Just One More Is In Store!

There i s just one more post ready to come. Do you believe my rhyming bum? Yeah, probably not. But more is sure today's plot. Or maybe it is less. It may get confusing to some I shall confess.

Just one more.
One more in store.
Give me that extra like.
So up my numbers will hike.

I need just one more.
One more gift at my shore.
You could also be my follower.
Such a gift would not be hollower.

Give me that just one more.
It isn't such a chore.
I'm not satisfied with 50,001.
I need 50,002 to give a run.

Then 50,003.
Set your life free.
Like and follow today.
It is simply the way.

Did I mention I need more?
I need it at my shore.
As in really really need.
So come and do the deed.

Knowledge though?
Bah to that foe.
I need no more of that.
I know everything where I'm at.

Education is the same.
That is just really lame.
Whether street or book,
I need no more at my nook.

New skills?
Bah, head for the hills.
I have all I need.
No more should take seed.

Improving things?
Can it get me wings?
Nope, so don't need it.
I am already the shit.

So like me more.
Follow me as an encore.
In life I need no more,
But online I really roar.

Does that logic make sense? Hmm maybe only to the dense. One extra like or follower makes many squeal, yet learning something new is such a raw deal. Who needs to waste time doing that? So what if you have the brains of a gnat. You got that one more like. Improving can so take a hike. Pffft and I'm going to go eat glass. That makes about as much sense as this to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I guess some people need to feel important. It cracks me up how many people follow me on Instagram and then unfollow me when I don't follow back.

    1. Lots sure do that on the go
      Trying to grow and grow

  2. Don't care who follows me
    Don't look at the nunbers
    Rather take that time
    And get more slumber.


  3. I've had about the same number of followers on facebook for over a year, maybe two come to think of it. It just doesn't grow. I should care more. If I made a good amount of money on the blog, I would. Or maybe if I cared, I'd make more money? Not sure which. ;)

  4. Quality not quantity has always been my aim
    Rigid pointless numbers can seem so very lame
    If the game is popularity and nowhere to put the blame
    Then just go for the mostest, the end will be the same

  5. The only times numbers matter to me
    Are when snowflakes are on the hook to see
    And when my bike tires are rolling with glee
    But hitting the next million views can be heavenly

  6. When it comes to treats I always like one more!

  7. Just One More Is In Store!
    Making it to a grand year
    It is all so plain
    Education's the same
    One more post to a successful venture


  8. Replies
    1. 9000 is the goal
      So 90,000 is a great stroll?

  9. I admit I would like a few more blog followers to hit 100. But then again, I should follow more. More cake please!

  10. Rather have followers who stick around and interact than thousands! Merry Christmas Pat.

  11. You're just one short of being a millionaire.
    Get one more (million), then you're there.

  12. One more depends on what is offered. I don't FB much, don't tweet, and forget to post on my blog. Or check comments. I suppose my "friends" would really like "one more" from me, lol.

    1. lol giving one more out
      So people don't shout

  13. I actually wish that people who signed up to follow me here on Blogger but stopped reading years ago would take their freakin' names off my followers list!

    1. haha that would mean coming back on
      I bet, for many, knowing their password no longer can even dawn

  14. My favorite are the ones who visit and comment and I visit them back and comment. That is tons of fun. ;)

  15. I agree with quality over quantity. I've been slowly deleting and blocking inactive followers from my social accounts.

    1. I've been doing that too
      Some got their arse up at their zoo lol

  16. I'm not on Facebook anymore, I enjoy blogging . It takes too long to set up Facebook when I moved here didn't get around to it.


    1. Farcebook is best avoided anyway
      A time suck to ones day


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