Two For Two With A Grump In View!

The cat was sitting with Cassie, almost knocking off the lassie, when she decided to visit another pest. I don't mind him but she likes him best. We are a pair so I followed her to the downstairs lair.

Asleep at last.
Double the cast.
Oops, there she goes.
Why, who knows?

Down the stairs with a thud.
All to visit her bud.
He likes to pose too. 
A suck up through and through.

Uh oh. Cranky is watching.
Better start hop scotching. 
She was invaded by the black guy.
 She hates all cats on the fly.

So he sticks out his tongue,
As she pops a lung.
Yeah, she growls a bit.
I usually just give her a hit.

See? She is eyeing me.
That tail in the air with no glee.
 Sit could squash me though.
A rather hefty foe.

Oh, try two as one.
Black guy is tempting fate a ton. 
She got her grump on.
A fight may dawn.

Or a stuck up head.
What? He's on her bed?
Oh, that is such a shame.
One grumpy and prissy dame.

She's had enough.
Wants to get rough.
Here comes the grump.
Watch out for the plump.

The fight begins.
But who wins?
Our money was on the fat one. 
But away we did run.

We had to show them how it was done.
 This is a two for one.
Of course I take up more space.
And only Cassie is allowed to show her face.

Can you work as a pair? Are you a grump that is plump with lots of hair? That may be a bad fate. Of course you could squash anyone you hate. That fat lass hates a ton. But I can still make her jiggle and run. I'll stick with only being paired with Cass. It works so much better that way for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      Number one once again
      as a new day begins..

    2. Good morning True
      It's nice seeing you


    3. True was far off
      No hump day #1 scoff

    4. It’s a work day
      I was running late
      No number one my fate
      but, tomorrow who will be at the gate.. haha

    5. haha hump day
      And you have to work at your bay

    6. My neighbor calls it a hump year
      Oh dear

  2. Cats with smashed faces all look grumpy. You would too if you couldn't breath properly.

  3. There's always that fear that if you can't outrun the fat guy, he just might sit on you!

    1. The fear sure is had
      Don't make the fat one mad

  4. If cats can't get along
    Then there is no hope for people
    That could make a good song


  5. Our pair likes each other - thank God!

    1. Thankfully it is so
      Can be hell when they think each other a foe

  6. Oh my goodness, man alive
    Cats are learning how to jive
    They come in droves like summer flies
    Cassie longs for their good-byes

  7. Orlin and Cassie
    double the fun
    getting along can be done
    She likes that guy
    She is not shy
    Trouble breaks out
    On their walk about
    back up stairs
    safe in their lair
    no cat fight today
    but tomorrow beware

    1. Beware of the downstairs kitty
      She does not take pity
      Will whack with glee
      Orlin knows and begins to flee

  8. Your Cassie sounds like my Patches who likes to run the house.
    Tiger tries to stay out of her way and even lets her have the mouse.

    1. haha lets her win the day
      Sure the way at our bay

  9. Great pictures of all the cats. We have several around here who think they are running the house but there is competition at every turn. Have a good day Pat.

    1. That there is indeed
      Competitive at each feed

  10. I'm not a grump,
    But somewhat plump.
    And not much hair--
    Think I care?

    Tossing It Out

  11. Your plump grump is hilarious! What a personality! No plump grumps at my pad. But there's lots of hair.

    1. haha she sure has one
      Lots of hair sure does run

  12. don't they know Santa is watching. Have to be good and get along

  13. The cranky one seems to be used to having things her way.

    1. She gets her way most of the time
      If she doesn't, the others feel the wrath of her chime

  14. orlin N cassie....hay waves two de naybors frum de land oh trout.....grate ta see ewe two day ! :) ♥♥

  15. Two For Two With A Grump In View!
    Intruders cause fights to come due
    Looking at the fat one
    Having a like Santa fun
    Friendly banter when numbers are few


    1. A little banter comes due
      And then she'll strike a few

  16. There is a couple of grumps around here but I won't mention any names. OUCH, she hit me!

    1. Have to avoid the grump
      Or could get that lump

  17. One cat is a grump
    The other just sits on his rump.
    The 3rd is a real nut
    And the other likes to sniff some butt.
    My hubby is cranky as hell
    Morning coffee works...but ya never can tell.

    1. haha get that caffeine fix
      As the cats get up to their tricks

  18. More kitty pictures to rule the day
    Bonus kitties trying to have their say

  19. Adorable and funny! Please save me from being a plump, grump, with lots of hair! LOL I'm amazed at how Cassie can lie half off the top of the chesterfield (Is that hopelessly old school?). Have a good one!

  20. Great verse with awesome pics Pat. Sorry for the lateness.



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