outdoors roaming with my camera and have no specific time that I have to be home. I'm usually a busy, buzzy bee, and I like it that way. Have a good one, my rhyming friend!

    1. A busy bee on the go
      Never would have guessed it at your show haha
      Been a while since I put a puzzle together
      Maybe do that again in bad weather

  15. Older one gets time just goes by so fast
    Free or not, need to find a way to make it last.


  16. You didn't waste my time
    Because I am on a phone line
    On hold, so you see
    In a way, I'm free
    to visit Rhyme Time
    Again, twas sublime.

    1. Sitting with rhyme
      Such a fun time
      While the tune plays
      And they thank you for holding for days

  17. I think of free time as free to do what I want instead of doing what I need to do.

  18. Time always has a cost,
    one second of life
    at least is lost.

  19. Time is certainly mysterious. :)

  20. I thought when my kids got older I'd have more free time. Sadly, I always find more chores to fill those empty minutes so free time is almost nixed from my vocabulary.

    1. Yep, there is always something to do
      May as well have a kiddo or two

  21. CAT!You stole my line!
    Go get yourself some Bora wine
    Might not be free at your sea
    In the place to be
    And I'll raise you
    A Scooby Dooweeeee!
    So it is
    As Blue's doing his Scooby Doo biz

  22. Nothing of value is EVER free.
    Trust me!


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