Come...No Go...What Do I Know?

The cat has to shrug as you humans go on your way. Especially when heading toward that so called merry day. Not sure merry counts with the flipperoo. But we can pretend so at each zoo.

Christmas is coming.
The cheers you can hear.
Here that cheery drumming?
A parade may be near.

Christmas is soon here.
How is that so?
Wasn't it just last year?
Time moves ahead, you know.

It's too early for it.
I'm so not ready.
Here I sit.
Yet it comes steady.

Yippeee! It's days away.
Soon it's the big day.
Yippeee! Is all I can say.
I'm merry all the way.

Can't wait for it to be done.
It is so much work.
Who needs all this fun?
It sure isn't a perk.

Christmas is over.
Now that is the best.
I'll go relax with rover,
I'm free of that jolly pest.

I can't wait for it.
Only 364 days more.
See my cheery fit?
It needs an encore.

It's so far away.
I wish it would come faster.
Then in the snow we can play,
Instead of putting up plaster.

It's coming so soon.
Half the year is gone.
Don't play that Christmas tune.
I won't fall for its con.

Christmas is coming.
Christmas is going.
Songs are sure strumming,
With my flip flop showing.

So which one is it? You humans sure confuse a bit. Are you glad it is here or afraid that it is near? All this flip flopping can hurt the head. I think I'll just rest in my cat bed. Oh, did it get here faster too? Pffft not unless you time traveled at your zoo. If so, give me the lottery numbers that will come to pass. That will make me a cheery little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Still on the go
      With #1 in tow

    2. Good morning Hank
      Good morning Pat
      Good Morning cat

    3. It's now 5 in a row
      Just keeping it slow!


    4. Good afternoon True
      On the road before coming through
      Good afternoon Pat
      And all loving Cats
      Just walked in
      Couldn't in the morning


    5. Walk on in any time
      As the road takes away the chime

  2. Dang frightening indeed
    Time passes with such speed
    Barely time to look back
    Dawn whizzes by without a crack

  3. Hard to believe it is that time
    This year sure went fast
    Wish time would slow down
    To make it all last.


  4. Soldiers march in uniforms with buttons made of brass
    They also carry great big guns, don't give em any sass
    It's also said that time can march, I've never seen it done
    If I see time with a great big gun you can bet I'm on the run

    1. For then your time has come due
      The big gun is a great big clue

  5. Winter is coming

    so get your presents wrapped

  6. I like Christmas in Dec - decorate, bake, visit friends, etc. But on Dec. 26th, I am DONE. whoosh - everything gets packed away!

  7. I wonder if Keith is counting
    It was always his favorite day

    1. That he may
      Who knows what big long name is doing at his bay lol

  8. This time next month Christmas will be over and we will have started a new year.

  9. Our humans always confuse a good bit!

  10. Come...No Go...What Do I Know?
    Yes, it was here not too long ago
    There was snow
    Then no more
    Just another year older and so


  11. Christmas is coming,
    but Hanukah is here.
    We meet you Gentiles -
    Play again next year.

  12. I don't stress too much about it. Everything seems to get done or maybe we just don't care?

  13. I'm busier, but I don't stress about it. I just enjoy it.

  14. Christmas is more for kids than for adults. At least that's what my dad used to say when I was a kid and now I agree with him. It's not my favorite holiday and am usually glad when it's over.

    1. Yeah, the kids enjoy every holiday more
      Adults just get in the way at many a shore

  15. I am surprised that it is almost here- time really does fly. I enjoy Christmas- but I don't exchange many presents, so I don't end up spending a lot of money. I do see family- which is nice.

  16. How time flies? great verse Pat.


  17. We're just now getting snow, so it hasn't felt too Christmasy around here until this week. Now it just needs to melt and summer needs to hurry back along.

  18. It's feeling Christmasy over here. Now if school would just let out, it'd be a bona fide gift for me, he he hehe heeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. No more germy rugrats at play
      That would make anyone's day

  19. Christmas is near
    It comes every year.
    Stop griping and enjoy
    The mayhem and play with a toy.

    1. The toy that cat shall indeed
      Here at our feed


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