Round Sixty Two Comes To You!

Slowly they still trickle in as they take a search engine for a spin. I guess the nuts died off maybe? We can only hope at out sea. But they provide a post here and there, so here are a few more with no brains to spare.

nic cage eagle head

Is he still talked about? When last did he put something decent out?

it halloween time so here a rhyme

Halloween is over
For you me and rover.
Now if you want some candy,
You better have cash handy.

singing cat oct 2016 hoo

We don't sing. Not in October or spring.

tickwatch kickstarter

Ummm okay. I'll send you my email if you'd like to donate my way.

just a little thick

A chubby chaser are you? Everyone needs love at their zoo.

rosie o'donnell whip dominatrix 

Hmm, I may take that back. Not everyone in the human pack.

cassie cat walks first time

She walked when she came. You are rather lame.

no fun at all in a rhyme rar

Well if you could spell maybe some fun would dwell.

only a fart apart

Gas sets all apart. You can take that to heart.

elsi mopin

Old one eye is crying? Damn, Canadians at her beach she must be spying.

blicky blick

Don't like old one eye? Yeah, her scary view can make some cry.

Pat on my knee

Pat gets a ride? I think he'll hide.

you only jump now

Jump to where? Do you jump fair?

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Ummm errr, okay. Who typed that long ass thing out at their bay?

And the winner of today sure likes to play. Not sure anyone would want to join in. But then again, a few may want to give it a spin. You may not want to say so though if your answer isn't no.

play with my tallywhacker game

So many rules could come into play. I'll stick with being snip snip at my bay. No rules to follow at all there. The cat can run around without a care. And so another round has come to pass with the search engine nuts who find my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Great to read I too will stick at my bay Pat.


  2. Round Sixty Two Comes To You!
    Search engines with weird cues
    Looking for a cure
    In a stated manner
    Thorough sacrifice to start anew


    1. Some sure are looking
      Maybe a visit to the nut house they should be booking

  3. search engine nuts are funny it's true
    but that last one I'd say
    to avoid at your zoo

  4. That second to last one, oh, my!
    Just shake my head and roll an eye

    1. Yeah, must have been some weird copy and paste
      As plenty of search power they did waste

  5. Not touching that last thing for anything in the world...

  6. They seem to find you there at last
    You cannot hide or give a blast
    They trickle in, round sixty two
    Same old stuff straight from the loo

  7. Lots of nut cases come your way
    But hope you have a nice day.


  8. That last one's hilarious... but I wouldn't like to shake hands with the guy who wrote it!

    1. Nope, why we avoid hand shaking
      Never know where it was partaking

  9. wow - stranger and stranger. Keep rhyming.
    It will translate to bizarre

  10. Always a fun read! Though I can't quite figure out some of those connections!

    1. Have gone on about everything at our sea
      So can be hard to pinpoint for we

  11. yes a lot of nuts I know and Im thinking on me too :)

    1. haha some nuts are fun
      Others want to make you run

  12. Great. Now I have horrible images of Rosie O'Donnell stuck in my mind. Thanks.

    1. lol blame the search engine nuts
      For their Rosie ruts

  13. Tallywhacker and Rosie with a whip made me want to throw up in my mouth just a little

    1. You mean you didn't watch that flick?
      It would make you rather sick

  14. Now is the time to get the candy- clearance sale time, baby!

  15. orlin N cassie...theeze due make fora grate laff any way; we cracked up over de candy one !! ☺☺♥♥

  16. That last one is weird....some people too lazy to check their spelling yikes...

  17. Loved the end of Halloween rhyme. But no candy for me. Stupid diet...

  18. Who really likes rosie o'donnell that way?

    1. A movie like that came due
      Sure that's what they wanted to view

  19. LOL! Some real winners find their way to your bay!
    Greetings from cold and snowy Calgary!

    1. That the "winners" surely do
      Greetings from nice warm, snow free NS too lol

  20. Brains to spare, heh, heh!
    You're certainly not talking about me.

  21. That's quite a game to play
    Night or day hahaaaa


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