Does The Fresh Really Mesh?

What was that? You thought I'd go magic day at our blog mat? Bah, we've done that a time or ten. There is no such thing as a magic day at any den. Get up and do no matter the calendar date at your zoo.

A fresh start,
Taken to heart.
All is fresh,
2018 will mesh.

Yep. It's fresh.
No pound of flesh.
All will be good.
Fresh is understood.

Whoa, hold on.
A different dawn?
You change a number,
As many slumber?

I can do that.
Easy for the cat.
2100 it is now.
I'm super fresh, wow!

But my shit still stinks.
I'm getting no playful winks.
Still my old hair.
I see it on the chair.

Pat still has a scar.
He still has the same car.
Still has the same dough.
Still the same things in the know.

The same job.
The same plan to rob.
Hey, it's just a plan.
The bank wouldn't be a fan.

Where is fresh?
Should I hit refresh?
Even with a cheat rhyme,
I see no fresh chime.

Gonna bring you off the brink?
A number change the missing link?
And I'm going to turn bright pink.
I think many mean fresh stink.

For it's a new day.
The same as any other at play.
Can do the same no matter the date.
No magic, fresh, or anything else, mate.

Do you smell fresh? Do you have pretty new flesh? Are you all magically fresh now? Does your fresh stink really wow? Getting ready to start fresh with the same stink. It is tomorrow that happens, I think. Pffft can be fresh any old day that comes to pass. Here's some not so fresh gas from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Still going on
      With another #1 to dawn

    2. Hank wins out
      Without a doubt

    3. Thanks Adam
      A great 2-zero-one seven
      Thanks Pat
      On some days Hank was scared
      Thanks for the opportunity!


    4. Scrared you say
      When blue came to play?

    5. Hank is a quick as The Flash!
      Now, show him the cash
      Where's that private stash?

    6. Too private for me
      So beats we

  2. Turn a brand new page
    But still in the same old cage
    Buy a new license for the dog
    He still bites the postman in the fog

    1. haha that's not nice
      The postman may give the dog lice

  3. Loved the read Pat.
    happy new year to you and thanks for all the support given to me in the past.


  4. Happy New Year to you Pat. Hope it is a great year for you and family.

    1. Hopefully it will be so
      And for you at your show

  5. Replies
    1. Haha why is this comment down here and not up there?

      I like my produce fresh, I can go to Fresh Markets or Whole Foods, but they charge much more for the label of fresh. How much fresher is it really?

      Have a Happy New Years Eve!

    2. The fresh comes due
      And they rape the wallet of you
      Taking more and more
      Hope a good new years is had at your shore

    3. Good evening, True
      Placement need not matter
      The kind thoughts from you
      Will go through 2018 and further!


    4. Just made you look
      With the misplaced nook

  6. WE got all clean litter yesterday but today we don't smell fresh!

    1. Used it up at your sea
      Making good use of it is the way to be

  7. 2108 will indeed be a fresh start. We can hope that the year will be filled with FRESH opportunities! Happy New Year's Eve Day, Pat!

    1. haha we shall see what comes to be
      The gas still isn't any fresher from me

    2. Oh, and 2108 too?
      Damn, I'd be 123 at my zoo

  8. Different year/We'll still be here/Using our left ear/Or perhaps the right one, whichever is near. :-)

    Happy New Year to you!

    Greetings from London.

  9. Our house won't be smelling fresh tonight after the crab legs. I'll have to light up a fresh candle. Wishing you a great 2018, Pat.

    1. Hopefully you have a great one too
      With no stink lingering for you

  10. No magic without a little effort. Or in some people's cases, a lot of effort.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Yep, some sure need a lot
      To make things come hot to trot

  11. Still the same car
    Beats an empty jar
    Or a far away star
    Or Jar Jar
    Just saying so you know
    At the furry cat show
    2018 might be your year
    Reshuffle the deck and have some beer
    Well, maybe not you
    At your furry shoe
    But you might get rich
    Can you feel the itch?

    1. I have dry skin
      Is that a win?
      It tends to itch
      Doubt there will be any rich
      That word if a foreign bitch
      But at least we aren't dead in a ditch
      And no Jar Jar to show
      2018 could be fun, you never know

    2. Jar Jar: The Reboot... would be a pain
      It just might happen as Disney's insane

    3. That it may
      A series could play

  12. we did do laundry today
    showered, but no Ray shave
    so we're fresh enough
    to hunker down in our cave

    Happy New Year and all that jazz.

  13. Does The Fresh Really Mesh?
    Die-hards will not accept less
    Freshen the self
    No need to confess
    One's presence will reduce stress


    1. Fresh away
      And let the stress go out to play

  14. Happy New Year and all that
    To you Pat, I mean, Mr. Hatt
    We played Monopoly this eve
    I got my ass kicked, a real pet peeve.
    Oh well, it was fun
    Tomorrow is now, New Year’s is done.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Monopoly never seems to end here
      Hopefully you have a happy new year

  15. No fresh starts for me today. Though the gym will be packed with those who think the magic day will bring a fresh start to their lives. By March, they'll be back to their old habits.

    1. Yep, if that
      They'll probably quit after a week where they are at


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