In Come The Dense With Business Sense!

As you know, the cat hardly bites his tongue at his show. So why start now? On anything I will give a meow. That and surely shake my head. Some people shouldn't get out of bed.

This is the price.
Isn't that nice?
Added to profit.
No one will scoff it.

If they do,
And go all boo hoo,
Feel free to play.
Sell by the end of the day.

The figures are there.
There to spare.
Those that you see,
Are worked on by thee.

The deal is done.
It's a fine run.
At least the figures say,
At the end of the day.

Whoops, we lied.
Some we had to hide.
They are under our hat.
What was the point in that?

There is no point.
We're slow at our joint.
That is it.
Slow as shit.

Nov 1st changes were made.
Which changes the figures that were laid.
But Nov 30th is when we put it in,
If you are lucky at your bin.

So in between you don't know.
You don't know because we are slow.
Slow and backasswards in every way.
We are too busy all day.

Too busy talking.
Too busy walking.
Too busy on coffee runs.
Busy by the tons.

That 2 mins it would take,
Makes our body shake.
We can't adjust the figures to make them right.
Nope, we need our 12 hours of sleep tonight.

Pffffffffffffffffffft says the cat. Stupid business practices where any are at. If Pat waited to enter stuff that long with accounting at our sea, the CRA would even be up the ass of me. Backasswards is sure the way. Any stupid business practices you've seen at play? Amazes me how some still stay afloat. They must have plenty of leaks in their boat. I've seen more common sense in a singing bass. Common sense has died many a time over says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I think the government has the market on those.

    1. They take the cake
      Slow as can be as they partake

  2. Common sense ain't that common they say
    especially when it comes to government figures at the end of the day.
    They make you spend money so they can get even more next year
    so you're up to your eyeballs in pens, paper, post its but never any beer.
    Too bad they don't throw that cash our way
    so for us it's poor we stay.

    Have a beachy week!

    1. The we do
      Poor through and through
      Can't even afford a new eye
      So with old one eye you fly

  3. Common Sense is a good thing. Much better than all those figures. Pat, you have a good day.

  4. Oh yea, backasswards is so common here!!!

  5. understaff understaff understaff, that's the retail way

  6. Much of business I don't know
    I am of old fashoned slow
    Sounds like a problem with some jerks
    It's far beyond me just how it works

    1. Jerks by the ton
      With a stick between each bun

  7. You already know what I think of banks!

  8. None of it makes sense
    In the name of making cents.
    It's all one big game
    Across the world - all the same.

    1. Around and around they go
      All to make a little extra dough

  9. I guess its good we have cents
    As we try to use our common sense.


    1. Good to have at least one
      As long as one doesn't spend a ton

  10. here's the discount except for (tiny, teensy print lists every brand you would want). What's the point of this coupon?

    1. Yeah, have at it
      Just not that or that or that but yeah, that shit

  11. Ha - Just look at the new tax plan - need I say more.

    1. Nope, sums that up
      Was done by some dumber than a pup

  12. I'm with Adam here. Went to Walmart tonight and they only had 2 lanes open and both were like 20 people deep. Really? Right before Christmas? I dumped my stuff on the nearest shelf and left. Not good business practice there I'd say as they lost the sales from me today (and probably a lot of other people too!)

    1. Yep, stupid as can be
      All to save an extra buck or three

  13. In Come The Dense With Business Sense!
    Business ain't doing well so it seems
    Imagine common sense
    To some it's nonsense
    Things aren't doing well who to blame?


    1. They blame all but them who did it
      Then they start all over again with the shit

  14. What's common sense to one person isn't for another.

    Great read Pat.


    1. That it may be
      As some are rather off at their sea


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