What's The Word On The Bird!

The tabbies are sure going to get a thrill as today the birds get their fill. They may picket the cat. Hey, we didn't go all bird brained where we are at. You humans already went there with plenty of birds to spare.

A partridge comes first.
Does it quench thirst?
It probably shits in the pear tree.
Does that give you glee?

How does turkey fit in?
Those gobblers don't think it a win.
They get eaten and fear it.
Now that's holiday spirit.

Turtle doves floating away.
Yeah, like they will stay.
Two birds kept in hand.
I bet the smell on your hand isn't grand.

Are French hens like French fries?
That may get a few rolled eyes.
But hey, what do I know.
Not like a hen collecting I go.

And now we have to call birds?
Does your hand miss their turds?
Do you need two birds for each?
What, no dirty diapers in reach?

Then we have geese and eggs.
Are you drunk on kegs?
Six that lay eggs can turn into waay more.
I'll let you do the math at your shore.

Oh, swans that can swim.
Yeah, that's something we want on a whim.
Like that is so rare to see.
A bird that can swim...yippeee!

Now we have a blue bird.
I guess one got lost from the herd.
But you want it to go away?
Make up your mind, okay?

And here to stay is a new bird.
Are you that absurd.
What makes a bird new?
Just because it wasn't seen by you?

It's A Wonderful Bird!
Winter Birdland is the word.
Happy Bird Days.
What? Birds are all you gaze.

Why do you use birds so much for Christmas time? Betsy may find them sublime, but does everyone? All those turkeys want to do is run. So I can gift you birds doing what birds do? My, you aren't hard to shop for at your zoo. Have a bird fetish at your sea? Bird brained as can be? The cat will stick with the singing bass. At least his singing is rare as he does it to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Good reason the birds to feed
    Santa hats and jingle bells they need

  2. It's all going to the birds.
    What about the turducken? Where does that fit in? Besides John Madden's mouth...

  3. Birds need to be scarce at holiday time
    Otherwise they end up on some table
    And make an enjoyable meal when able.


  4. Looky see a bird in the bush
    A Christmas bird with a holiday tush
    He tweets his songs all loud and clear
    Tweet away bird through out the year

    1. Just hide when tweeting
      Or may end up a eating

  5. I do have a thing for birds
    You might find it absurd
    Their songs are their words
    I can do without their turds...haha

  6. Orlin certainly got my cats attention today:)

  7. birds can trill
    flap in the snow
    if they were smart
    they'd fly south you know

  8. It was nice of you to flip the bird to the tabbies. MOL,

  9. If French Hens are like French Fries, let me at 'em!

    Have a great Christmas and see you and the cats in 2018.

    1. Enjoy chowing down
      Hopefully a great one is had in your town

  10. Speaking of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," I always wanted to see:

    Ten Lords a'leaping Nine Ladies. (With that ten-to-nine ratio, I guess two of those lords will have to have a threesome.)

    Eight Maids a'milking Seven Swans. (Must be a lot harder than milking cows or goats.)

    Six Geese a'laying Five Golden Rings. (Instead of eggs? Wow. Evidently one of those geese couldn't do it, though.)

    By the way, I loved the rhyming of "fear it" and "spirit!"

    1. haha swan milking and threesomes at play
      Hopefully the two on one don't leap too hard in the umm hay
      That rhyme just came to play
      I get some good ones sometimes at my bay

  11. It's a bird's life
    So little strife!

  12. In comparison to the robin (Robyn)
    All birds go a sobbin'.

    1. They don't get rawkin
      instead they are just squawkin

  13. Birds are funny. I love how people run from geese at the park. Scary birds. lol

    1. They must love to give chase
      Can put a smile on one's face

  14. What's The Word On The Bird!
    Too many references seemed absurd
    It's so convenient
    Some not so lenient

  15. ...continued
    Feeling pretty much like flirts


  16. I don't get the bird fascination this time of year. The 12 days of Christmas is like the equivalent of 99 bottles of Beer on the Wall. That song never ends!

    1. On and on it goes
      Someone did a 3 and a half hour rendition, oh the lows

  17. One missing bird...
    why new -new cord
    she singing to inspire you
    the happy drop
    your lucky sign
    be grateful
    may a new book design...

    1. A new book you say
      Plenty of those in the wings at my bay

  18. Love the read although later than intended.



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