Modeling It After A Hit!

Oh look, that blog is a hit. I have to copy it. Yeah, that will be the way to fortune and fame or whatever else out there that is lame. Hmm making fun? I guess I'm copying myself so far with this run.

The perfect way,
Came to play.
Perfect when done,
With what was spun.

So you try.
Bat an eye.
Copy the thing.
Expect the bling.

Copy a car site,
To your site of bite.
As in dental stuff.
Can't get enough.

Copy a food site,
With one for a flashlight.
Yep, you saw the light,
And went blind on sight.

Copy a social media site.
Have another 50 take flight.
Those will sure be a hit.
Hmmm they didn't do shit?

Copy a pet site.
Have humans flying a kite.
That will so work.
People will think it a perk.

Copy a law site.
Whoops, lawsuit took flight.
You sure didn't get far.
Better off copying the car.

Copy a travel site.
Make it for fitness might.
That will fly away overnight.
And I'm a unicorn at my site.

Copy a rhyming nut.
Can't rhyme so you show smut.
Yep, that will end well.
Hey, some find smut swell.

The perfect way,
Now not so perfect a display.
Flip and flopped,
As the copycat was cropped.

Ever see sites try and copy you? I've seen some copy another zoo. You can see it with sites, products, movies, this, that and the other thing. The copycats are all about the cha-ching. Which in the end makes most trash, leaving you with a bad rash. I'll stick with my non copycat sass and just be an original little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yes Pat I have seen sites trying to copy but as the saying goes "Copying Is A Form Of Flattery".

    Enjoy your week-end.

    1. That it could be
      Or maybe that is said to bring glee

    2. are we all trying to copycat Hank, so we can be #1?

    3. That some may be
      As Hank goes on the road at his sea

    4. Hank got veered
      Some obstacles appeared


    5. Not a straight track
      That could cause flack

  2. No ideas in your brain
    If from copying you can't refrain
    Then go ahead and copycat
    The results won't knock you flat

    1. Maybe a lawsuit will
      Unless it gives you a thrill

  3. No copying done at my place
    Probably because I have not much to say.


  4. A copycat may just be lazy.
    Or maybe he/she is crazy
    And thinks no one will notice.

    1. That he/she may be
      But caught they get at their sea

  5. We do have some cool kitty pals who are named Copy and Paste!

  6. I doubt anyone wants to copy me, but I can see how you could get some copycaters, Pat.

    1. They could try
      Then the cat would pee in their eye

  7. A couple of my blogger friends have had that problem, where someone kept stealing ideas from them. No one's ever copied me (to my knowledge), probably because my subjects jump around so much, the other person wouldn't know what he or she was copying. Ha.

    1. haha being nuts allows that too
      As many don't have a clue

  8. Lots of bloggers cover similar topics, but I never thought that necessarily meant anyone was stealing ideas or copying from anyone else. I simply figured great minds think alike.

    1. That is true indeed
      And some set others off at their feed
      So go to it in their way
      Just don't end up in the litter tray

  9. I'm not aware of anyone nipping at my heels to steal my genius words - ha! More power to them!

  10. Never noticed copycats on blogs but there are certainly lots of floffycats on blogs!

  11. I've had people rip off my crafts and recipes before. I'm fine with copying them, but at least give credit where credit is due.

  12. Theft of photos has hit me
    A happy camper I could not be
    So watermarks now scar my pics
    And once again there's some sleep in the mix

    1. Good to get sleep
      And the watermarks work at your keep

  13. Modeling It After A Hit!
    Without batting an eye-lid
    Copy-cats around
    Keep one's ground
    Too many one can't help it


  14. I haven't noticed any copycat blogs- but I have read about them on fellow bloggers blogs. Seems like a weird thing for people to do!

  15. No one would want to copy me
    I’m not that important so they let me be


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