Listen To Me At My Sea!

The cat wants you to listen up. Do your ears perk like a pup? How can you listen up at your sea? Is listening down worse for thee? We'll ignore that because I want you to listen to the cat.

I have a tale.
A tale that won''t fail.
I will tell you it.
It is really the shit.

Listen to this.
Just listen with bliss.
Listen to this.
Words you don't want to miss.

May I continue now,
Before they have a cow?
Anyway, as I was saying,
With today's post displaying.

Listen to this.
Listen and don't miss.
You'll listen to it all.
Listen at your hall.

What is with you?
My story must come due.
Why are you even talking?
Stop your squawking.

Listen to it.
Every little bit.
Listen to it.
It's the shit.

Let's ignore that.
Annoying to the cat.
Let's give it another try.
Where was I?

Listen to this.
It will make you piss.
It is that funny.
Listen to it, honey.

Piss and honey as one?
Listen to your umm fun.
So back to my tale.
It sure won't fail.

Listen up.
Don't spill your cup.
It is that great.
Listen to him, mate.

Are you like that? A butt in person where you are at? Listen to this is as bad as telling about the weather when you are both together. Do you think the person listening isn't or something? Do you want attention with you listen to this fling? Isn't it annoying trying to tell someone something and another gives that a fling? Listen to my final words of sass. I don't need anyone to tell another while sitting right there to listen to my rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. No I am am not a "Butt Person" Pat.
    Great Saturday reading.


  2. Listen? I'm sorry, were you saying something?
    Now I want to know - why is it listen up?

    1. haha everything goes for up
      Listen up, hurry up, speed up, wake up, guess down got the hiccup

  3. Oh yea, I'm very good at listening but I do only hear what I want to hear!

  4. Listen to me you say.
    I try but other things get in the way.
    Like the rat the cat just brought in the house.
    Now why couldn't she catch a tiny little mouse?

  5. Incredibly lucky I must be
    Most of my friends listen to me
    And to them I listen to
    Because it's the gracious thing to do

  6. "Listen up," "pay up," "lighten up," "shut up"... Not quite sure what the exact meaning of "up" is when it's used that way!

    1. Yeah, it gets used so much in any town
      But then, settle down, calm down, slow down...

  7. Listening is an art form more people should master. Two ears and one mouth for a reason.

    1. That there is indeed
      More people should take heed

  8. I second Diane.
    Listening goes hand in hand with courtesy. We sometimes slip up on that.

  9. Listen to this better be darn succinct and important

  10. I am sure the cats have a lot to say!!
    One thing for sure I would rather 'listen up' than 'listen down.'
    Some days it is hard to 'listen with bliss' especially when there is so
    much that makes one want to piss!

    1. haha just watch what you piss on though
      The cat is in the know

  11. Listen to the silence, it hurts my ears
    The noise is most deafening to my advanced years
    The crickets and cicadas are singing up a storm
    Don't ever take a shower with a guy named Norm

    1. haha the last is a given
      I'd rather stay livin'

  12. I'm a good listener. Better to be a listener than to open your mouth and give away too many secrets.

    1. That it can be
      As then people may come after thee

  13. I've got very good hearing
    Which is reassuring
    Except if I'm sleeping
    And you're making a peeping.

    Please clam up and let me rest.
    Don't put my good hearing to the test.
    My hearing is great when I want to snoop
    So just be careful when you're dishing the poop.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Bat ears work
      They can be a perk
      But if you're asleep
      In the poop may creep

  14. Huh???? Sorry, I was cat napping.

  15. Yes, I'm like that!
    Listen to me, Pat and cat!
    I'm a VIP.
    I've nothing to say to thee
    Just testing: 1,2, 3.

    1. Did it test right
      I couldn't hear you last night

  16. Listen To Me At My Sea!
    Listen up when you're free
    Listen more
    Not a bore
    Giving face, extending a courtesy


    1. Listen with a perked up ear
      May be something to cheer or fear

  17. I don't mind being a listener, but if it takes you an hour to tell a 5 minute story, you're too much of a talker.


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