A Hoard The Know With Away We Go!

There are hoarders with lots of stuff, from utter crap to utter fluff. But we already rang that bell. There are other hoarders on which we shall tell. From tell to told as this rhyme takes hold.

Hoarding is nice.
Can cost a price.
Physical or not.
Catch on to the plot?

Soon you will.
Fits the bill.
Or takes it away.
Nothing on display.

All hoarded within.
Not taking a spin.
All about me.
Screw little old thee.

The knowledge is mine.
On it I'll dine.
Things shall align.
For it is mine, mine, mine.

You'll never detect.
You I'll neglect.
I have no need to connect.
This knowledge I elect.

Why would I share?
Why do you care?
I learned it, so it's mine.
On it you shall not dine.

But I surely will.
To me it's a thrill.
I shall not share.
You better beware.

Make things better?
Be a trend setter?
Bah, who needs that?
All mine under my hat.

What did you say?
You've found another way?
You have many connections?
What is this, the elections?

Don't share with any.
Don't share with the many.
But if you want to share with me,
I will not stop thee.

Know any knowledge hoarders at your sea? Funny how they will take from thee and then not offer anything at all. But I suppose at least they won't get crushed by stuff in the hall. But not sharing means no connections will be had. So such knowledge hoarders may not gain any more knowledge than a tad. Do you hoard knowledge in mass? On that I'll take a pass. I'll even freely share the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Hoard the Know with away we Go
    The Hoarders let the market blow
    Selfish in attitude
    Making it absolute
    Unwittingly they worsen their woes


  2. Like the big secret to success?

    1. Lie, cheat and steal?
      Damn, I gave the big reveal

  3. Oops, we may just be toy hoarders here!

    1. Hoard away
      Never know when you'll need one for play

  4. I know knowledge hoarders who will share for a price and it's not cheap.

    1. And sometimes it is crap
      Better off taking a Google lap

  5. I like to connect
    at my deck!
    I'm teacher, beware
    Knowledge I love to share!

  6. If you have to ask

    you'll never know

    5 points to whoever gets this reference

  7. Like Brian and his herd, we sure are toy hoarders here.The more the better. Have a great day Pat.

  8. I know a few like that
    they like to see you fall flat

  9. I know big publishers don't want to share their secrets. Wait, we know the answer anyway - tons of money.

    1. Money does the trick
      Have many a golden brick

  10. Hoard knowledge? Me? Oh, hell no. I'm irrepressible when it comes to sharing my "knowledge," whether it's important or (as it usually is) trivial.

    1. You sure let it flow
      Tidbits to pick up at your show

  11. I do know one kind of hoarder. It is not fun to visit her house. I don't know how people can accumulate such a lot of crap!!

    1. People sure can get a ton
      As they buy buy buy and save every one

  12. Hoard till your house get so fat
    No more space not for even a rat
    It will explode and go boom
    Then you'll have lots of room
    You can start over to hoard this and that

    1. Or create a garbage dump
      There rats can go to hump

  13. My mother in law is borderline hoarder. She's one who will go to a yard sale and find something she doesn't need and will ask for a lower price just to see if she can get a deal. She has no problem sharing though. I did tell my husband that when his parents die, I'm striking a match and burning the place down. No way in hell am I sorting through all her crap.

    1. haha may want to keep that on the down low
      Arson is a crime you know

  14. My apartment is only 600 sq. ft. so there's no hoarding of any kind going on here. lol

    1. Just freebies by the ton
      As out the door they run

  15. I am a hoarder,
    Of that that is no doubt.
    Things of yesteryear I keep.
    Reluctant to throw out.

    Great Verse Pat and subject.

  16. Here's the blue comic hoarder number one
    Cost a bit of dough but still a lot of fun
    My neighbors hoard things I don't want to know
    As they're doing the humperdinck show

    1. haha want to have a little fun
      Not into sticking things between each bun?

    2. Nope not today
      At the humperdinck bay

    3. No days in view
      A fine way at your zoo


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