On This Date We Complicate!

Are you ready to get this done? It should be lots of fun. It is just a simple rhyme. I can do that any old time. There is no need to stop. Out a rhyme shall pop. It's as simple as that. You can trust the cat.

He's rhyming today.
He's having his say.
He's talking about me.
This is unusual at his sea.

It could mean he's mad.
It could mean he's on a fad.
It could mean he's going to quit.
It could mean I'm a twit.

He's rhyming today.
He's having his say.
He's talking about me.
I'm repeating this at my sea.

It could mean I'm mad.
It could mean I'm bad.
It could mean I'm nuts.
It could mean I make the same mistake in my analyzing ruts.

My mind is talking.
The damn thing is squawking.
It wants to have its say.
It can't go another way.

It says I suck.
It says pass the buck.
My brain must be right.
I have to believe its plight.

What would you do?
And you, and you, and you, and you and you and you...
I want all opinions in view.
I will turn to all of you and you and you and you...

I have each way.
I now know at my bay.
I know 50,000 ways.
I'll stay in my daze.

Can't go off kilter.
Be sure and always filter.
What if you offend him?
What if she goes out on a limb?

What if they like it?
What if it isn't a hit?
Better not speak up at all.
Holy, it's already next fall.

Are you an over complicating nut? Could go on forever with this rut. Sadly, that is what some do. Going over and over and over and over it at their zoo. What good does that do at one's den? And even when they go over it they repeat it again and again. I think it really is fall of 2018 now. Over complicating things sure can wow. I think I'll take a pass and remain a non complicated little rising ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Yes Pat I am an over complicated nut,
    Can't get out of this rut.
    But I am a person with feeling.
    Which is sure to set your heart reeling.


    1. Complicated can go away
      Makes for a better day

  2. No, I'm a rather simple guy and rarely overthink things.

  3. You mean like making a flake
    Over and over and over for perfection’s sake?!? :)

  4. I over think things all the time
    It is not fun to be this way
    Drives me crazy at times
    Is all I will say.


    1. It sure can suck
      On it I'd rather pass the buck

  5. I over think things it is true
    I guess it is just what I do
    Sometimes, it is better to go with the flow
    just have fun and see where the road goes...

    1. That it can be
      Unless the road leads to shit creek for thee lol

  6. On This Date We Complicate!
    To go forward or to hesitate
    Or perhaps to repeat
    But avoid being cheats
    Not to character assassinate


  7. I think or I don't think, depends on the day
    My head's like a scarecrow, just filled with hay
    A rhyme comes afleeting and I write it down
    Grab my coat, lock the door, I'm going to town

    1. So going going gone
      Hopefully town wasn't a con

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  9. I'm a member of the Over-Thinkers Club.

    1. Did you get a fancy card?
      Is getting out hard?

  10. Sometimes I fell crazy and others Im better lol

  11. guilty as charged on over thinking sometimes. My husband does not. Thus we stay in balance. He saves me from myself

  12. Not many in the South over think.

  13. orlin N cassie.....what a horrenduz fate it wood be ta haz squawkin in onez mind.....it wood like never leeve N then one wood go crazed frum de damn burd noiz

    ....oh kay we kneadz ta shut up now bee coz we R givin R selvez a nitemare kinda head ache ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha yep, would sure be quite the fate
      One we'd really hate

  14. Sometimes it's fun to complicate things unnecessarily, mainly because it often drives other people nuts!

  15. I've learned not to overthink.
    It just makes my head ache.

  16. Keep things simple and stress-free..ha...

  17. I like simple, no need to complicate things if not necessary :-)

  18. My mom always overthinks things. Drives me nuts. I say just go with the flow. What happens will happen without me having to constantly think of every possible outcome.

    1. Yeah, can go insane fast like that
      All the outcomes just fall flat

  19. I try not to worry and definitely don't spend my time worrying about what others think about most things. :)


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