A Parade Sure Not To Fade!

Humans sure have a need for parades. I bet somewhere they have a parade for shades. All cool with sunglasses on everyone. Okay, maybe there are none. But with many on the go this time of year, let's create a few that would bring cheer.

Parades come and go.
They put on a show.
Marching or driving,
Bueller high fiving.

What's a little twist and shout?
Let those hips out.
Which brings us to one,
That should be given a run.

The rolling parade.
Sure to never fade.
Humans roll down the street.
That would be neat.

The cat parade.
Hmm can we trade?
Cat's walking like mutts.
Yeah, that one is nuts.

The shoe parade.
You may need shade.
Shoes are all that is allowed.
Nudists would stand proud.

The garbage parade.
The smell may never fade.
But all walk their trash to the landfill.
That is sure to thrill.

The cash parade.
You all have to trade.
Trade cash in order to step.
This one may have pep.

The hoarder parade.
They save even a grass blade.
They get to show it all.
More stuff than a mall.

The walk til you drop parade.
The path isn't even laid.
You just walk until you can't anymore.
That sure deserves an encore.

Parades come and go.
Most a returning show.
Would that be a remake?
Hey, it's a double partake.

Are you a parade fan? Do you march and wave to each woman and man? Any parades you want to see? Maybe Santa already waved at thee. Does that make you all warm and tingly? Maybe if you and Santa got umm mingly. Hey, I'm sure it has been done. Ready to parade comments in one by one? I may get some bad gas so I won't be parading around my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. When I buy new shoes I parade around the store for a bit, making sure they are a good fit.

      Good morning Pat and cats...

    2. Good way to be
      Bad shoes suck at any sea

  2. Someone else posted about parades this morning. I've marched in many. The Rose parade is about the only one I watch though.

  3. I missed the Christmas Parade in this town because I was in Orlando. bummer!! Caught the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade on TV this year though, woot!! I want to see it in person!

    1. When you retire from the kiddo scene
      Can see it ever so serene

  4. I stopped going after my son graduated and I was no longer obligated to see him in the marching band. He HATED the parades!

    1. Hate is the way
      In them I wouldn't want to stay

  5. I like a parade
    Fun to see the floats
    Especislly the ones all lighted up
    In the water as boats.


  6. Don't let it rain on your parade, wear a happy face
    All decked out in finery, white satin and in lace
    Every day's a grand parade, meet others on the way
    Smile and give a cheery wave, time here is a short stay

    1. Wave even to rat face people though?
      Oh, just let your middle finger flow?

  7. I do watch parades and have photographed a number. Honolulu has many parades. One I've wanted to catch is the parade in honor of Spam which is well loved in the Hawaiian Islands. This coming year the event has evolved into a Spam Jam Festival, but the Spam events always happen after we leave Honolulu. *Sigh* Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Sounds like you need to fly there a week or two later
      Although spam? Like the can? Blah, throw it in a crater

  8. I like parades. I want to see Macy's in NYC and be up high for when the balloons go by. And I want to be in a parade and throw candy. Maybe someday. Happy Friday

    1. High in the air
      With out freezing your backside there

  9. We like to watch parades n TV but wouldn't be too keen on marching in one!

    1. The marching would be bad
      No fun would sure be had

  10. I haven't watched a parade in years, either in person or on television. When I was a kid, my mom and I would watch them on TV, and we'd both make fun of the hosts and their constant (and phony) smiles.

    1. The hosts sure are rather sad
      Trying to pretend it is grand as out comes the latest fad

  11. I've never been one for crowds so parades aren't really my thing.

  12. orlin N cassie....de st patrick's day parade wood be kewl ta see; but then again, in Ireland they due knot get all crazed bout de 17th like they due heer in de statez ~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. Yeah, states just use it to get drunk
      And stay in a funk

  13. We've both got parades on the mind
    And have written in kind.
    Your post composed some time ago
    And mine just the night befo'.

    Our thoughts must have merged,
    Then on the page we regurged
    Our ponderings of parades
    And in no way tirades.

    The parades never end
    Whether by foe or by friend.
    We all keep on going
    And that I be knowing.

    Tossing It Out

    1. That we do
      As parades shine through
      Ready or not
      Out they trot

  14. One too many as a newshound did I
    Then more as parent of a band girl and guy
    Thank heavens those days are gone - BYE!!!

    1. haha been there done that
      Too many a time at your blog mat?

  15. I used to like taking my girls to them when they were little, but now they can't even throw candy out at them anymore, so it's not as fun. I do like a good Disney parade though!

    1. I'm sure Disney does it up well
      Yep, sure not as swell

  16. I do like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Lots of spreading of joy & performances by young people from around the country!

    1. Joy and spreading it
      Sure is a win bit by bit

  17. I don't watch many parades- but my mom wanted me to watch the Christmas Parade with her in her local seaside community and we went and watched part of it. There were lots of pretty floats and vehicles with lights.

    1. They can deck them out
      But yeah, after a while just want to be somewhere else about

  18. Do home based parades
    marching with kids
    no grass-like blades
    but herbal weeds

    1. Marching and having fun
      A good way for it to be spun

  19. I have seen parades on TV and here in my city.
    Some are ok but some I can leave be.
    I have seen some bad shit
    Like a Fat Jedi in sneakers, not a hit.


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