The Treason Of The Reason!

The cat will strike a deal with you. Heck, we may even strike two. I can work with ease. It will be a breeze. Or maybe it won't. There could be a do and don't. A want and not. Oh, now comes the plot.

No matter the season,
It's time for reason.
Reason and right.
Don't take flight.

At least not most times.
Maybe when dealing with mimes.
Otherwise you're toast.
Reason's on a weenie roast.

One way to snip snip.
May want to avoid that ship.
But reason has come to port.
So you can't hit abort.

What? You want to?
Well damn you.
Oh, I take that back.
Sorry for the flack.

There was no reason.
That was treason.
What was that?
I'll squash you flat.

Sorry once more.
Those words were poor.
I'll get some soap.
With them I'm sure you can cope.

What do you want?
Pffft see the finger taunt?
That's what you need.
Sorry that took seed.

It likes to linger.
A mind of its own that finger.
At least you didn't get the toe.
That finger I will stow.

Are you serious?
You must be delirious.
Did you escape the loony bin?
The crazy award you sure win.

Wait...don't walk away.
You should sit and stay.
Be reasonable, would you?
It's the least you could do.

Reasonable are you? I think there are a very few. All want to yell and stick to their reason. All else are just committing treason. Reason is all perspective in many a way as people like to have their say. Ever find any reasonable people around who aren't really reasonable when found? I'm sure you've found a few. Reasonable people sure like to sit and stew. They are about as reasonable as shattered glass. I wouldn't want that stuck into my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Are you beyond the age of reason
    Or do you balk in any season
    Why do your eyes remain and linger
    When they gaze upon my middle finger

    1. Maybe waiting for the second one
      Or they think they are number one under your sun

  2. Reasonable is all in one's perspective. My version of a reasonable sound level of music in car is not the same as my wife's, that's for sure.

    1. Yep, perspective it is indeed
      Very loud music sure makes me run at our feed

  3. Once again very lucky I must be
    Reasonable are almost all friends around me
    Helps if you dish it out daily

  4. Be reasonable they say
    Without thinking of your perspective
    Oh how the clouds turn grey
    When you defy and leave.

  5. Reasonable here at my house
    As long as I don't see a mouse.


    1. haha if they scurry across the floor
      Are you out the door?

  6. Being reasonable is better.
    Being crazy is not.
    Be reasonable in traffic.
    You'd rather get shot?

    1. Thankfully here we're good
      No traffic in my hood

  7. Any reason to win an election it seems, even treason.

  8. Your reasoning is sound even if reasonableness isn't around much these days!

  9. I am reasonable as long as folks do what I want (grin!)

  10. There are some people who are reasonable
    but many then turn quite disagreeable.
    They are fine as long as you agree
    but if not, they turn into Satan...that's when I flee.

  11. Reason is indeed all in one's perspective.

    1. That is the way with reason
      No matter the season

  12. orlin N cassie....we asked de food servizz gurl ta fix uz steakz everee nite for dinner; toll her we IZ carn ee vorz afturr all....see reason wont cha... we said....

    we iz still waitin on de damn steak ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. lol have to get her on that
      The fsg is falling flat

  13. Truly reasonable people are a vanishing breed. People only go to sources that supply "facts" supporting their opinions. It's like that old expression, "My mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts."

    1. Yep, that is all they gravitate towards indeed
      Flocking together telling others to take heed

  14. I guess there is a very fine line between reasonable and treasonable!

  15. We are beyond the age of reason...sadly some people refuse to read the facts and instead rely on opinions.

    1. That sooo many do
      Reason out the window on cue

  16. People seem to be only reasonable when you agree with them. Have a differing opinion and you're no better than Satan.

    1. Yep, the devil you are
      Then they'll hit you with their car

  17. Reasonable? what is this reasonable thing you speak of?

  18. The Treason Of The Reason!
    Looking for the right version
    Ask a question
    Right that moment
    An answer makes as appearance


  19. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of Terry's and my first date.
    Since then "reasonable" has been under serious debate!

    1. haha well at least you've had fun
      With your 35 year run

  20. I try to be pretty reasonable- but I guess we all have our moments. :)


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