The No Replace About Face!

A twist and turn and many can learn. Until then though, few can see through their you know. As in they have their head so far up their ass they can't see it with such a pass. See what? We'll get there at my hut.

I can't be.
Nope, not me.
Can't at all.
Not at any hall.

I can't be.
You're doing it to me?
How can you do that?
I know each and every stat.

I'm being replaced?
I can't be erased.
You'll regret it.
I swear you'll take a hit.

You'll regret this day.
I wish you dismay.
You can't replace me.
You'll come to see.

Three months go by.
Coming down from upon high.
I need this work,
Even if it isn't a perk.

I can do it.
Yep, every bit.
It will be easy for me.
I will give you glee.

They couldn't replace me.
They failed you see.
What? They are still running?
Nah, they are really off sunning.

I'll be the very best.
I'll beat all the rest.
You'll never want me gone.
I am more than a pawn.

Three months go by.
See ya, without a why.
But I know it all.
I'm irreplaceable at my hall.

All down from upon high,
Off cooking up stir fry.
Any one can be replaced.
A fact that must be faced.

Know any of those people at your sea? They think they can't be replaced by you, another or me. Then reality sets in and finally they may see some sun on their chin. Or maybe they'll stay that way. In the end all can be replaced at any work bay. A number and that is that. One I know realized such a stat. It made the cat grin after she went down a peg or three. What? It's the little things that cause glee. Always someone ready to mow your grass. There's a fact of life from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Most interesting to read Pat and very true. Great read.


  2. All 3 of my former employers have since went out of business since I left. Coincidence? I think not, Pat! 😂

    1. lol all because of you being there
      Or sabotaged before you left at your lair
      Remind me to never hire you
      Here at our zoo

  3. Oh yea, there are lots of people like that down this way!

  4. I am under no illusions or delusions - I can easily be replaced. There's always someone better, smarter, quicker, etc.
    but then again....I am ME. Isn't that enough?

    1. For you and many near
      Maybe not for some big dude on his rear

  5. Sounds like my story
    from humility to glory
    then back again
    I work for me, now
    And still, somehow
    I'm better than the rest
    I'm worse too.
    It's the best.

    1. haha round and round
      Sure seems to be found
      A working for you
      Is the best view

  6. No one's irreplaceable when it comes to work.
    If they say they are, they sound like a big, fat jerk.

  7. I’m seriously hoping someone will replace me in many of tasks I do at work! It’s just too much on me and I’ll happily give those tasks to others :-)

    1. haha toss them away
      Maybe someone will take them and shout, hooray!

  8. There will always be someone in line right behind ready to step up.

    1. That there will
      And many may think it a thrill

  9. Take a long trip upon a big ship
    You won't be missed not a clip
    No one will ask why, they assume you did die
    Send flowers and say bye bye bye

    1. And then get some dough
      A charity of you, you know

  10. We all like to think we're irreplaceable in the workplace, but unfortunately what you say is too true. We're all replaceable.

    1. That we all are
      Whether we get fired or hit with a car

  11. The No Replace About Face!
    None indispensable any place
    Pushing their luck
    Afraid to be unstuck
    Knocked off the job all in a daze


    1. A daze they are left in
      As the world does spin

  12. Oh yes, I worked with someone like this
    She thought she was pure bliss
    She was also holier than thou
    And when one walked by her, you took a bow.
    Yup, she thought her shit didn’t stink
    Until she was let go, I was tickled pink.

    1. hahaha sure showed her
      Ruffled that holier than thou fur

  13. Everyone is replaceable. Cold hard facts.

  14. Ah, you can never be replaced! There is only one YOU in the world's zoo.

    1. One you indeed
      Unless maybe cloning takes seed

  15. I've known a few who think they are the bee's knees when it comes to their job. Funny enough, they never lasted more than a year or two and always blamed their departure on someone else.

    1. Yep, that is what they do
      Blame it on others and boo hoo


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