Taking In For A Spin!

We aren't going anywhere today. Here is where we stay. Will you write the rhyme for me? I can't do it today at my sea. I just want to sleep and eat. Oh and yes, you must make me my breakfast, lunch, and supper treat.

Staying in.
Such a win.
Doing nadda.
Don't yadda yadda yadda.

I can't hear it.
Not one bit.
I'll sulk if you speak.
You are the freak.

Now get me food.
Don't be rude.
I'm staying in my room.
Sweep the floor with a broom.

Those crumbs won't go.
You are so slow.
I have a bill for you to pay.
Pay it so I have a nice day.

Don't forget to wash my clothes.
I need socks over my toes.
I can't have cold feet.
I'd also like something else to eat.

Nah, can't work that job.
I hate that guy named Bob.
Plus I don't want to work there.
I have excuses to spare.

You have money.
Let's keep all sunny.
I'll stay in my room,
You go get that broom.

You had me.
Kids aren't free.
I'm proving that.
Don't be a dingbat.

This is my space.
You may pay for the place,
But this is all mine.
When is it time to dine?

Now I need rest.
Lying here all day is the best.
You also made me pout.
Those things sure wear you out.

Do you know anyone like that? Sadly, we do where we are at. There is nothing wrong with being a hermit in our book, but doing absolutely nothing and having "mommy" pay all your bills at your nook? Yeah, no thanks. Wake up call will be when that bank tanks. Help and taking advantage are two different things. They must have some worn out mattress springs. I'd boot them to the curb if such a person ever tried to trespass. No one will be mooching off my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. #1 again this time
      lucky stroke just fine


    2. Back on top
      Lucky stroke non stop

    3. Everyone else was lazy today, or else they could have been number 1

  2. I know of one person like that Pat yes! yours truly.
    It's cold, noone to converse with and age not on my side. sad but true.
    Loved your verse as always.

    1. Some things can lead one in a way
      There at their bay

  3. Live in sloth, who really cares
    You may be eaten by the bears

  4. Thanks for the reminder as to why I don't have kids.

    1. haha I'd kick them out too
      If I had any that tried it at my zoo

  5. Like to ge a hermit here
    But pay my own bills
    And always will.


  6. There is a difference between helping and enabling....sadly, I know of someone like this.

  7. Doing nothing is
    Better than doing something
    Yea yea it is bliss
    Living off other people is.

    1. Ever so blissful as can be
      Until you have no place to pee

  8. change the locks
    when kids fly the coop
    don't accept collect calls
    but stay in the loop

    1. And pretend no one is home
      Or just go out and roam

  9. Taking In For A Spin!
    Unlike one for a sin
    Sitting alone
    Safe at home
    Helping make it clean


  10. Sorry I have been away, I have missed a few days but yup, I know someone like that. The mom is very much to blame and so is the dad but to a lesser extent. This kid is 26 and I’d love to place my steel toed boot up his ass.

    1. haha that would be funny to see
      A Youtube hit could be thee

  11. I'm pretty darn good at staying in and doing nothing!

  12. I've known a number of people like this, and it makes me crazy!
    They are parasitic bums who are nothing but lazy!
    Kick 'em through the door, on any shore!

    1. Kick them out indeed
      Then life will take seed
      Sink or swim
      Lazy bums have to move a limb

  13. When I read that you couldn't think of a rhyme, I said "That'll be the day."

  14. My cats are like that. At least they do catch bugs. That's more than some people can say.

  15. Wise cat to suggest using the broom. Noise can be so annoying.

  16. orlin N cassie; we due noe sum one like that.....N de parent just keepz on en abe alin.....sorree they will be sum day ~~~~~~~~♥♥

    1. That they surely will
      Enabling will send them crashing down the other side of the hill

  17. Kids have to move out at some point and grow the hell up and pay their own bills.

    1. That they do
      But many are lazy bums without a clue

  18. I stay in a lot. Every once in a while, I like to go out.

  19. I like to stay in, and I like to go out. I also don't mind helping where help is needed. I def. do not like moochers though... nada, nope, uh uh.

  20. Hmmm, sore spot for me today
    As Child #1 is in need at his bay
    Feels like it will never end
    It's just an eternal trend

  21. Got to work for these stuff Pat ~ I wish I can nap all day, ha..ha...

    1. haha napping all day may bore after a while
      But it would be fine for the cat's style

  22. Some days I like to stay home, but I also like to be on the go. Can't stand people who refuse to let go of mommies apron strings. Get a job and be productive, you bum!

    1. haha productive should be the way
      Not stealing away your pay


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