The Ho Ho Ho Of No No No!

The cat has you ready to say no. Does that make you go ho ho ho? Was that another no? Damn, on a roll at your show. Actually more like on a familiar path as anything "yes" suffers your wrath.

What was that?
Don't be dumb.
That will go splat.
And really then some.

I just can't.
Nope, not one bit.
I'm a worker ant.
I need to take a shit.

I'm just not whelmed.
I'm over or under.
Either can be helmed,
Maybe it's the thunder.

I have a date.
I have TV to watch.
Hey, I may even mate,
After a bottle of scotch.

I have to get gas.
I have to get food.
So I must take a pass.
I swear, I'm not being rude.

It may rain.
It may snow.
I know it's a pain,
But the answer's still no.

Speaking of pain.
I have a bad back.
I have a bad brain.
I may have a heart attack.

I have to pay bills.
I need to pay me.
I must get some thrills.
I'm just a busy bee.

The gutters need cleaning.
The trash must be taken out.
The window needs re-screening.
I thought I heard my spouse shout.

It just can't be done.
Time is my foe.
I'm under the gun,
So no, no and no.

Wow, you humans reach for no way easier than yes. Is it that you want to do less? Or maybe pretend you do more? Beats me at my shore. What if no became yes more often than not? Of course that depends on the plot. Shouldn't say yes to robbing a banker or you'll go to jail where Tiny will play with your wanker. That sure deserves a no. Do a no-ing you usually go? Sometimes we jump the gun but we try to give more of a yes run. Unless dumb things come to pass. Then just pfffft comes from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Great read Pat. Cats do have an easy life compared to us humans, although I think we at some stage do make life hard for ourselves.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Yeah, at some point we make it worse than it is
      The nature of the human biz

  2. Are you saying "no no" when there's "yes yes in your eyes?
    When you say the "no" are you wearing a disguise
    Do you say the "no" because it has a ring?
    Do you think it's gold, when it's only made of tin

    1. A tin one could be better
      The price of a letter
      Save dough and then say yes
      Be happier spending less

  3. Merry Christmas dear Pat for you and the cats xoxoxoxo

    1. Hope a grand one is had
      For you too at your pad

  4. Being a cat really isn't easy, we just make it look that way!

  5. maybe means no, a possible can go either way, I'll think about it leans toward no. Yes, is yes, is well....

  6. The Ho Ho Ho Of No No No!
    Playing it safe we never know
    Playing dumb
    With someone
    Not being sinful just a show


  7. Replies
    1. Lol no no no
      to the store I had to go

      But Tp was on the list

    2. haha made sure it was had
      None would make one mad

  8. One of my kitties heard “no no” when he tried to get on kitchen counter. He thinks two “no”s make one “yes”!

  9. Too many yeses
    leave me under the gun
    When I'm too stressed out
    Life just isn't fun

  10. I used to be a yes girl, but have learned in my older years that no tends to be a better friend to me. Too much yes leaves the door open for folks to take advantage of you.

    1. And come through that door they will
      Treating you like some run of the mill


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