The Inquire To Require!

The cat has a list for you today. A list that you must obey. If you don't you'll have to go. Maybe go play with a crow? The crow can't rhyme. That may be a crime.

Requirements to stay.
A law to obey.
Can't break or bend.
Can't buck the trend.

You are required to.
Simple at my zoo.
Requirements are to require.
Hmm did that backfire?

Is your brain confused?
Do you feel abused?
That I may require,
As it shall never expire.

I require even more.
Requirements to require gets an encore.
A double requirement dose.
Don't go comatose.

Now you must not rust.
Yep, no rust or it's bust.
That requirement is a must.
And you can't have dust.

You must use windows 10.
Yeah, you heard it at my den.
You need to use that crap.
It's a requirement to flap.

You need a $15,000 laptop.
The cream of the crop.
Can't have any cheapos here.
I'm a regal rhyming rear.

You must be of a certain age.
If not, flip the page.
I require you to do so.
Can't be too high or too low.

Also you must be PC.
That is the way to be.
I require it of you.
There is no swearing too.

I require to inspire.
Inspire to require.
This is about to expire.
I think my pants are on fire.

If you believe any of that I require, I've got a bridge to sell that I just set on fire. I'm a liar liar. Don't you love the nonsense some require? I think they lost the meaning of the word. Some requirements are so stupid and absurd. They sure aren't required at all to do whatever it is at ones hall. But they want you to spend cash in mass. Pfffft all they'll get is used litter from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. All requirements hopefully fullfilled except the $15,000 laptop.......mine much cheaper......sorry.


  2. If you require me to use Windows 10, then I quit!

  3. Doesn't it make you want to be a 2 year old again and just ask WHY?

    1. Pretty much the case
      And do it with a sincere face

  4. With Alex, proudly I stand
    No more Windows updates in my land!!!!!

  5. Requirement is a must!
    Do this or bust!
    No, not a lady's chest,
    Cat, give it a rest!
    Everyone knows what is good for you
    even if it means living in a zoo.
    Which is what Windows is these days,
    With Apple I will always stay!

    Have a beachy week!

    1. Zoo they can stay
      I'll toss em in the bay
      Best for me can eat some pee
      It clumps after my spree lol

  6. Requirements sure are a pain in you know where but guess we have to live with them. But I do draw the line at some of them. Pat, you have a good rhyming day.

    1. Some of them one sure has to ignore
      As they can get nuts at many a shore

  7. Ha, ha, my brain stays confused so that is nothing new.
    I also use Windows 10, how about you?
    Maybe that's what's wrong with my brain.
    I do have sense enough to come in out of the rain.

    1. Good you stay dry
      We are stuck with windows 10 on the fly

  8. No Windows for me.
    It's Mac at my sea.
    Minimal requirements for me.
    I'm as happy as can be!

    1. Minimal is the way
      As you fly from bay to bay

  9. The Inquire To Require!
    To choose and to aspire
    Windows or Apple?
    It's that simple
    Decided without a lawyer


  10. at least you don't require a rhyming response to your blog...yet

    1. haha would be fun to make
      And see what happens as some partake

  11. My only requirement is to ignore requirements!

  12. My brain is regularly confused:)

  13. And don't you just love it when someone says "You need to..." That's just their way of saying "I'm ordering you to do this or that."

    1. Yep, trying to pretend it is a need
      When their demand is taking seed

  14. What kind of an expensive PC is that....Here's some snow for your pants on fire Pat ~

    1. haha rather let them burn
      A gaming PC sure can cost more than one does earn

  15. If the cat has a list for me to obey
    he better be paying me, that is all I will say!


  16. I get really angry when the school requires my kid to wear certain things. They had a choir concert that had very specific dress attire. This was just through the normal school choir and not an after school extra thing. 85% of these kids qualify for free lunch so I doubt their parents can afford to go out and buy new clothes for a 30 minute concert. The same with their gym clothes having to be a certain color. Why put extra stress on the family having to run all over town looking for special gym clothes colors. Who cares what color my kid is going to sweat all over?

    1. Wow, that sounds super dumb
      Especially for gym and then some
      Color of clothes makes no sense
      Is the schoolboard getting more dense

  17. Here's the list
    They do insist
    No obey
    No other way
    Do not ever think resist
    What next I say, is it a fist

    1. A clenched hand
      Ever so grand
      Until you smack
      Then a lawsuit attack

  18. PC makes me sick
    They can go sit on a stick
    Or a lump of wood
    In the neighborhood
    Or a toad
    Smack in the middle of the road
    Or jump off a cliff
    Or eat manure like Biff and Griff
    Just so they know
    At the kitty cat show

    1. That all works
      For the PC jerks
      Could set the wood on fire
      That would be more dire

  19. I refuse to do what is required.
    That's not how I am wired!!


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