Just About There Without A Care!

So the cat was napping as Pat was flapping. Actually he may have been swearing a bit, annoyed with some twit. Considering he'd be done on the fly, the cat can see why.

My part's done.
Done like I said.
Now back to fun.
Rest my head in bed.

Wait to complete.
Wait on a twit.
My patience left in defeat,
By such a lazy shit.

Two weeks it will take.
No problem at all.
It's a piece of cake,
After that give a calll.

Oh, I was away.
I forgot about that.
I'll start today.
I'll have it done, stat.

Two weeks more.
I'm almost there.
This is such a chore.
Why the hateful glare?

It's done by me.
Aren't you happy?
I forgot to call thee?
Damn, you are flappy.

I'm out today.
But I'll get it to you.
Just go and play.
It will come through.

My secretary will call.
She does that well.
Oh damn it all,
This week's been hell.

Here you are.
I said it was done.
It's all on par,
Boy, was it a ton.

Worked me to the bone.
Enough that I need a break.
Well, I'll leave you alone.
It was a piece of cake.

Pfffffffffffffft don't you love waiting on another to get something done? Especially when you could have had it 1000 times over already spun. Add to it that they are a lazy twit and Pat may talk to them with such words like shit. But that is the breaks when working with another to get crap done. The other sure gave a whiny tale that was spun. Another reason group work in school sucked a ton. There was always one. Love group work in work or class? It was always hated by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. It is not always easy to work with another
      as you might get annoyed and curses are uttered...

      It happens all the time at work
      so not a perk

      It’s Friday
      such a fun day!!!

      Well it will be fun once work is done
      and I can partake in some weekend fun

    2. Where is everyone!
      Hello is anyone out there? Haha

    3. Can sure be a pain
      When on the work train
      Whether alone or with another
      Just may want to take a pillow and smother

      Chickens with no pup?
      Pup not up?

    4. The pup is up and time to train
      We're working on agility frame
      With seven plungers sucked to the floor
      For the weave from door to door LOL

    5. lol plungers by the ton
      Do you collect them so she'll run?

    6. T is for Hank was tired today

    7. On the road chasing toads
      Tad late in getting about
      Bit tired but
      all fired up
      Congrats True a 'big shout out'


    8. On that road
      Gotta watch that toad

  2. To wait on another can be annoying
    Atmosphere gets to be simply so cloying
    What needs to be said, excuses sound silly
    Don't act like a ditz, go off willy-nilly

    1. Excuses are silly indeed
      But many a one sure takes seed

  3. Lately I've been on the other side...making others wait. I have way too much on my plate. I'm ready for holiday break, lol. Way ready. :)

    1. lol making others wait?
      Geez, sure need to reach that holiday fate

    2. Hey Wonderwoman, you can do it all.

    3. Do it all?
      Like chew gum and bounce a ball?

  4. I hate working in a group
    There’s always one who is a big poop.
    You do your work and then have to wait
    For the a-hole to decide my fate.

    1. Yep, the a-hole decides what comes to be
      Sure can cause pain for thee

  5. Yes! That's why it's easier to just do it myself.

  6. Like to do things alone
    At least they get done
    Then I have more time
    Playing in the sun.


  7. I much prefer to work on my own
    But sometimes it's fun not to be alone

  8. that's why I don't really work well with others. Hate to wait. Just do it on my own is best. Happy Friday!

  9. My son is in his last semester at college and is losing his mind with the group projects. Oddly enough, I don't really remember anything but the stupid discussion groups in college.

    1. I remember the stupid projects too
      They stick out as they were loathed through and through

  10. Tell me about it, Pat! I hated group projects ~ Often I ended up doing the most of the work or reworking someone else's weak effort, so I could get the grade I needed. Fortunately at work I was blessed with amazing teammates throughout my career. We worked together well, carried our own weight on time, and had each others back. May I never have to work in a group project again! Have a good one!

    1. Good you found some great ones working wise
      Some sure swarm one worse than flies

  11. It’s my day every day! Wait wait wait and wait some more. Quite frustrating but to have their job done, I ask very politely!

    1. All polite as can be
      May not always work for we lol

  12. This sounds SO much like my former writing partner. A while back, he came up with the idea that we should update a black-and-white comic book we'd done in 1987, this time as an ebook in full color. The more we worked on it, the longer and more complicated it got. But that was okay! We were doing some really great stuff. He was showing the work-in-progress to lots of his friends, and adding their suggestions, both clever and inane, to the mix. My part, the script, was done. He suggested I promote the project on my blog. I said "No, I want to wait until it's actually done." Good thing! He never finished it, and it's been four years since he sent me any artwork! Every so often, he'll call me, telling me about some idea he's had, and I just know he's hoping I'll want to get involved and work on it with him. Well, I don't, and won't unless and until he finishes that other comic... which will never happen!

    1. One of those people on the go
      So many ideas and no follow through at their show
      Then ropes other people in for a round
      And they never wise up to the final product never being found

  13. Nope, I was never a big fan of "group" work, either. And I must confess, it annoyed the fire out of me when a do-nothing classmate or co-worker skated by on work that had been accomplished entirely by me.

    1. Yep, that was as annoying as can be
      On them we wanted to throw cat pee

  14. I can't count on anyone but me
    to get the job done
    And yet, I rarely can count past 1.

  15. That's why I prefer to just do things myself. I can't stand it when someone pussyfoots around and I could have already had it done 10 times over.

    1. haha yep, those pussfooters are a pain
      Toss them in the drain

  16. Just About There Without A Care!
    And to just come back with a dare
    When they try help out
    They mess things about
    Do with own strength that's fair!


    1. Own strength is the way
      Get it done and enjoy the day

  17. Welcome back to fun Pat.
    Wonderful verse.


  18. Group work makes me ill
    I'd rather pay a bill.
    Just so you know
    At the Kitty Cat Show!

    1. That we would too
      Toss the group work in the loo


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