Me Me Me Across The Sea!

The cat has his own giant litterbox. Does that curl your socks? Or maybe your toes? Sure won't make you strike a lovey dovey pose. But I share it with glee. Mini Alex knows it at our sea.

I've got my plot.
I'm so hot.
It's all about me.
Don't touch my tree.

Don't touch my bush.
The one with the tush.
The others too.
But especially the tush view.

Don't touch my sand.
Can't crawl or stand.
Stay the hell off.
Try it and I'll scoff.

I'll fluck you up.
Don't act like a pup.
I will not share.
This is all my lair.

That coconut is mine.
The stream is for the feline.
That stars in the sky.
All mine upon high.

My giant litterbox.
Won't share with human or fox.
It is all mine.
Don't test the feline.

What was that?
Plenty of room where I'm at?
But it is all mine.
Can't you read the lips of the feline?

I can't help you.
Sorry, but its true.
It's all about me me me.
I'm the only one here to see.

So what if you're the same.
You are just so lame.
Can't have you by my name.
You could interrupt my fame.

What? No one will squawk?
Hey, I want to talk.
Talk all about me.
Why do you flee?

Pffft to that, at least says Pat. The cat may still be all about me. But I do share my litterbox with Cassie. There is plenty of room on the giant litterbox for all. Doesn't hurt to give many a call. Which is a grand thing about blogland as all lend a helping hand. Unless you get those that have nothing to say. They sure can say enough about me me me at the end of the day. Know any like that? Do they think they are a cat? We do rule all in mass. At least Pat bows to the will of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I guess as I'm all alone it's all about "Me Me Me " also.
    Great Sunday read Pat.


  2. When you talk about me, me, me
    Those around do flee, flee, flee
    Who's left to listen but birds in the trees
    They have their own twitter not filled with me's

    1. They may also have enough
      Then they may get rough
      For while with the me me me you sit
      They fly over and take a big shit

  3. Be generous or be really lonely in blogland.
    Mini-Alex thinks the cat is a little too generous with the litter box though.

    1. That one will be
      Hey, at least the cat has some generosity

  4. At least the cat shares with Cassie
    But I am sure not with Lassie.


  5. Sharing your litter box is generous indeed
    We do it too, with loos for those who need

    1. not sure Pat would share his private one
      Who know what is on a bun lol

  6. MOL! We have lots of litter boxes here and one of them is a giant one too!

  7. I'm sure sharing the litter box is a huge thing for a cat but isn't that what humans do all the time? Kinda? lol

  8. Replies
    1. Or getting rid of
      With a shove

    2. Well, I guess it depends on what we are sharing...

    3. I know some of those me, me, me types
      they are all full of their own hype..

    4. Full of their own hype indeed
      True, depends on the share at ones feed

  9. Litterboxes are shared at our space:)

  10. I don't even like to share my hand towel.

  11. I don't mind sharing my litter box. When you gotta go, you gotta go

  12. Me, me, me sounds like my dog too who seems to think my bed is all hers, hers, hers. Fun poem.

  13. Me Me Me Across The Sea!
    At the litterbox room aplenty
    Check others out
    Not in for a bout
    But just so to have a look-see


  14. Oh where would the world be
    Were it not for you -
    I mean, me, me, me!?

    1. Me me me is the best
      Me me me passes the test

  15. Tiger says "I have a litter box that is just mine."
    Patches says "I have a litter box that is just fine."
    The third litter box is for both of us.
    Or whichever one makes the most fuss.


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