A Chocolate For Each Just In Reach!

Only one day to go and then the chocolate won't show. Or maybe a whole bunch more will but this isn't that pooping bunny's holiday thrill. Got a calendar thingy for each day to enjoy a tiny chocolate on display?

Calendar for merry.
Chocolates and not cherry.
Of course that could be popped,
Oh how the gutter dropped.

But let's move on.
Coal may dawn.
The cat can swat it.
So wouldn't mind one bit.

Yet calendars near.
Everyone give a cheer.
Counting down the days,
With a little chocolate maze.

Let's do the same thing.
Chocolate will be king.
To count the days of spring.
Eat a chocolate after each fling.

Do one for each year.
Adding to your age gets a cheer.
Of course it may fail,
They could become stale.

One for each ding.
May cost some cha-ching.
But each time you whack something with your car,
You get a chocolate not even the size of a bar.

Each time you spend dough,
Whether for bills, food or whatever in tow,
You get to chow on down.
Enough chocolate that you'll never frown.

Every time you swear.
Could get fat there.
May have to buy a ton.
Although chocolate may make swearing fun.

Every time you rhyme.
Now that isn't a crime.
Rhyme and flip open a flap.
Shove a chocolate in your yap.

I could go on all day.
Chocolate calendars on display.
Satisfying your sweet tooth no matter what.
Could even swap chocolate for a nut.

Don't you want an advent calendar for everything now? That sweet tooth will just think, wow. As will your waistline. But to many that is already fine. The cat should market away now that Christmas is about done with its calendar display. Are you a calendar user at your sea? Does eating the tiny chocolates bring you glee? Hope a merry Christmas eve is coming to pass. I'll take a calendar filled with cat treats for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Mark the calandar, chocolate time
    Eat a sweet and do a rhyme
    It's an advent time of year
    Mark it down, get in gear

  2. Chocolates everyday
    might bring dismay
    as pounds appear
    that is what I fear

    Have a great Christmas Eve
    I hope it brings you much cheer!

    1. Pounds by pounds
      More to sniff for hounds lol

      Hopefully a grand day is had
      There at your pad

  3. It's not a bad idea! A nice piece of dark chocolate every day is a good thing. Merry Christmas, Pat.

    1. That it may be
      Hope a great christmas is had at your sea

  4. We can't eat chocolate but I'd probably eat a calendar!

  5. A Chocolate For Each Just In Reach!
    All too familiar nothing else to teach
    Chocolates to munch
    Perhaps after lunch
    Merry Christmas Pat, 2018 time to be rich


  6. I love chocolate
    at my sea
    can't eat too much
    my tummy won't agree

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Why is it that this gal
    Cannot help but see
    her name all over this one
    that you've posted at your sea?
    Despite the fact that I'm Jewish
    it's chocolate all year for me.

    1. haha you sure popped in
      As I gave the chocolate a spin

  8. I've seen those calendars for everything and they're everywhere.

    1. They want to sell sell sell
      Maybe they have one for get well

  9. It's Christmas Eve and still no sign of "Santa"...

  10. Oh you made me crave for chocolates! :-)
    Very merry Christmas Eve to you all and happy holidays!

    1. Hope you get some
      And get greeted by that fat guy chum

  11. Didn't have an Advent calendar like this
    but might have to do it one year
    a bit of chocolate daily for almost a month
    could bring some good cheer!

    Merry Christmas!


    1. That it would
      Hope a great day is had in your hood

  12. I bought my girls one last year and they said the candy sucked so they threw out the whole calendar. I'd rather have quality candy once during the holidays than a bunch of shitty candy every day.


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