Putting The Brakes On The Fakes!

A fake time has come due. I am taking a break at my zoo. I sooooo need it. Yep, every little bit. I just took a break last week. But I still need one at my creek. Do you believe the cat? Pfft we say to that.

Time for a break.
A break I can take.
Life is so rough.
That nothing to say stuff.

So it is time.
Break in its prime.
Breaks at the ready.
A break will come steady.

A study break.
A 55 I'll make.
That is fine.
A break is divine.

A work break.
I'm out on the lake.
Whoops, I got fired.
Bah, elsewhere I'll get hired.

A pee break.
Yeah, that I should take.
Otherwise could leave a mess.
Break more, not less.

A life break.
Umm how do you partake?
Do you go and drop dead?
That will clear thoughts from your head.

A kid break.
Drown them in the lake?
You'll get a break that way.
The slammer is where you'll stay.

An up break.
Down got the stake.
Break up or break down.
My, sure not whelmed with that frown.

A clean break.
My OCD would make.
May even bake a cake.
Food poisoning would give all a break.

Them are the breaks.
Multiples like rakes.
The pointy things I mean.
At least breaks can be clean.

You sure need breaks a ton. No wonder nothing ever gets done. All you do is take a break. Can't put the brakes on that when you're awake. Sleeping must be so rough. Oh yeah, and that I have nothing to say stuff. Do you break more than work in the day? If yes, the cat may make fun at his bay. I think I'm breaking up now with this pass. I better hang up before you lose my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Very lucky today
      Back in the fray!


    2. Back to the top
      No ninja to stop

    3. Ninja was taking a break from being #1 it seems

    4. Ninja isn't getting up at six in the morning on a Saturday for anything in the world!

    5. lol nothing at all?
      Sure something could make that stall

  2. Putting The Brakes On The Fakes!
    They are going for high stakes
    Take in the break
    For goodness sake
    Is a question of some good takes


    1. A good take can be had
      With a break at ones pad

  3. Everyone needs a break at some time.
    Enjoyed the Saturday read.


  4. I hope nobody breaks your break!

  5. Everyone needs a break
    after a time or two
    at least that is what
    I have to do


  6. I believe in many breaks
    maybe time out to visit lakes
    or just stop and stretch, tie a shoe
    important break, go to the loo

  7. Some breaks are good.
    I prefer the accelerator to the brake pedal when driving though.

    1. Even if the signs says stop?
      A ticket may drop

  8. high or middle school, it is no debate
    the latter is harder, and it is my fate
    no time for breaks, my time is all spent
    sleep is all gone, and i get paid with cents (it sort of rhymes, ha)

    1. haha with the sleep all gone
      The rhyme may be a con
      Half asleep and half awake
      At least lets you partake

  9. Just give me a break of a kit kat bar and it's all good. The other brakes can stuff it.

    1. kit kat bar can be germy though
      Make sure they wash hands before they give it a go

  10. Well now I know why I don't get as much accomplished as I intended. It's those work and pee breaks;)

    1. Yep, taking the time to pee
      Sure can interrupt thee

  11. I just plain don't sit still for long. Too much energy.

  12. I take several breaks during the day.
    It gives my brain a chance to rest that way.

    1. A rest can sure work
      Makes the next task a perk

  13. I just took a 2 day break from FB and mot everything online so I could watch all the horror movies I recorded. lol

    1. lol good way to take a break
      To have a horror movie partake

  14. A break is always good no matter what you are doing. Have a great day Pat.

  15. Sometimes we all need a break. I suppose if we fit in a break each day we wouldn't need bigger breaks as much.

  16. I've made the break away from the MacBeath clan!
    Now I'm home with my former g-man!
    Not up at the break of dawn today.
    Hope you had a good one at your bay!

    1. No break of dawn
      After traveling to your lawn
      Guess your breaking your next trip
      Maybe by plane and ship

  17. I take breaks and need them too.
    that is when I go to the loo.
    At night I get home and watch TV.
    That is my break and no one can bother me

    1. Good that no one bothers too
      As that is the best to come due

  18. How about a broke break?
    Would that make your stir or shake haha!


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