Decorate Away For A Merry Display!

The cat has to shake his head, even as I make decorations dead. I have smashed a few, but Cassie knocked over the whole tree at the other zoo. The mutts helped a bit but she was the cause of it.

The house is bare.
Decorate that lair.
Not just a little bit.
Make it a hit.

Get up the tree.
On it a dog can pee.
One actually did too,
At a friend's zoo.

Get the lights outside.
Stand back and take pride.
Think, you have to take them down.
But at least you can light up the town.

Then things here and there.
The typical affair.
Look and see decorations in sight.
Can't have a windowsill without a light.

Typical stuff.
But that's not enough.
Nope, not one bit.
Decorate where you shit.

Few ever see the toilet.
But you can't spoil it.
Put a Santa face on the seat.
That just can't be beat.

Having a singing tp roll.
Now that's a goal.
Sings to you every time.
You'll sing to its chime.

Chuck your toothbrush out.
What is that old one about?
You need a Christmas one.
Companies want you to buy a ton.

Put stickers on your shoes.
How can you lose?
You are just sharing the news.
No one will have the blues.

And best of all,
Decorating won't stall.
Have fake snow going steady.
Now you are truly ready.

Do you go that nuts? Err umm I mean cheery at your huts. What is the point in a toilet seat Santa face? No one else uses it for a daily embrace. No one else even sees the thing. Is your toilet public at your wing? Yeah, the cat is kinda stuck on that pass. Pat better not stick anything on the litterbox of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I don't decorate anymore
    Seems like just an extra chore
    Put it up and take it down
    Bet you can't end without a frown

    1. Yep, seems a pain in the ass
      So on it we give a pass

  2. We decorate less, but still a few things go out and a tree goes up. No Santa on the seat though.

  3. We used to have a reversible toilet lid cover - cats on one side, ornaments on the other. It was in the guest bathroom so some people did see it.

    1. haha there you go
      Let the guests get a flip side at your show

  4. I have a fresh wreath on my door
    Next week a tree I will add to the decor
    Placing a fancy tree skirt on the floor
    A stocking too as I have to add more
    Christmas music too here at my shore
    But, not day and night as that would bore
    Come for a visit a drink of wine I will pour
    Maybe watch a Christmas movie or four
    I might share a story not found at a bookstore
    please don’t fall a sleep on the couch and snore

    Haha - ok just had to give it a run
    I admit it, I found it rather fun

    1. haha a fun run
      As christmas is done
      With stories and wine
      Hopefully no snoring shall align

  5. Minimal decorating this year
    Not even a tree
    Its all done
    and I am happy at my sea.


  6. I decorate a lot, but I draw the line at bathrooms and cars!

    1. haha good way to be
      No decorations where you pee

  7. On a tree
    a dog can pee?
    What about me?
    Just don't let folks see.

  8. Christmas Litter Boxes, what a dandy idea (sorry, cat)!! I wanted to get reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose for my car, but I haven't had time to go out and look for a set yet. ;) I love Christmas decorating. :)

    1. haha look at your go
      Wouldn't the kiddies rip it off though?

  9. I used to go all out on decorations for EVERY major Holiday, but I've come to my senses in my old age. :) It was fun when we still had children at home, but now, it's just work I don't feel like doing. I still MAY put a things out... maybe. (I just hope my hubby doesn't bring out his Christmas song-singing Billy Bass...)

    1. haha Billy Bass for the win
      We'd pull that out and give it a spin

  10. We are already nuts and the decorations are up, for a while!

  11. I live alone, so I haven't decorated for years.

    One of the last times I did, however, it was for the sake of a woman I'd been out of touch with for several months. During those months, Christmas came and went.

    However, sometime during the spring, after we'd reestablished contact, I decorated my living room with a vintage 1960s aluminum tree and virtually all the Christmas decorations I owned, going so far as to spread white sheets all over the living room floor.

    When she arrived at my apartment, I made her close her eyes, and I took her by the hand and guided her into the living room. Right before I allowed her to open her eyes, I said "The funniest thing happened today; it snowed!"

    The look on her face was priceless.

    1. haha look at you go
      Going all out at your show
      I take it that one didn't stay around?
      Was there too much snow on the ground?
      Living alone I wouldn't do a thing
      All Grinch like at my wing

  12. I don't go nuts, but I do decorate. I say- whatever makes people happy. :)

  13. Decorate Away For A Merry Display!
    To extend joys of festivities away
    Do decorate
    At any rate
    Overdo, to tire out before the Day


  14. Howdy - no pets or kids to knock over any crap. I have stuff out. I think we'll put up lights tomorrow and maybe the tree. Feeling the spirit and it's all for us. No one to impress. Stop by for some hot chocolate if you wish!

    1. No one to impress is the way
      Just do what one likes at their bay

  15. We didn't do outdoor decorations this year. We're getting lazy with the lights. I did do the living room up though. Thankfully, my dogs leave my stuff alone, though they did steal our Elf on the Shelf's reindeer today. Stripped his clothes off and chewed them up. At lease they left the plush alone lol

    1. lol just wanted to see him bare
      Or find out if he wore underwear

  16. Being alone I don't decorate,
    But I have wonderful memories which compensate.
    I may not get a Christmas tree,to embelish my home.
    But memories of many years that will last for years to come.


  17. No toilet Santa for me
    But snowflakes everywhere at my sea
    Not a Santa to be seen
    But snowflakes are glistening with sheen

    1. The snowflakes beat the fat guy
      As they are far more spry


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