A Cheerful Season For Some Treason!

I was minding my own business at my sea and then they came and bothered me. Cassie was supposed to be guarding the door. Instead she napped too at our shore. I must do all the work. That is so not a perk.

There she was.
Just because.
Look at the fuzz.
 The enemy all abuzz.

No way to more.
I checked the door.
Those three can stay out.
I gave them a shout.

Cassie laughed at me.
Another got by on this invasion spree. 
She got bounced on for that.
Yeah, I'm a rather mean cat.

I woke the old guy too.
 He hadn't a clue.
A bit senile, that one.
I can still make him run.

Or maybe not.
Hmph,  doesn't care he was caught.
Pat won't let things get grim.
But I will still fix him.

We can snub.
Take that, bub.
He snubbed me too.
How rude is that view?

Now he's scratching my tree.
This just can't be.
An attention seeker too.
All are giving him a view.

Damn that.
I'll go cause scat.
I'm outta here.
 They can kiss my rhyming rear.

They don't care.
All they did was stare.
That is just rude.
Supposed to hate my attitude.

And now they are all napping.
 Cassie is even flapping.
Or that may be a yawn.
This cheerful stuff is such a con.

Do you like invaders at your sea? Cassie is much nicer than me. Don't you think it was rude that she let them in? That is one big sin. She should get sat on for that. I'll have to go tell Pat. I now keep a watchful eye out for any who try to pass. They aren't going to get any cheer from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. T for treason
      I invaded the number 1 spot
      Do I really need a reason
      I swear it wasn’t an evil plot
      Ho ho ho tis the season

    2. haha an evil ho ho ho
      Hank may wish for you to eat crow crow crow

    3. someone invading from the sea to be #1

    4. Hank missed in getting his dozen
      Extremely glad though True was the reason!
      Hank's good friend is not into treason
      For True, Hank relinquished the position


    5. A good friend is fine
      When it doesn't align

  2. Interlopers are all three
    What a nerve to scratch his tree
    Cassie sleeping on the job
    Then sneak in and then they rob

    1. Rob the toys and stuff
      Life with interlopers is so rough

  3. Yes, it's hard when you're in charge!

  4. And Cassie acted like she didn't even care.
    The best part about house guests is when they leave.

    1. Yep, when they pull out of the driveway
      And go far far away

  5. Sure some wonderful cats there Pat.


  6. Oh, how I love your invader sweet!
    The Cat must learn to share and greet!

  7. Company is appreciated for just a short time
    Then they must leave before I charge a dime.


    1. Charge them rent
      And they'll leave, even through a vent

  8. I don't have to worry about invadrs here, the sisters take care of them!

  9. Nothing is blocking my door today
    And no one is invading my way.
    I'm free to come and go as I wish.
    Still, in my sea, I kind of feel like a fish.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Flopping about?
      May have to get a massage and work that out

  10. you snooze and someone sneaks by
    no fair
    no intruders
    in my lair

  11. Seeing multiple cats somehow reminds me of the following: I have a friend who, at one point several years ago, owned over two dozen cats! She came to visit me one day, and the multi-cat smell was so pronounced that Orson walked up to her, stared at her for a brief moment, and then started hissing at her like he was ready to attack her. Pretty spooky.

    1. lol he must have sensed them all
      thought she was on big cat ball
      Cassie hisses when Orlin returns from the vet
      I guess unpleasant smells are met

  12. Nothing like getting unwanted company is there, Orlin? :)

    1. Nope, nothing at all
      Need to toss them back in the hall

  13. I do not like unwanted company. :)

  14. Visitors are fun, give it a try
    You might find more cat nip will come by and by :)

    p.s. that's a cool cat scratching post!

    1. But then we'd have to share
      The post sure gets used by the pair

  15. The more cats, the merrier
    Stated by rather confused terrier.

    1. We used to have one
      He thought chasing them fun

  16. I don't mind invaders every once in a while, as long as they leave within a reasonable time frame. It's those that try to overstay their welcome that we take an issue with.

    1. And many try and overstay
      Then we want to toss them in the bay

  17. Another new cat? Ah, one of my son's had kittens and has been trying to get me to take one. Two is already too many.

    1. haha two is enough for we
      That is what we stick with at our sea


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