Attention All With This Call!

I want your attention today. So you better have your eyes glued to my bay. Did you reach for the superglue yet? You better or you'll get shunned by this pet. If you believe that, you may need to pay more attention to the cat.

I'd like to bring this up,
It is well known by a pup.
They strive for it everyday.
All they want is it and to play.

So I'm bringing it to your attention,
With this reminding mention.
I'm drawing your attention to it.
Even if I can't draw worth shit.

But I'm holding your attention.
Is that worth your pension?
You have to pay attention, you know.
And I'm using it a lot at my show.

So stand at attention and pay.
A 2 for 1 with attention today.
Has your attention waned yet?
You'll never grow bored of this pet.

You spring to attention each day,
As a post comes across my bay.
Would that make me the center of attention?
That would land me in detention.

But detention can be fun.
Don't have to snap to attention a ton.
Wouldn't snapping hurt the back?
Unless it is a finger snapping attack.

Can you snap a finger?
Attention can then linger.
Sing a tune and get more attention.
Or it may get you a suspension.

Have I directed your attention here?
Did you see the sign with a peer?
Was the attention of it clear?
Attention to all, the end is near.

Come to attention now.
This last bit will wow.
I've got your attention.
Don't let there be any apprehension.

This could be a great invention.
I really need your attention.
Whoops, something else caught my attention.
I'm sure one day I'll give it a mention.

Did you know attention was so well used? Has your attention been amused? Amused and abused or maybe even confused. Has your attention been infused? I'd like to now draw your attention to the singing bass. He never catches the attention of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Even if I can't draw worth shit - I am going to remember that line. Except I'll use on people and tell them they can't draw worth shit.

    1. hahaha a good switcheroo
      Fun to use at one's zoo

  2. I got detention all the time as a kid
    great way for trouble to be rid
    because that's what I was always doing
    give it to me and I was sure to ruin
    thankfully I've gotten better since then
    and I'm an innocent angel at my den

    1. Innocent as can be?
      Hmm should we believe old one eyed granny?
      Or granny to be?
      We have no detention anyway at our sea

  3. My attention this season stretched has been
    In as many directions as your verse plus ten
    What I’d give for a quiet night
    With all demands far from sight

    1. Just to relax and let them flow
      Is a fine way to be, if one can, at their show

  4. Standing at attention when I read your blog
    Giving it all my attention throughout
    That would be a good way
    To give it a shout.


    1. That it may
      Unless scary zombie feet at on display

  5. Attention all, attention one
    Attention creatures of the sun
    Attention knights of table round
    Here's the best spoof to be found

    1. Spoof for round
      Spoof for thin
      But what is found
      After they suck back gin

  6. Attention is very expensive these days.

  7. Attention All With This Call!
    Being alert and having a ball
    Attention seekers
    Wear no blinkers
    Just need to act like a doll


  8. You captured my attention,
    With this wonderful verse.
    Don't give up bringing pleasure,
    To those who have problems.....what a


  9. "Say that again, I wasn't paying attention"

    1. Nah, only once at my sea
      Voice is gone for me

  10. Lots of things want our attention each day- that is for sure! :)

  11. I've been told I am not to good at paying attention!

  12. Even if you're holding my attention
    I doubt if you'd want my pension:)

  13. Some days I don't have enough currency in the head to pay for attention. Especially during the holidays!

    1. No coins come out the ears?
      That has to end christmas cheers

  14. WE all paid a little attention.

  15. If I'm bored by a subject, or its writer/speaker, I purposely don't pay attention.

    1. I doodle away
      And I still can't draw at my bay

  16. I yelled at hubby yesterday because he wan't paying attention to what I said. lol

  17. You sure got my attention Pat ~ Thanks for all the visits!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ~

    1. Good to get attention indeed
      Hope a great one is had as well at your feed

  18. I’m not good at paying attention. My mind tends to drift away when I should be paying attention!

  19. I hate it when I asked to pay attention
    That got me, once, in detention
    I refused and continued to read
    The teacher got mad as I did not heed
    His order. I’m still this way
    I love being this to this day.


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