A Different Spin Of The Win!

Time we go for the win with this spin. Whoops, we lost. That comes with a cost. A cost that may be grand. Mixing things at my land. Difference between cost a grand and a grand cost. But you knew that as it was tossed.

I'm a winner.
Chicken dinner.
Didn't we go there?
Hey, chicken to spare.

Works for the cat.
Tabbies may think it scat.
They have trout.
A winning shout.

Look, two ways to win.
Each needing a new spin.
Or a new take.
Winning gets a fair shake.

Won times two.
Can it come due?
It just did.
Don't flip your lid.

Now you lost.
Game was tossed.
But you learned too.
If you gave it a view.

Get better and win.
A winning spin.
A win times two.
Won and up the skill of you.

Lost something you like.
It took a big hike.
You found something new.
A winning combo came due.

You lost your mind.
It you can't find.
You went and had fun.
A win in many a way could be spun.

You had a winning ticket.
The people come to picket.
You won, yet you lost.
Privacy was tossed.

Would that be a lose lose?
Can the opposite take a cruise?
I guess it just did.
Many different ways to skin a squid.

Do you really want to skin a squid? Did you know winning can take many a bid? There are always more ways than one. Many a time you learn nothing from a simple win being done. But you can win when you lose. Unless you go for the booze. That may be a lose lose that comes to pass. Go for the lose win or win win and trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. It's grand when you're on a winner Pat. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. Winning the lottery - now, some people here bank on that as their retirement. Me, I've never purchased a ticket in my life.

    1. Probably saved far more dough
      I've done some but for retirement? Hell no.

  3. We've noticed that some winners are really wieners!

  4. I won big when I
    Married the apple of my eye

  5. we do get excited when Ray wins a football square. But all in good fun

  6. 'You can't win if you don't play' is the lottery slogan on TV. Nice way to rob the poor, huh?

    1. Yep, and then gamble responsibly comes on
      One big con

  7. Lost my mind. How did you know.
    I try to hide it, but it must show.

  8. Win win sounds better than lose lose. Nobody would play the lotto if it was advertised as lose lose. Even though for most people, that's what it is.

    1. Yep, money down the crapper
      With each lottery trapper

  9. I have been a winner
    Watching the spinner
    Sometimes I feel funky
    Then I get a bit lucky


  10. About fifteen years ago, I was working in a branch office of a cable TV company. One day my boss, Kathy, called me and asked if I wanted my name entered in a random drawing that our company and the Showtime network were running. There would be five or six winning couples from the entire company, which was nationwide. I said, "Kathy, I never win anything!" but she talked me into it with a what-do-you-have-to-lose argument. I promptly forgot about it. Several days later, she called again to tell me that I'd won a five-day, four-night trip for two to Cancun, Mexico! Out of every single woman I was then dating, plus my various female friends, no one was available to go with me, so I ended up taking my mother! Showtime paid for almost everything, and even handed each couple $200 for use as spending money! Plenty to see, and for my mom, a lot of walking to do. She enjoyed the trip, but in only a couple of years, her health had deteriorated to where she could hardly see and it was hard to walk. If I'd won the trip three years later, she never could have gone with me. I am so glad I took her!

    1. Damn, that was longer than some of my posts!

    2. I believe you were meant to take that trip with your mom. Sometimes the universe has its own agenda. A wonderful story Silver Fox.

    3. Sure a fine way to be
      Going with your Mom when it was meant to be by the sea
      And some spending cash too
      Nothing wrong with that at your zoo
      haha giving Fundy Blue a run for her money today
      As she's usually the one with lots to say

    4. What a beautiful story and it was meant to be to go with your mom. I bet she loved it. I loved reading this

    5. What a special story! I'm glad that you and your mother shared this trip together!

    6. Geez, more comments on it too
      Then some posts at your zoo lol

    7. Yeah, really! Maybe I should expand the story and make it an actual post on my blog?

    8. Should give it a go
      Just never know

  11. I agree you can win when you lose. And I won’t go for the booze :-)

  12. I skinned a squid, a squid I skinned
    Poor little squid, it's ears I pinned
    To pin a squid's ears with a rope
    He thinks me really one big dope

    1. I guess you had your ear out
      So you went squid over trout

  13. I haven't won anything in a long time. My mom still says I'm a winner in her book though :)

    1. There you go
      Can she point to it in her book though?

  14. I like winning actual prizes, even little ones.

  15. orlin N cassie....leest ewe waz poe lite N used de werd....scat !!! ☺☺♥♥

  16. Winning on some losing belief that this is the one is from natural losers. But, like Mary, winning $10 on a bingo raffle ticket is a big high.

    1. That it surely is
      A little win and a big high is a fine biz

  17. Most people who have won it big
    Lost it all in 5 years being a big pig.
    Bought homes, cars and traveled well.
    Now they cry..idiots can go to hell.

    1. That they can go
      Then and their fancy car glow

  18. A Different Spin Of The Win!
    A win not easily seen coming
    A lottery syndrome
    Gunning from home
    Until retirement just hoping


  19. Winner Winner ~ A squid dinner.
    I've jigged a few in my day,
    and won as I aimed their spray
    of ink at a fellow grinner.

    1. haha aiming the squid
      I hope afterwards you hid


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