Taking Hold Of The Old!

The cat and all of you have sure heard it a time or two. More like a thousand times at least. On it humans seem to feast. A feast of words that is with this old biz. Time to go to school. Isn't that cool?

Happened last year.
Whether thing or gear.
Clothes or act.
Fiction or fact.

No matter the case.
It you must embrace.
So put a smile on your face,
And become an ace.

Wow, that was cool.
You went old school.
I am sure impressed,
With how you dressed.

What a fool.
They went old school.
Didn't they hear,
That it was so last year?

A handy tool.
It was cool.
But it's in the pool,
Of, you guessed it, old school!

Aged some well.
What the hell.
It is so old.
Schooled some bold.

Schooled and aged.
Old's been paged.
And some it comes.
Old school chums.

That's so old school.
You aren't cool.
Who uses chums?
Maybe just rhyming bums?

Typed it seconds ago.
But it's old school you know.
You can't escape that.
You chewed that fat.

No staying whelmed.
Old school is helmed.
When it's no longer new.
Old school is true.

When does something become old school? When it makes one a fool? How does it become school? Was there a school for that handy tool? Is that where it came from? Some school by a chum? Damn, I went old school once more. Chum is so old school at my shore. Do you let old school come to pass? Anything you do that gets old school sass? Maybe I'll ask my old school singing bass. He may answer my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I'm too young to do anything old school
    that's my golden rule
    or is it that I'm so old
    it's all coming back like gold?

    Have a beachy week!

    1. Could be the reverse
      But bah, you can give the I'm too old for this shit curse

    2. Lethal Weapon reference at your mat
      did you think I'd know it smelly cat?

    3. Well the movie is 30 years old
      So you should have let it take hold
      Right, old one eye?
      Ever so spry lol

  2. I guess old school would be the effects in 1982's The Thing as opposed to the CGI effects in the recent remake/sequel. And I have to say, old school looked better.

    1. Yeah, it is sad when that is the case
      Guess they blew their money some other place

  3. Old school math makes perfect sense
    Common core is NONSENSE!!!

  4. I love to use the term, old school. It's particularly useful in making fun of kids today, who think their generation invented everything.

    1. Yep, that is pretty sad
      But making fun sure can be had

  5. Sometimes old school is the way to go
    New stuff can can fill me with woe.
    Young people better watch out
    They’ll turn old, and won’t have any clout.

    1. That they will
      Unless the earth flushes us away like an exlax pill

  6. When you are as old as me
    Everything is old school
    But that can be really cool.


  7. Is old school like old hat
    String a line and catch a bat
    Old school is not the Pat
    He's really buffed and never fat

    1. No fat at my sea
      It is blah to we
      Even if we make it to super old
      That sure will never take hold haha

  8. If there's old school how come there isn't young school?

    1. Yeah, weird how that works
      Guess young people are jerks?

  9. Taking Hold Of The Old!
    Not something to be told
    The Old school
    Having it cool
    Taking time having it sold


  10. if you stay old school long enough it becomes cool
    well maybe not using a slide rule

    1. That may be out of style
      For a very long while

  11. I'm old school in a lot of things,
    and frankly I don't give a damn!
    Not chasing fads gives me wings
    and saves me from a financial jamb.

  12. My daughter is 26 so pretty much everything I say and do are old school to her. I said that was cool to something she showed me and she just looked at me weird because I used the word cool.

    1. lol they don't use that anymore?
      New to me at my shore

  13. I think my Dad went to old school cause he's pretty old!

  14. I'm happy to be old school.
    Remembering things we did then are cool.
    Young people today might disagree.
    But it really doesn't matter to me.

  15. That is a rather odd expression, now that you mention it...

  16. According to my kids, everything I've ever touched is old school. Please, that stuff isn't old school. It's classic.

  17. orlin N cassie

    when de kidz oh de kidz.... R lookin at de kidz.... de kidz oh de kidz.... will bee tellin thoz kidz.....thatz sew old skewl !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺ happee week oh end guyz ~~~

  18. I hate to be called old school..ha..ha....

  19. I've become old scholl Pat....lol.
    Loved the read.


  20. Old is not new
    A sock is not a shoe
    Old school beats millennial crap
    Latte in one hand, laptop on their um... lap


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