Round Sixty Three Comes To Be!

The search engine nuts are still rolling on in. Few and far between for the win. But in they still come and they are strange beating their search drum. Do they beat a drum? Bah, they are probably too dumb.

such an endeavor

Typing that out was? Fingers strain just because?

singing cat oct 2016 hoo

Are you ready to run? I may scare everyone.

ugly ass old lady

No beauty in your eye? Some aren't so spry.

kangaroo "one shoe"

Have to ask Blue. He needs his shoe.

copy cat eat a rat rhyme

Eat a rat
Get rather fat
Eat a rat
You copy cat

having gift

As opposed to? Have you got a clue?

smart as a fart

Gas in the head may leave you rather dead.

such an endeavor

That it is with the gas in the head biz.

final date

That it would be. Done with your gas spree?

Fart books.

I have two. Give a look at your zoo.

bad gas mileage

And why are you telling me? I have gas of another kind at our sea.

Awesome acts of facts

Can facts have acts? May need to search out better facts.

Mine, mine, mine, mine

The voice of a feline. That is just fine.

Animals farts

And back we are to gas not for a car.

You may wish for gas after the winning pass. They are sure looking in the wrong spot as we are a snip snipped lot. But I guess they needed a thrill or some kind of crazy stopping pill.

 0ld 0lld grannie sucking them balls

Doesn't that image sound grand? Don't you want to give them a umm hand? Yeah, I'll stop there. The crazy can sure find my lair. I think zombie feet may beat that image too. Want me to show them to you? On that I'm sure all will take a pass.We'll see who next finds my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That took a disturbing turn at the end!

  2. I didn't know really old grannies were into that.

    1. Do you want to know if they are?
      We don't at our sand bar

  3. Search engines do bewilder me
    I'll take a pass and a noseeme

  4. Round Sixty Three Comes To Be!
    Search Engine nuts making out funny
    Letting out gas
    They feel blessed
    Crazy comments they post with glee


  5. You really never know what humans are searching for and we're not sure we want to know MOL!

    1. We sure don't
      But stop sharing so all can know we won't lol

  6. Human search engines are a puzzle for all/But it's winter now, no longer fall! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Who is looking up fart books? Boogerman?

  8. These are always so weird at your place
    Some of these sound like from outer space.


  9. lol on the 'voice of the feline.' I swear our cat is the only considerate lovey cat in the world. He must have had a REALLY hard life before we found him to be so sweet and grateful now. He makes me laugh. He's pretty anti-cat with his behavior, although he does use a litter box (thank goodness). He's also been known to get in the toilet if we leave the lid open. Little paw prints give it away, ew. :)

    1. Must just be a happy camper indeed
      With having such a great feed
      lol Orlin tries to go in
      But the lid stays down at our bin
      The paw prints sound blah indeed
      Even more so if not flushed at your feed

  10. We always need kind of fuel
    to move ahead with no duel
    but duality breaks down
    if search engine nuts - something could be done

  11. Well, I did just see an old granny getting one hell of a lap dance on Facebook yesterday. Maybe they were just looking for her?

    I do know a few people that are as smart as a fart.

    1. More than a few we know
      Thankfully we never saw that show

  12. LOL at “voice of a feline” :-) I do hear that a lot!

  13. Oh my, that old grannie must love balls and a droopy fannie


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