A Critical Convert To Alert!

So today is the day, the day you have your say. The day you take them down. That is your goal at your town. You'll leave them without a leg to stand on. Warning, if literal, a jail cell may dawn.

Critics are here.
Critics are there.
Always one near,
Much like underwear.

Whether worn or not,
They sure can stink.
Critical of plot,
Some don't even think.

But critics they are.
Can say how they feel.
Hit them with a car,
Is a fine day dreaming ordeal.

Most have no clue.
Many are shit out of luck.
But critiques sure come due,
As they simply pass the buck.

Say not do.
A motto for each.
Most just moo,
Wanting some reach.

But you'll fix that.
That you will.
You'll stop them flat.
You'll climb that hill.

Their mind will be changed.
They'll love you soon.
Things will be rearranged.
They'll be over the moon.

Converse and tell.
Show and converse.
All will be swell.
You'll break the curse.

What was that?
Bashed once more?
But you chewed the fat.
You did that chore.

A convert critic was made.
You had their approval seal.
That soon did fade,
For things just got real.

Why didn't they convert? Maybe you didn't buy an advert? Or maybe you didn't grease enough palms that were stuck out. That can get you some clout. But when just trying to change a mind, why didn't a yes from no you find? Because it is in their best interest to bash you. They get more of a reaction and that's what they want to come due. All comes back to ego and stats. So best to ignore such dingbats. Any critics ever go after you? Did they simply go moo? I'll continue to let any suck on the gas that try and come near my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Don’t ask me why ‘Y’ instead of ‘T’
      A finger slip, so ‘y’ for yes I’m first
      before the daybreak does burst
      enjoy your day at your sea

    2. Slipped on in
      Twice the slip for the win

  2. I've been trying to have my say for ages,
    But to no avail.
    I won't give up on having my say.
    Surely I can't fail?

    Great subject Pat.

  3. Critics are like those who enjoy arguing. They won't be happy unless there is conflict.

    1. Yep, that is their way
      And in the arguments they sure stay

  4. Always carry a great big stick
    Said to be a converter trick
    Teddy makes em change their mind
    Best converter you can find

    1. Smack them in the head
      Shrug if they wind up dead

    2. My sentiments indeed
      Smack em let them go to seed

    3. The way to be
      You sure went back far at our sea

  5. We've had a few critics over the years, mostly on unsocial media!

    1. That's where they show
      Give them the heave ho

  6. I still check for critics about my book
    If one is mean, I'll be sad at my nook
    yet I can't help but look
    even it means my world will be shook

    Have a beachy week!

    1. Need to focus in that one eye?
      At least their isn't as many tears to cry

  7. A Critical Convert To Alert!
    Critical comments to subvert
    Critical acclaim
    Hard to sustain
    Plain and simple not to hurt


    1. Plain and simple takes the cake
      But they may not partake

  8. Critics are hard to take when they come after me.
    I'm learning to thicken my skin at my sea.

  9. The problem with pro critics is that they often see so much of whatever field and it does take a lot to impress them

    1. Yeah, that is true
      They see the same thing day after day in their view

  10. A lot of people say that you shouldn't pay any attention to critics. Most of those who say that seem to be people who get plenty of bad reviews. Then they get one good review, and that, they take to heart.

    1. haha yeah, need to prop themselves up
      Not focusing on fixing each hiccup

  11. orlin N cassie; we haz had mor peepulz critique R blog than de food servizz gurl iz yeerz old....N thatz a lot...

    98 purrcent of de critique iz negative....but thatz whatz nice bout de two werdz up top... on de men ewe bar ...."next blog" .....go a head and give it a click ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yeah, they can go roll in a litterbox
      Or get hit with rocks in socks

  12. Some critics think they are never wrong.
    At least they sing that little song.
    It's always you that makes the mistakes.
    And they're really nothing but fakes.

    1. That they surely are
      They can never be off par

  13. Everyone is a critic these days. I pay no mind to those people who's opinions I don't value.

    1. That is a good way to be
      Let those assholes stay out of view of thee

  14. And for only $500, that's it!
    Get your book criticized so harshly,
    you'll feel like shit.

    1. Yeah, they can stuff such a price
      I'd rather buy the cat a truck load of fuzzy dice

  15. Critics say boo, that much is true
    but most best selling authors went through that
    (one bazillion times) too.

    phft phft to the naysayers

    1. That they did
      And many a critic still flip their lid

  16. Takes a special person to be a critic. My mom was an expert! :)

  17. Remember when critics said
    The first Star Wars was dead
    But the paycheck kept the actors fed


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