The Cows Are Coming And Not Chumming!

The cat was out and about when I gave a shout. I said something was bullshit. Yeah, I can swear a bit. But that you know. Did you know there are farms near our show though?

A cow heard me.
It caused no glee.
She glared at me,
Yelling how I wasn't PC.

I offended the cow.
Now that is a wow.
I only said bull.
Discrimination is full.

I never said cowshit.
She was sure offended by it.
But oh it didn't end there,
She had more offense to spare.

Why did I make fun of their shit?
She was really having a fit.
Why not chickens or pigs?
Why not humans with wigs?

Why did it have to be bull?
Do bulls have a different pull?
Why not bullpee?
Or cowpee to include he and she?

The questions sure came.
They were ever so lame.
They hurt the head too.
Why couldn't she just moo?

Why not sheep?
Why not that of a creep?
Why shit at all?
What does that get one at their hall?

Don't you walk away.
I have to have my say.
You offended me.
You are so not PC.

I don't want to hear it again.
Not at any persons den.
It should be banned from speak.
Send it straight up shit creek.

Oh, I offended a creek.
I'm sorry for my speak.
I'm as bad as you.
Excuse me while I have a cowpoo.

Who knew you could offend a cow? Does that wow? PC nuts are really going to the extreme. Hmm this may have all been a dream. I wouldn't put it past humans though to get their ass up at their oh so PC show. Did you offend any cows lately at your sea? Don't you love the PC? They can suck on the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I suppose cows have feelings and emotions like us humans. Loved the read Pat.


  2. People are way too sensitive. Don't have a cow!

    1. Poor cows now can't be born
      That will make all forlorn

  3. Poor cow to be offended that way
    Wonder if it still gave milk
    Or if it was having a bad day.


  4. HA! We used to have cows in our neighborhood but they've now been replaced with urban cowboys!

    1. Hopefully they don't go everywhere
      If they do, don't stare

  5. There's being totally unfiltered and inappropriate and then there's stuff people call PC. It all varies so. My general rule of thumb is If I don't want people to say it to me, I don't say it to them. That's what my Mom taught me long before the word PC was invented. Out doing some blog walking this am, got a kick out of your rhymes. Always fun to meet more bloggers.

    Sandy's Space

    1. The way to be indeed
      If you don't want it said, then don't let it take seed
      Glad the rhymes are fun
      As out they run

  6. "Got Milk" I wonder were the cows offended
    did the celebrities really like milk or were
    they pretending to the tune of "Got Money"

    1. Doubt they liked it one bit
      All about the money pit

  7. Replies
    1. Couldn't help but udder it
      Just came from the bullshit

  8. Better watch what you say
    Come what may
    Don't have a cow, man
    The word shall be banned.

    1. Along with many more
      Banned from shore to shore

  9. Don’t worry, you don’t offend cow. It’s only PC nuts who get offended. Whoops, did I offend almonds?

    1. Maybe cashews took the offense from you
      Whatever will you do?

  10. PC is really annoying. I am not a fan by any means of sugar coating everything. I am however, a fan of common decency and being polite. Seems like the PC thing just took it to the extreme.

    1. Yep, polite and knowing common sense
      Yet far too many are rather dense

  11. Rosey said it perfectly. I'm polite as can be, but all of this pc junk lately is really getting under my skin.

    1. Yep, that crap needs to go
      Toss it out the window

  12. The Cows Are Coming And Not Chumming!
    Just ignore perhaps that's the thing
    Unwittingly entangled
    The PC thing bedeviled
    They got offended as any human being


  13. My state is the Dairy State
    Be nice to the cows, or no milk for you!

  14. Cows have feelings that is true
    Don't insult them at their zoo
    They swish the tail to scare the flies
    Their PC manners win the prize


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