To My Readers And The Bird Feeders!

Anyone out there should heed this call. The cat will appreciate it all. I will get a golden litterbox and be so whelmed should it be helmed. Won't that make you glad there at your pad?

Heed my call.
Says it all.
Attention you.
Times two?

Nah, no repeats.
Hit the streets.
Come and play.
Don't forget to pay.

It is so much stress.
It is such a mess.
It is soooo hard to confess.
I need more, not less.

Rhyming every day,
Sure takes pay.
I mean I have to have a keyboard.
They cost thousands, good lord.

I have to get up and walk.
I have to maybe even talk.
Vocal cords cost, you know.
They cost thousands of dough.

Running this is bad.
So much time is had.
If only you'd donate.
I'd get a golden cat crate.

Oh, I mean keep the site alive.
Don't you want it to survive?
I know you think it the best.
It beats all the rest.

If all donated away,
$10000000 in the next 5 mins at play.
My goal would be 50% reached.
Then 5 mins later it will be breached.

So don't delay.
A rhyme must come each day.
You don't want the site tossed.
Doing this sure comes with such HIGH cost.

It's so hard on me.
Oh look, a flea.
Scratch that for me?
I swear, it's almost, sorta, maybe free.

Don't you want to donate billions now? I mean all the work of this place sure can wow. We need billions to keep it going. Pffffft and tomorrow I will have a porno showing. If you believe any of that. I got a bridge to sell you where you're at. I swear it will be nearby. Ever believe the cries of some already rich guy? Such sites need billions they say. Pffft once more is all I can say. Especially when run more by the work of an average class. Won't get free or fee from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Great verse Pat to srart the weekend. Thannks.


  2. Wow...have I ever been this close to being #1?? Hahahaaa. Yes, I hate these requests and who knows where the money goes. I have had elderly clients who got deep into debt, after going through all their savings, by unscrupulous bastards who call and request money to save the children or whatever and finally the callers start bullying them. The elderly are scared and keep giving...sad but true

    1. Ugg, those bastards deserve to be thrown in a hole
      Bury them and let them scam a mole

  3. Makes you wonder what the cost some say they have
    When I can do it for free
    Won't givr money to them
    Better to hide it in a tree.


    1. Yep, dig a hole out back
      Beats giving to such a shack

  4. How can a site cost that much to run anyway? The IWSG just needs fifteen bucks a year for the domain.

    1. Domain and hosting is all I have at my sea
      So yep, bs as can be

  5. Look here, you will have to donate
    Because when you run, you do pronate
    This stuff you will have to believe
    Cause I have other things up my sleeve

    1. Hopefully with no cash
      Up that sleeve they get a bad rash

  6. I have a great comment for this post, but you'll have to pay me $1000 for it.

    1. The check is in the mail
      Cheque tomorrow without fail

  7. I can donate some kibble if you are getting hungry!

    1. Sure Gracie would allow that
      She may take your hat

  8. sorry. The Nigerian prince got all of my money.
    Happy Friday

  9. My "favorite" plea for big money came from a hot shot religious dude who claimed he "needed" to buy a new six million dollar plus airplane with every known luxurious bell and whistle known to man so he could properly carry out his mission work in third world countries. (He didn't succeed. He had to "settle" for a somewhat less luxurious plane.)

    Merry Christmas to you and the cats! (The do get a little bit of catnip for the holidays, don't they?)

    1. haha yeah, needed that for God and all
      Pffft stuff him in a bathroom stall
      They get a toy or two
      Catnip they are allergic to

  10. I feel bad to all those suckers who donated to stop Kony and got scammed by the organization running it.

    1. Doesn't take long to get wound up in a scam
      And then find out it was toe jam

  11. Do it for passion or not at all
    Don’t rely on others to catch your fall
    For money and profit don’t beg and crawl

  12. To My Readers And The Bird Feeders!
    Just be wary from all the hustlers
    Big money?
    Come easy?
    Lucrative market anytime there are suckers


  13. I am very careful on who I donate to. Too many scam artists and cons out there. I'm even getting sick of all this gofundme crap lately. It seems like everyone has one set up these days.

    1. Yep, everyone has one set up for such useless crap
      Fund me! Fund me! I need time for a nap.

  14. Rhyming every day sure takes pay
    You should be able to retire by now
    and sit in the sun every day!

    1. haha yeah, that would be nice
      But nope, no dice


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