Today We Greet At The Season Meet!

The cat is here to greet you all today. That is just how we roll at our bay. And we do actually roll. We also go for a stroll. Has to be something good to roll in though. Okay, on we roll with the show.

Into meetings.
Season's greetings.
You stand and shake,
Making my ocd quake.

Where was that hand?
That isn't grand.
I have to wash mine.
Okay, I'm back and fine.

A stupid saying,
Gets a replaying.
So here it is,
Season's greetings and all the biz.

Get fuzzy and warm.
Beats a snowstorm.
Keeps you alive.
Season's greetings five by five.

What about fall?
Damn it all.
What about summer?
None, what a bummer.

And what about spring?
Too busy having a fling?
When does it start?
Bah, just take it to heart.

Season's greetings everyone.
That saying is never done.
Are we to greet the season?
Does the season think ignoring is treason?

Hey, December Greetings blogland.
Maybe late November Greetings is grand.
Monday Greetings are here.
Season's greetings better run in fear.

20 days before Christmas Greetings.
Hmm, may take some tongue beatings.
That one is rather wordy.
Plus one may flip you the birdy.

And we're back to spring,
Birdy ready for a flip.
Oh, wait, I'm snip snip.
Season's greetings and catnip.

Doesn't that seem dumb to say? Season's greetings is up on display. Isn't summer, spring and fall a season? Is there no greeting in them for some reason? Are people on a non meet and greet treaty through those? Only can greet when winter freezes your toes? I suppose they can get warmed by a lad or lass. No one gets greeted in any season by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      Times two it’s True

    2. You are late at your hall
      sleeping in these last days of fall

    3. Nope, up and out the door
      Slave labor at my shore lol

    4. Greetings True
      Nice of you!


  2. I love to greet you every day Pat whatever the season or weather.


  3. I never say season's greetings or happy holiday. When it's close to Christmas, you're getting a Merry Christmas from me.

    1. That is how it goes
      As here out that too flows

  4. Ha - why is it seasons greeting? We don’t say that phrase for the other seasons. For me it is Christmas so that is what I say, They have changed it at work calling it winter break that just happens to coincide with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

    1. lol winter break
      Sounds like a school partake
      Except not much of a break
      Unless vacation you take

  5. Seasons Greetings! ha! That was politically correct before people knew what PC even meant. :)

  6. It’s “Merry Christmas” at my bay
    Unless I know Chanukah is your day
    Then “Happy Chanukah“ I say
    The rest of the year is “Greetings” all the way

  7. Happy Holidays, Pat, and many more!

  8. Season's greetings is a weird thing to say
    But perhaps politically correct for the day.
    Maybe better not to say anything
    And just wait until spring.


    1. That it may be
      Keep one's mouth shut at their sea

  9. tis the season - salt, pepper, or ancho chili......
    or just the chilly season gets its due
    either way, I wish it all
    to be good for you

    1. Good all the way around
      Sure is fine where we are found

  10. I never thought of it that way, but you're right. Why do we only say "Season's Greetings" this time of year? What does that imply? "F*** you the other three?"

    I don't get all bent out of shape when people say "season's greetings," "happy holidays," or the like instead of "Merry Christmas." I think of phrases like that less as being politically correct and more all-inclusive to those who aren't Christian. Just don't try telling me that I can't say "Merry Christmas" whenever I'm inclined to do so!

    1. Yep, seems like a big F U to the other three
      You won't here any can't from me

  11. I would much rather greet a warm season!

    1. Hopefully not sweaty hot
      Those we don't like a lot

  12. You make a good point. Equal rights for all seasons!

  13. The store across the street just painted Season's Greetings on their window. lol

    1. lol let them know
      They are biased at their show

  14. Merry Christmas is my call this time of year
    I know to some that is offensive cheer
    But to me it’s the thing to say
    I’ll change it come New Year’s Day!

    1. When the new year does show
      Then it waits until next December to flow

  15. orlin N cassie....frank lee we iz kinda bummed ground hogs day doez knot get mor propz ~~~~~ sew phil getz like day ~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, that one gets none
      At least the movie's fun

  16. ahh yes, that greeting I have in a stamp
    but, you are right, it gives me a bit of a cramp.
    I say Merry Christmas because it is that season
    of joy, cheer and family and that is a good reason.

    1. That is the season indeed
      Not a greeting taking seed

  17. This was fun. Remind me to say Season's Greetings this spring;)

  18. I mix it up. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Don't think I've ever used Season's Greetings though. Sounds old timey to me.

    1. Old timey it does sound
      But it's still around

  19. Season's Greetings has been around a long time
    Cards long ago just gave it a rhyme
    For eight years, Merry Christmas, was banned from our lips
    Now shout it to the heavens with the sound of good pips

  20. Today We Greet At The Season Meet!
    They greet standing on both feet
    Season's greetings
    It goes by fleeting
    In no time the year's end to pay heed



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