A Holiday Liar Of A Fire!

The cat thought Santa came by the fire. Would he land and expire? I am looking for him in it. But I won't be fooled one bit. Not for a second year as Pat makes me peer.

He got us last year.
He got a new scar I fear.
So he'll never try once more.
No Rudolph's at our shore.

I see fire.
It won't expire.
Santa can't get in.
Fire in a tin?

Nope, not in there.
No room to spare.
I guess he'll have to use the door.
Hmm, I'll look a little more.

Nothing under it.
Cassie ignores my fit.
She thinks I'm nuts as can be.
But I just had to see.

Merry Christmas once more,
As we give an encore.
Pat may get a new scar,
These beards are once again too far.

Having a great day at your sea? I hope you are as the holidays fly free. The cat may have got a new toy or three. No fire was going to fool me. Do you have fake fire? That think just won't expire. Hopefully today was a merry pass. Now I'll go see what I got for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Great post Pat. Have a great day yourself and of course the cats.


  2. No fire, fake or real is needed here in Florida, thank goodness. It was 81-degrees yesterday and that was making me dance. ;)

    Here to wish you all (Pat and the cats) a very Merry Christmas!

    1. lmao can't you swap with us at our sea
      Hope a Merry Christmas is had for thee

  3. A chimney is a place of smoke
    Watch for Santa come out broke
    Name the worst job in the land
    Vote for Santa, raise your hand
    We are experiencing a week of the most gorgeous snowfalls. Each
    evening adds a new little layer of white fluff to the already
    pristine covering. I have never heard people exchange such
    jubllant greetings about the gorgeous scenery and the mystical
    holiday. There is something very special about this holiday.....
    like a rebirth. Has anyone else noticed it?
    A very Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Worse job indeed
      At ones feed
      Burn your ass
      With many a pass

      We notice it
      At least a bit
      Until we have to go out
      And then Pat gives a pout

  4. A Holiday Liar Of A Fire!
    Down the chimney no fear
    Hidden fire
    Go slow gear
    Give time until you hear


  5. I doubt Santa would like the fire.
    It might be a bit too warm.
    He has his own ways of bringing his gifts.
    That's part of his charm.
    Merry Christmas to the cats
    And also to you, Pat.

  6. Merry Christmas Pat for you and the cats!! xoxoxoxo

  7. Hope the day is a good one
    For you and the cats
    And no one gets burned
    And Santa goes scat!


    1. No burns came due
      At least not he physical kind on cue

  8. Merry Christmas from all of us at Brian's Home!!!

    1. Thanks indeed
      Hope a good one was hat at your feed

  9. Haha so cute! Warm and cozy by the fire. And a bit fuzzy. Merry Christmas, Pat and kitty cats! :)

  10. Merry Christmas Pat, Orlin and Cassie

    Does the yule log on television
    count as fake fire?
    I just have to inquire?
    it burns with precision (ho, ho, ho)

    1. lol no TV is had
      But could pretend at ones pad

  11. Merry Christmas. How about the glow from Netflix (or football) on the TV? Splendid long weekend here. Cheers and catnip for all.

  12. Oh I love those Santa beards on you! We have fake fire on our TV screen, just like a fake tree is there :-) Very merry Christmas to you all!

    1. Fake sure works indeed
      Then the cats can make anything, usually, bad take seed

  13. We have a gas fireplace and are too lazy to even get that going. Hope your Christmas was a nice one, Pat.

    1. Are you just outta gas?
      The cat has it in mass

  14. A fake fire we hope to have at our mat
    Next year like an aristocrat
    Merry Christmas to each cute bearded cat
    I hope they beard you, too, Mr. Hatt

    1. lol you'll see that next year
      As Pat already did it and caused fear

  15. Merry Christmas, to you and your fam!

  16. They are so sweet and hope your Christmas was great

  17. No fires here, but I do have a ton of heated blankets I'd probably die without.

    1. haha none of those about
      So hopefully we don't die without


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