A Day So Bright With No Light!

The cat is going to brighten your day with what he has to say. Or maybe I won't. Making any guarantees I don't. But you just never know. You humans use it so...

I'm sitting in the dark.
I hear a dog bark.
The mutt likes that.
Doesn't bother the cat.

Oh, an email.
That's not a fail.
It can brighten my day.
King Abubu wants to share his pay.

Nope, still dark in here.
No brightness to peer.
Guess King Abubu sucks.
He can keep his bucks.

Oh, a bird outside.
I'd like to take it for a ride.
Not any kind you'd like.
A brightened day that would strike.

Damn, it's still dark.
Should go play in a park.
Stupid bird is a fail.
Go and hit the trail.

Some great food.
That isn't rude.
I'll go for a treat.
Excuse while I eat.

That must brighten my day.
Nope, still a dark display.
Maybe I should hawk it up.
Could be re-eaten by that pup.

Could brighten her day.
Maybe that will light the way.
This darkness needs to scram.
Light needs to break through the dam.

Oh, a comment for me.
That gives me glee.
It brightens my day.
Nope, still dark with what you say.

There is a switch.
Fixed that glitch.
Let there be light.
Turned it on to rid the night.

You humans are so full of it. Such things don't brighten darkness one bit. Should I not take it literally at my sea? Bah, you should say it different to me. Anything brightening your day? Maybe a flashlight does the trick at ones bay. Hopefully you have a bright one and carry on a ton. The holiday's could brighten in mass. I suppose at least turning on the Christmas lights could do it for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Loved the theme of the verse Pat. Thanks.


  2. Brighten the day with a candle or two
    Works for me, can work for you
    Add a new glow with a kerosene lamp
    Careful though, don't burn the camp
    You should feel glee that you brightened your day
    Here come the in-laws for a very long stay

    1. haha that would be no fun
      We'd turn and run
      Or let the lamp burn it down
      Then move to a new part of town

  3. Yes, indeed, kindness brightens the darkest day
    You can make someone happy with the thing you do and say

    1. The cat will take your word for that
      As I still don't see any brightening things where we are at

  4. All in all some humans are just not too bright!

  5. your humor brightens the world daily

  6. A good laugh always brightens my day.

    1. Can you see far?
      Like the headlights of a car

  7. If you take expressions literally, you can cause a lot of trouble for people who never think about such things.

    1. That I can indeed
      Fun to do at my feed

    2. This comment makes me think of the Amelia Bedilia books. She took everything quite literally!

    3. Taking them that way
      Can lead one astray

  8. My kitties brighten my day every day!

    1. Do they turn on the lamp?
      On button on which to tramp

  9. Waking up and seeing that it's still dark and I have a few more hours of sleep brightens my day every single time.

    1. Can you sleep in the light?
      Nothing there to fright

    2. I don't like any light when I am sleeping. I even cover up the alarm clock with a cloth so there's not light coming from that either.

    3. Damn, you are really no light allowed
      I'm good as long as there is nothing loud

  10. The snow at Christmas brightened my day
    The cold is crisp which I love, yes, that’s what I say.
    I love my tree with all the lights
    The tinsel dances and give me many delights.
    I guess what I have to say
    Is that I’m all happyyesterday and today.

  11. A Day So Bright With No Light!
    Unusual but still a sad plight
    Bring on the candles
    Not easy to handle
    An eclipse that turned day to night?


    1. A flip of the switch
      Some may think it a glitch


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