Let's Install And Have A Ball!

Today we are going to install a bunch. You will be done way before lunch. I tell you it is as easy as can be. It will be no problem for thee. You can trust the cat. Do you really believe that?

Easy to install.
Bought it at the mall.
Bought it at some store.
Maybe online you did soar.

The end is the same.
They all have that claim.
Easy to install.
No help number to call.

Can be done by you.
It surely is true.
You can do it.
Yep, every little bit.

Is looks confusing?
Bah, forget the perusing.
Don't look at the dohickey.
Looking makes it seem tricky.

Follow each step.
Don't lose your pep.
Because after all,
It's easy to install.

This thingy goes there.
You shouldn't have a spare.
That thingy goes here.
See? There is nothing to fear.

It doesn't work?
Well that's not a perk.
It doesn't fit the right way?
Some other gadget you need at your bay.

You need to connect.
You want it erect.
So connect with a connector.
The only way you reach the detector.

Tie some wires together.
It's as light as a feather.
Hold up and tie.
This is soooo easy to give a try.

Now you've got it.
Whoops, the house is no longer lit.
You blew the whole neighborhood.
Clearly easy to install was misunderstood.

Don't you love the easy to install? You can always just stick it to a wall. Yep, it is as easy as that. Whoops, we forgot to mention all kinds of other scat. But that is easy to find too. All should be easy for you. A professional may be easier to call. Nope, don't do that because it is easy to install. The cat will easily take a pass. I'd rather have it done right for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. If you know what you're doing
    It's always easy to install.
    But me without that knowledge
    It's like banging my head against a brick wall.

    Loved the read Pat.


    1. Somethings are still a pain
      As they are just time consuming and a drain

  2. Installing software
    One needs to beware
    I don’t like it
    Not even a bit...
    Instead of being quicker
    It could very well stall
    As I stare at the wall...

    Only 2 days left of fall
    Have a good day all

    1. 2 days remain
      As winter becomes a pain
      Software and update crap
      Usually makes things take a slower lap

  3. I've mastered installing computer programs but installing something around the house is another matter.

    1. haha may get done rather iffy?
      Just pretend and make it look spiffy

  4. Though I consider myself smart
    When I look at the instructions to install
    They look like a foreign language to me
    And the work doesn't get done at all.


  5. The trickiest thing that I can install
    Would be in my bedroom and my hall
    I climb on a chair and make a twist
    It's even easy on my wrist
    Now is it lefty loosy or to the right
    Oh heavens sake it's a lightbulb bright

    1. Twist and shout
      Just don't fall out
      Or maybe down
      Either way would lead to a frown

  6. Easy to install is actually an early warning!

  7. I bought a printer a few months ago and it was anything but easy to install.

  8. This is so true. . . it made me smile!
    All that tech, they say it'll only take a sec!

    1. And secs turn to hours
      They must think we have super powers

  9. Never trust the wizard, he lies

    1. Is it for certain
      As you pull back the curtain

  10. Maybe easy to install for some people but others just don't understand. We can't all be tech experts. Have a great day.

    1. Nope, some things just stink
      Leaving one going down the drink

  11. Oh, the dreaded 'easy to install.' Are there any words in the English language that could be more deceitful?

    1. hmmmmm let me think
      Running is fun, follow your passion, if you're lucky, you can make $1000 a day doing this...and many more can drive one to drink

  12. Let's Install And Have A Ball!
    A mistake to take such a call
    Decidedly so easy?
    It'll end up messy
    Ended with whole community stalled


  13. OMG, Pat, this was a good one. I'm sure everyone can relate.

    1. That I be they can indeed
      As at some point it takes seed

  14. Those who write "easy to install" must have a giggle.

    1. That they must
      As in those words I doubt they trust

  15. They always say it's easy, even when the instructions are badly translated from another language and don't make any sense!

    1. Guess it is their go to word
      Then just leave the rest absurd

  16. too perfect. easy to install means an hour or two and another trip to a store. Ha!

  17. Haha don’t trust when they say it’s easy! I often find “easy to follow” instructions very not-easy!

  18. I often find directions are harder than I think they will be. ;)

    1. Seems to be that way
      as they already get your pay

  19. For my little neighbor I did but
    A Chinese craft kit to try
    The instructions were pretty scary to read
    Fortunately, she figured it out with great speed

    1. Good that she knew
      Sometimes best to flush the instructions down the loo

  20. Forget the easy to install stuff. What pisses me off is when I order something and it comes from China with zero instructions on how to piece it together. Thank God for YouTube tutorials or I'd be one seething consumer.

    1. Trying to save a buck or three
      Hey, and maybe the Chinese want to save a tree lol


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