A Social Strife With The Life!

So the cat was out the other day and some old fart, like really old toothless fart, came to play. Nosy as can be. Dull as watching paint dry as well at ones sea. A mannequin would be more fun. Wasn't that movie already done?

What do you do?
You know, for fun.
Tell it true.
Do you run around with anyone?

You sit and write?
Is that all you do?
You play volleyball one night?
Is that all that comes due?

Don't you have a social life?
That has to be boring.
How will you get a wife?
I'd end up only snoring.

When I was your age,
I did oh so much more.
I was all the rage.
I skipped every chore.

I made sling shots.
I shot those squirrels.
I killed lots,
Watching their death whirls.

Things cost less.
They cost so so much less.
They were so so so less.
Soooooooooooooo less.

We killed rabbits too.
Those slingshots were great.
I made quite a few.
No need for bait.

Did I mention less?
Could buy a whole lot more.
Come now, just confess,
You do more at your shore.

You should join this.
It's the largest around.
It would be bliss.
I'm the president hound.

Can't do less.
Don't just sit and write.
Exercising is just a mess.
Look at me, I made out all right.

Don't you love when such fools tell you what to do? Pffft many a time sure came due at our zoo. It's the same crap over and over and over again. Right up there with Flappy at our den. Maybe Toothless should get his own go. But then I'd bore you and make your IQ go low. My social life is fine by me. Most people annoy me anyway at my sea. Like Toothless can surely do. Have a great social life at your zoo? I'll stick with my hermit pass. That way I can write away each day with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Great verse Pat, I intened to have a social life at my place and by the way I wear dentures...lol.


  2. Old fart liked to kill things, didn't he?

    1. That is what I thought thought, hopefully he just wasn’t killing time...and made some squirrel soup or something.

    2. Old fart sure did indeed
      Bragged about it at his feed

    3. I had a double “thought” oops

    4. Thought it good
      There in your hood

  3. I am a hermit at my place
    Definitely take up less space
    Keep to myself over here
    No one has anything to fear.


  4. I love my life just as it is
    What I do is no one's biz

  5. everyone feels comfortable in different ways. I enjoy a social life with friends one day. Then I wish to hibernate another. To each his own. And mind your own business!
    Happy Monday

    1. haha mind one's own business is the way
      But many sure have to give their say

  6. Old farts can sure raise a stink sometimes!

  7. Any person that kills animals is not my friend.
    How would he feel if the squirrels and rabbits killed him?
    I enjoy being at home with my writing and cats.
    I can't think of anything nicer than that.

    1. Yep, nutball indeed
      As they kill for fun at their feed

  8. Gone are the good old days
    Low tide and high seas
    Bla bla bla
    Do this not that
    Join that not this
    La, la, la.

  9. Good grief, where did you run into that weirdo? Run, Pat, Run!

    1. If only I could have ran
      Stuck working for the man

  10. We don't want to forget the past but some people really need to let it go.

  11. Yeah, talking to old people is always a blast. It's hard to compete with 80 years of boring stories. Oh, things were cheaper back in 1940? You don't say. What's inflation, anyway? Ah, probably not important.

    1. Yeah, pay hasn't increased at all
      Nope, not one bit at any hall

  12. Everyone has advice
    And thinks they're so wise
    They should really think twice
    Those fools in disguise.

    1. If they even think once
      I'd be impressed by such a dunce

  13. orlin N cassie; whatz fun for one iz knot for another; thatz what makez life interestin...oh brother !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. That sure is the way
      Uggg to such stuff is all we can say

  14. I’m baaack...hide your valuables:) I would not be happy if someone told me what to do. Hmmmm, wait, my hubby tries this often which makes me wince with irritation and my brother just lectured me on having my phone charged all the time. I told him I’m not used to it so to relax and pick up the phone.

    1. haha at least you give them something to do
      Welcome back to the blogland zoo

  15. I like to exercise and keep myself fit and healthy ~ Outside than this, I like keeping stuff to myself ~ Take care Pat ~

    1. The way to be
      Fit and healthy and no one to bother thee

  16. I’m opposite of sociable. Don’t care about social life. (Probably should at some extent, but you really stop caring as you age!)

    1. So you are too old for that shit?
      Works for us, every bit

  17. I'm with Grace. I only socialize when I absolutely have to. I like to work out and will interact there, but I really enjoy my own company.

    1. I got stuff and work out at home
      So can skip that socialization with no need to roam haha

  18. A Social Strife With The Life!
    Up to the minute being all alive
    Even an old fart
    Can play a part
    All swinging with lots of dives



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