Hit Everyone's Trail For A Fail!

The cat has seen some no so cheery people around. Everywhere they can surely be found. No matter the time of year that it is. They are sure around with their misery biz. But not for their life. Nope, others will get the strife.

I'm perfect as can be.
Nothing can touch me or we.
We are the best.
But surely not the rest.

They'll never last.
Their love is in the past.
That kiss was all for show.
Trust me because I know.

Their kids are bad.
No discipline is had.
That isn't how you raise kids.
It's like they are raising squids.

Their pets are mean.
They cause a scene.
They meow and bark.
Every tree they mark.

Their home is yuck.
I mean, what the fluck.
Who wants tacky flowers?
Sure can stare at them for hours.

Pffft look at that car.
It's a brand that should be tar.
It just never worked for me.
I know it is going to fail on thee.

Their book will never sell.
They included the word, Hell.
That is just a no no.
Trust me, I really do know.

Their job is the pits.
They can't really love it to bits.
How do they love that?
I'd rather clean up scat.

Their blog will never last.
It has few in the cast.
It is too shiny to look at.
Who wants to chew that fat?

That is one bad deal.
Who cares if you got a meal.
It doesn't work for me.
So it is an instant fail for thee.

Love the nitpickers at your sea? How it is soooooooo bad because it doesn't work for them when it is about thee. Pffft if one thing worked for everyone we may as well go jump in the sun. But nope, they are grand while everyone else is wrong across the land. I'd like to watch them walk across shattered glass. Hey, it is one way to enjoy such nitpickers if they come near my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Point the finger please recall
    Three fingers pointing at your hall
    Hoping that the others fail
    Get aboard, the ship will sail

    1. Unless I make it sink
      And watch them drown in the drink lol

  2. I try to spend limited time with people who point fingers or who have negative attitudes. Can't let them get ya down. :)

    1. Limited time is the way to be
      Can't let them bother thee

  3. We turn off and tune out the negative ones, life is too short.

  4. I think of Dana Carvey doing his Church Lady character - gotta love the superior dance.

    1. Not sure I saw that one
      Need to go on a youtube run

  5. I know a few people who have nothing good to say about anyone. It always makes me wonder what they say about me behind my back.

    1. Yeah, I wonder that with a few
      But I'm not shy in letting them have it too

  6. Nixnayers and naysayers are always around
    but creativity will always abound

  7. Nit pickers everywhere
    gnat pickers don't seem to care
    Nose pickers like to stare
    Like there's nothing wrong with
    digging for gold in there.

    1. Maybe if it is stuck
      And breathing is out of luck

  8. Good ones, Pat. One of my grumbles is folks that have no kids talking about how bad or improperly raised kids are 'today'.

    1. haha yep, that is rather sad
      But they love to comment at their pad

  9. It all depends why they are unhappy at this time of the year.
    I was used to happy family Christmases, now I'm all alone it's not so good. but I have myn memories.


    1. Doesn't matter the time of year
      When such nuts like these are near

  10. wanting others to fail should be on our money to be honest

  11. Hit Everyone's Trail For A Fail!
    Sad ones who move without a sail
    Naysayers aplenty
    They're easy to see
    Cross swords and one gets nailed


  12. Superiority complex at its best.

  13. As soon as someone gets all negative nancy, I drop them like hot potatoes. Can't stand to be around someone who is constantly nit picking.


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