The Outlook Is Here For All To Peer!

So the cat ran into a nut the other day that believed everything some nut had to say. Why did she believe that? Because it had the word "outlook" in the stat. Outlook means true. My, who knew?

The outlook is ready.
Truth will come steady.
You won't be whelmed,
After this is helmed.

2018 is days away.
Actually add a year at my bay.
But we'll just pretend.
Right, on with this trend.

2018 is the year of change.
All your life will rearrange.
My outlook says so.
Hmm is that psychic mumbo jumbo?

2018 will see stocks rise.
My, aren't I so wise?
They may fall too.
Now I got you thinking at your zoo.

2018 will see computers talk.
In your ear they will squawk.
They will be like a parrot.
Every opinion they will share it.

2058 aliens will show.
Trust me, I know.
My 40 year outlook says so.
I was told by a cousin of a crow.

2018 will have you eat.
You will eat something neat.
Like grass and cupcakes.
What a great meal that makes.

2018 will have toes cold.
Yep, cold toes will take hold.
They may even freeze off.
But not all 10 so don't scoff.

2018 will put a halt to remakes.
I know that gives you the shakes.
Sorry, that outlook is a lie,
But at least it was worth a try.

2018 will have 365 days.
Woweee, what a gaze.
I saw your lip drop.
Trust me, this one won't be a flop.

Do you believe the outlook? Are you ready to change away at your nook? Maybe run to Vegas and win some dough. Hey, you just never know. Oh wait, you do because the outlook told you. Pfffft is all you'll get from the cat. My outlook is many are full of scat. But at least one thing shall come to pass. There will be plenty more rhymes from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The Outlook Is Here For All To Peer!
    Year 2018 will bring all the cheers
    2017 had some scores going
    Some shocks still smoldering
    But 2018 deserve none of the fears


  2. I hope my fears in 2018 will disappear.
    I must have hope at all cost.
    Without hope for the future.
    Life will be meanlessly and lost.


    1. Hope is a big one
      Especially to get things done

  3. My outlook on 2018 is bright
    Hopefully now more owies to fight
    Just get back on the bike and ride
    With my favorite person by my side!

    1. Dang, did it again. NO MORE OWIES!!!

    2. haha a w here and there
      won't hurt at ones lair
      Hopefully a riding you'll go
      And no more owies shall show

  4. Twenty eighteen what the heck
    Look for summer on the deck
    I can't think that far ahead
    I may just go back to bed

    1. haha think in dreamland
      Let the mind give you a hand

  5. Making lots of changes in 2018
    Should be a good year
    Hopefully with nothing to fear.


    1. Lots of changes you say
      Maybe have to blog about it one day

  6. Replies
    1. Need a heater at your sea
      Or get the cats to help thee

  7. 'Outlook' to me means a calendar/email system that doesn't work on anything but Explorer, which I hate. The IT gal at my job said it was true, and seems she was right, but then I have other challenges because of the browser. Outlook is a bad word to me. phft And that's my outlook for next year too, lol, but if that's as bad as it gets, I'm not complaining a bit. :)

    1. I feel exactly the same way about 'Outlook' for exactly those reasons.

    2. lmao I never had an issue with it at my old work sea
      Although microsoft are being dicks about only using their stuff now for thee

  8. That gives me a whole new outlook on outlook now!

  9. Im not sure we will have many changes in this world Pat,
    Happy New year for you and the cats!!

  10. Cold toes -
    I'm used to those
    Cold toes mean cold feet
    And men with those
    might be sweet
    but they can't be relied on for...meat
    So keep your frigid toes, I want heat.

    1. They run away
      And don't play
      The feet stray
      With no meat on display
      Poor cold feet
      No meet and greet

  11. The 2018 outlook
    let me gaze in my crystal ball
    Pat will publish more books
    that should not surprise us all

  12. I don't think most of those will come to pass.

  13. Tried winning dough in Vegas this year. Lost a whole dollar. I don't predict any big changes for me in the new year which is fine by me!

    1. Sure a fine way to be
      No big beats bad any day at any sea

  14. Trudessa above knows the score for 2018
    Pat will rhyme, the cats will hiss
    plenty of blog posts and books
    that prediction will not miss

    1. 2018 is done for this blog
      So that's a good log

  15. Who knows what the outlook will be
    I just choose to be happy, crafty, and just be me.

  16. Ha - you have a positive outlooks, and that is a good thing.
    Me? Not so much!!!


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