A Counter Surf At Ones Turf!

The cat gets yelled at a time or fifty. I think what is up there is nifty. I have to go have a look. Counters have wondrous things at ones nook. Like bread I can shred. Hey, you don't really need to be fed.

I'm on the counter.
That's so bad.
Like you trying to mount her,
More than a tad.

Or could be him.
Hey, don't stutter.
Make use of the limb.
Now out of the gutter.

Look at me here.
I get an evil glare.
A human comes near.
I'm not afraid of no stare.

Oh the cat germs.
Pffft humans are naive.
Nope, don't have worms.
But you have crap on your sleeve.

Let's forget that.
I'll hop on down.
But I won't scat,
Because of any frown.

It's because you're coming.
You and your germs.
More on you are chumming.
With that you have to come to terms.

Purse on the counter top.
Oh, you are so dumb.
For that is a true flop.
Tons of germs on the bottom, chum.

Cellphone flopped there.
Easy access for you.
On it are germs to spare.
Actually more than a public loo.

There are keys and the mail.
Each touched a ton.
A double germ fail.
Look at those germs run.

Yet you eat food off it.
Right off the top.
Then you have a fit,
That a cat won't stop.

Hmmm great logic there. You humans sure have great logic to spare. Even with no cats you have more germs on there than with a cat. And you still eat food off them when it goes splat. More germs than a public loo. So that is worse than human feces on the counter of you. That is if you have a phone or purse. Doesn't that make you curse? We choose not to eat anything off the counter, ever. Whether or not the cat hops up on the counter surfing endeavor. Plus wash it before anything we cook. So no need for a dirty look. Ever think about such germs in mass? Now you can stop giving dirty looks to my counter surfing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha I was thinking of that video where Orlin jumped down from the refrigerator onto the counter top of your old place. Haha

    2. He jumps away
      Sure can jump far too at our bay

  2. Oh, I am well aware of the germs coming from other sources. We don't even let food touch the counter - that's what we have a dozen cutting boards for and they get washed immediately afterwards.

    1. The way to be
      Never let food touch it at my sea
      And if it does at all
      Tossed into the green bin stall

  3. I'm guilty as charged. But I put those on a counter I don't use for food at least. Could really visual a cat up there too. But I have a dog instead with dog hair everywhere.

    1. A cat can get up with ease
      Dog hair sure can blow with any breeze

  4. Dang, that sounds a lot like No Simon time here!

    1. haha still ignores the no
      As away he does go

  5. Yup, filthy! You should see me after I handle raw chicken. I keep Lysol and Clorox in business.

    1. haha I wash my hands a ton
      After I give raw chicken a run

  6. Thankfully our cats haven't figured out the counter yet. (They can't jump. At all.) But there are many things on the counter that shouldn't be.

    1. haha can't jump one bit?
      I guess they just like to sit

  7. Animals should use the loo
    Something added, something new
    Just be sure they learn to flush
    That would be like living lush

  8. germs. Ten second rule counts for a lot. Build immunity and don't think about it

  9. My inlaws cat doesn't get on the countertop, they trained him well unlike their previous cat

    1. Gave him the stink eye
      As he tried to let it fly

  10. No cat here; but sometimes I climb up on our countertops ~ It's hell being short! My counters are a way station for all kinds of things during the day, but I scrub them down multiple times a day. I'm OCD about a clean kitchen. If I saw any of my kiddos putting their snacks directly on their desks in our classroom, I'd remind them that they might as well go lick one of the toilet seats in the school bathroom. That said, we evolved with germs, so I don't angst over them. Next time I climb up on the counter, I'll be thinking of Orlin and Cassie. Have a good one, Pat!

    1. haha that would be funny to see
      You'd be more of a sight than maybe the cats of we
      Good to scrub them down though
      Germs are there, but always good to avoid and know

  11. Apply some supply in case of flies,
    or meet germs on your terms;
    up the counter or over
    cats go high and low

  12. Germs abound, no doubt. Keep those counters clean and mind where those hands have been. Be like a cat. Wash. Wash. Wash.

  13. Germs, germs, germs, everywhere
    You can't avoid them
    You can't destroy them
    You've just got to live with them

  14. Three of ours are too old to jump that high. But Monster Kitty makes up for it.

    1. Has to keep you on your toes
      Even as monster kitty grows

  15. It's true. The counter tops are dirty unless you clean and disinfect them all the time.

    1. That they are
      Germs are on them near and far

  16. I am sooo aware that my past kitties visited every surface off the floor. The higher the better. Things would magically be lying on the floor, but my kittens took no responsibility. :)

    1. haha they just gave a wtf look
      Wasn't them at your nook

  17. LOL. I lectured my son and his wife on their cat being up on the counter, but only because I know as the cat gets older, that's a long way to jump down. Better to not let her up there now.

    1. lol that is true
      Older they get, easier it is for an injury, and vet bill, to come due

  18. In thirteen years, I can't remember Orson ever jumping up on my kitchen counter. If he ever did, I'd make him get down, but he has his run of the entire house and can pretty much sleep wherever he wants, except on my computer keyboard!

    1. haha can't have that
      Then jibberish may come where you're at
      Or maybe the best thing ever
      May have to let him endeavor

  19. Germophobes we are at my lair
    But also building immunity everywhere
    No such thing as clean enough here
    But drank from the garden hose every younger year
    Still alive to tell the tale
    Some phobias are good to bale

    1. Yeah, did all kinds of stuff too
      When a kid at our zoo
      Now I know
      So the germs can go

  20. Germs by the dozen, everywhere we turn
    More than at the loo, wow, what a learn!

    and ew too

    1. And you get more than most all
      Dealing with rugrats at the school hall

  21. Germs, germs, we try to keep you at bay
    But whatever we do, you find us and play
    You caught me now. Kindly go the f*k away.

    1. haha stuck they stick
      Each germy little dick

  22. I just take a Clorox Wipe to the counter before I cook.
    That's the easiest way to be germ free at my nook.

  23. Germs, germs are everywhere.
    They used to worry me, but now I don't care.
    I clean the best I can.
    And that is my plan.

    1. Try one's best
      And forget the rest
      Good way to be
      At one's sea

  24. Sanitizing wipes are my friend. I am constantly wiping the counter tops down with them. You can never be too careful when it comes to nasty germs all over the house.

    1. Yeah, they can be all over
      Not just because of cat or rover

  25. A great read to start the week.


  26. A Counter Surf At Ones Turf!
    Nothing to eat nothing to serve
    One will be troubled
    If germs are visible
    Squeamish, one does not deserve!


  27. I ate dead flies and other bugs when I was one
    off the floor or off the ground in the full sun.
    I'm glad I don't remember at all
    but my mom said I was having a ball

    1. haha nasty as can be
      Thankfully no bugs, that I know of, for me


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