Rest Your Case In Place!

The holidays are done while officially they've had their run. Unless you buy into that magic day. Pffft hit refresh on your browser and it's the same thing at your bay. But we'll get there. Time to rest at one's lair.

Rest your case,
Meaning your butt.
Keep it in place.
Sprawl out like a mutt.

Enjoy the tree.
Enjoy the boxes.
Unless you need to pee,
Then move like foxes.

As in scurry away.
No messes allowed.
Unless Depends came to play,
Then you can lie there proud.

What? There's work?
Is that so?
Bah, ignore the jerk.
That's a no go.

Boxing day is here.
Not for all though.
So we can rest our rear,
While off some may go.

You can pretend.
It's easy to do.
Maybe start a trend.
Take in the view.

The day to do so.
The day to rest.
Christmas has a cheery glow,
When you are at your best.

Go too far.
Do too much.
May get hit by a car,
Or start to speak Dutch.

That would be weird.
Far more than strange.
Rest isn't to be feared.
Do it for a change.

What was that?
There's more to do?
Excuse the cat.
I need to use the loo.

Do you rest today or keep on the go? All the go go go can really become a foe. Can suck away the cheer the next day and make you a grumpy goo at your bay. Do you turn into a grump? Hey, maybe you need a good umm hump. What? It rhymed and was well timed. A dog will always hump your leg too. Would that be restful for you? Now I rest my case with this pass and will go and rest my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I sat on my butt far too long yesterday only to lack of company and heavy cold rain that I couldn't go out.
    Hope to get out today.


  2. Hello Cat!
    How's that Boxing Day mat
    Gonna get yourself a Scooby shoe
    Or a Scooby doll or maybe two?
    How about a Star Wars prequel
    Or a rebooted sequel
    Leia flying in space
    Might be a bit out of place
    Star Wars: X-men... well, what do you know...
    I'd rather watch that Scooby show
    Have fun today at your furry bay.

    Great post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Star wars and X-men as one
      The Phoenix can be done
      Rather see them with the hulk
      The rest are full of bulk
      Enjoy the reboot show
      With a reboot heave ho

  3. It's time to look forward to next holiday
    Don't let the moss grow in your way

  4. Lots of laundry and cleaning up. I'll probably throw in a workout and play some new games with my son.

    1. Cleaning up is always there
      Workout and games are a win at any lair

  5. Day off today, normal day to be off
    Will enjoy it too
    Might even take a nap
    If only you knew.


  6. Back to work for me, too bad
    After three days off, work makes me sad
    But bills to pay and work to do
    Might as well go back to the white collar zoo

  7. Rest Your Case In Place!
    Resting now still in a daze
    Boxing Day over
    Taking a slumber
    To get up,on with the rat race!


  8. Boxing day really isn't a thing here, though I hear BF is becoming more common of a thing in Canada. Made more sense to me with Boxing Day, things that don't move before Christmas could easily see price drops. On BF they just slash them so people could come out and start fights over it.

    1. Yeah, it makes more sense indeed
      Black Friday still, at least here, hasn't really taken seed
      Although they are trying
      With flyers a flying

  9. Boxing Day, eh
    I think I'll rest today
    as back to work in another day...
    to that I do not say yea!

  10. I need to open a case of rest my case today!

  11. I had to go back to work today. Bah Humbug. Very difficult when my husband got to stay in the warm bed. So, I did make a lot of noise as I left (grin!)

    1. lol how mean of you
      Maybe Santa gave him earplugs at his zoo

  12. I usually don't say "the holidays" are over until after New Year's Day.

    1. Not over until that "magic" crap
      I suppose they can fill that gap

  13. We rest
    We think it's best.
    Still in our jammies
    We think it's dandy.
    Eating leftovers
    under the covers.
    No resolutions for you.
    Flush that holiday down the loo.

    1. Under the covers we were too
      As power went bye bye at our zoo
      And yep, the resolutions can go in the loo
      Flush them while I got better things to do
      Or stick them in a diaper from the poop machines
      That may be meaner at our scenes lol

  14. I'm glad Christmas is done.
    It wasn't much fun.
    On Christmas Eve, we had pizza
    cuz the ham was still in the freeza.
    Christmas itself? Oh, please!
    We just had Chinese.

    1. Well at least you got around
      And many a worldly stop was found

  15. I rested a little bit. But I also needed to work out, after all I've eaten in the past few days!

    1. Double on up with the work out
      And then it won't remain about haha

  16. I fell flat
    with blogging and all that
    Shopping, wrapping, decorating and baking
    Was my life the last week faking
    I could do it all. I got it done
    But today I am spun.
    Resting is the word today
    I stayed in my Jammies and did nothing all day.
    Merry Christmas to you
    And hope to get back to blogging soon too.

    1. Hopefully back you'll be
      Real life can get thee
      Have to do it and it's done
      Then back to the fun

  17. I wish I felt like it was over
    But it seems it's just begun
    None of this holiday craze is fun
    It makes me wanna run, run, run.

    1. Go hide in Greece once more
      What? No Dude #3 still at your shore?

  18. I like the hustle and bustle of this holiday. I'm happy to go go go and do do do until it's through. Now though I'm perfectly content to rest, until after New Year's, when we'll take down the tree. :)

    1. Go, go, go and do, do, do
      Never ever would have guessed that from you lol
      Resting comes on in
      After such a spin

  19. I'm with Rosey. This is a week of rest for me. I did get the house scrubbed down today and all gifts put away. Next week we'll take down the decorations and tree and pray summer comes quickly. Now that the holidays are over, we're over the snow and cold.

    1. I was over the snow the moment it came
      So you're saying Santa was to blame?


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