The Best Place To Embrace?

The cat rolls his eyes as some humans take the prize. It is not a good prize by the way. But you can pretend if you like at your bay. What is it you may ask? Why for many it is a yearly task.

Where can it go?
Where is the best?
Has to have flow.
Has to pass the test.

Can't go here.
It doesn't fit.
The wall is too near,
Can have that shit.

Can't go there.
It is too open.
It could cause despair,
Don't want any mopin.

It almost fits there.
But not quite.
The room is too bare,
May give many a fright.

That spot would work.
Whoops, I was wrong.
One may go beserk,
When they sing the cheery song.

The ornaments clash now.
They just don't work.
This spot doesn't wow,
It doesn't have that perk.

That's a tight squeeze.
I can give it a shove.
But guests may freeze.
It will get no love.

Everything is in the way.
This is such a pain.
Whelmed I can't stay.
Maybe I should board a plane?

Oh, there it is.
That is the best.
I passed the quiz.
I passed the test.

Hmm, is it right?
What do you think?
Does it get the right light?
Does it tickle you pink?

Are you like this when finding a spot for your Christmas tree? You may get an eye roll from me. Stick it up in the nearest spot. It's not like it is some dastardly plot. Or maybe the tree fairy will bite you at night if your tree doesn't have the best light. You don't want bite marks in you. So maybe you need the best view. Or maybe many are rather nuts in mass. I may go with the latter for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Still up there
      With minutes to spare

    2. Must be on the road
      Missing a toad

    3. Very lucky to have made it
      Even though 2 mins late!


    4. Hi True
      How is it with you!
      Yes, been on the road
      Still afloat!


    5. Got on in
      Even with a road spin

  2. Nope - we stick it in the same spot every year. Easy.

  3. First thing I do when looking at a new house
    is figure where the Christmas tree will go
    always find the perfect spot
    but then sometimes I don't put up a tree, don't you know


    1. haha well at least you'll know
      In case you want to give it a go

  4. Chop chop down comes a tree
    Drag it in the house very gent-lee
    Clamp it in the stand, ready for the elf
    Who's the elf? Why it's myself

  5. Our tree is always in the same spot so we know where to find it!

    1. And nowhere to run
      When it is time for medicine to be done

  6. When, I get my tree, in the same corner it will be. standing tall for me to see...

    Now off to buy a tree...

    1. Buy and in you shall drag
      Wouldn't it be easier to get one that fits in a bag? lol

  7. Ah, my solution is not to put up a tree this year! Sigh.

  8. So glad I no longer have to concern myself with such things!

    1. No place to stick it
      Can ignore such umm spit

  9. We put ours in a corner next to the tv

  10. We've found our tree's sweet spot. Like Adam, it's next to the TV:)

  11. I put my tree in the same spot every year. It works, and I don't see a reason to fix it. :)

  12. Lots of trees here. I took photos with my iPad our first year here and just copy myself every year. Makes everything go quickly.

  13. I used to love decorating the tree.
    In front of the window was the perfect place for it to be.
    I only put up ceramic trees now.
    For Tiger climbed the last one you see,
    When it tumbled down, he meowed with glee.

    1. haha Cassie knocked one down here
      With the help of the dogs that were near

  14. A spot fairly tight
    is the best. Am I right?

  15. The Best Place To Embrace?
    Help make it a winning race
    Nice location
    Let it function
    Not bothered of saving face


  16. Snowman by hematite lamp
    waiting for little tree
    when time ripe

  17. Our tree only fits in one spot. I don't love it, but you just gotta make due without a lot of fuss.

  18. I am bad because , when I bought my home, I looked where my tree would go but I never make my tree the “In” thing. I decorate my tree with many different ornaments and tinsel the way my mom did, my Oma and her mother etc...

    1. Good to go the way you want
      And let everything else haunt


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