A One On One Can Be Fun!

When two go back and forth things can sure head north. Or maybe they can head south too. Who am I to say at my zoo. East and west may even get put to the test. A little off track, but that we'll now sack.

That was great, man.
Aren't you a fan?
I can't believe it.
That was the shit.

Don't use man, it's human or person.
You are making life for others worsen.
I am also not a fan and that wasn't shit.
I am a person and it was a movie bit.

You are tightly wound.
Were you born in a pound?
Did someone take your toys away?
Boy, you must have had it rough at your bay.

First, don't use boy, as it is kid or child.
You should also speak far more mild.
You shouldn't insult pounds.
Toys are so medieval for children or hounds.

So just toys that squeak?
Did you fall off a peak?
Are you touched in the head?
Maybe one of the walking dead?

Toys that don't teach have no value.
That much should even be known by you.
There are many clinical terms for crazy but touched is not one.
And stop offending the dead as you let your mouth run.

I'm done with the likes of you.
You have no clue.
I hope you fall in a ditch.
There you and the mice can scratch your itch.

Itching is a medical condition that should not be made fun of.
It can lead to a little push or maybe a shove.
And you should not threaten anyone at all.
For that I could give 911 a call.

Wow, an emergency from me.
Now that is something to see.
All from you playing in the ditch.
Maybe it's not an itch but a glitch.

You shouldn't make fun of the handicapped.
Or make fun of people being trapped.
You really need to learn to speak right.
Your sarcasm shows you may never see the light.

Ever have a conversation with a PC nut? They sure can get in a PC rut. Some go well overboard. Maybe they will bungee jump and forget the cord. Whoops, how un-PC of me. Oh look, on PC I took a pee. That shows how much I care about that class. It can also suck on my gas. Maybe it will help gas pass? At least then it will have some use to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. There are many PC nuts out there Pat.
    Great to read on this rainy Tuesday morning.


    1. That there are
      Fun to make fun at our sand bar

  2. Online online have I encountered someone that PC crazy.

  3. The must use their PC to go online and be PC!

  4. Yup, tons of PC nuts out there in the world. Watch out for them. Have a good day Pat.

  5. again, I say - moderation. PC nuts would be nutty here

  6. PC nuts indeed
    Anger and hate take seed
    Always offended, a hopeless breed

  7. PC has gone way too far.
    I prefer a middle road under my star.

  8. I actually think we have PC'd ourselves out. I get a little over it with the constant formalities and needing to hold my breath to not offend...or thinking I might have.

    1. Yep, sure gone at it every which way
      Even an eye roll can offend at ones bay

  9. orlin N cassie....ewe noe bye now de food servizz gurl iz brane lezz.....de toyz that dont teech para graff ree minded her.... oh her easy bake oven dayz...when yes....ewe COULD......bake a cake witha lite bulb ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. Could get the job done
      Now they steal the fun

  10. Does this mean cat has been replaced by small furry person?

    1. Could very well be
      Err umm nope, rhyming ass still there to see

  11. The whole cisgender crap makes me lose my mind. I feel like saying, 'oh, you mean NORMAL people?'

    1. Normal works
      But oh the PC has to have their extra perks

  12. I understand the need to be more aware of what we say or do in terms of not hurting anyone's feelings, but most people seem to think the whole "politically correct" thing is ridiculously overdone nowadays.

    1. Yeah, we don't want to just go a-hole this and that
      But some people fall rather flat
      They need to get over themselves in the end
      Not every one is out to offend you with what they send

  13. We've gone to extremes in both directions haven't we? It seems that comments today or either too PC or so lacking in class it's embarrassing.

  14. I haven't met anyone too PC crazy- that I can think of anyway. I do my best to just be respectful of others and treat them and talk about them like I would like to be treated. :)

    1. Yeah, that is the best way to be
      Toss the PC crazy nuts in the sea

  15. Not in real life, but man, you run into those nuts every day online. Real keyboard warriors who wouldn't have the balls to say things to your face that they have no problem saying to you online.

    1. Yep, they sit in Mommy's basement and type away
      When if they saw you in real life they'd run the other way

  16. A One On One Can Be Fun!
    PC nuts spoil a fine run
    Behind smokescreens
    They sport a grin
    Just ignore and one is done


  17. Pink ice cream and la dee dah
    Say it right and where's yaw pah
    Ladies to the right and gents in the middle
    Sit'n on the porch and playing mah fiddle

    1. Playing a fiddle?
      But no fiddle in the middle?
      Hey diddle diddle
      Boy, what a fiddle

  18. pc this, pc that
    like that cat, I'll take a nap ( not rhyming, but the best I can do in the wee hours of the morning ;) ).

    1. A nap sure can work
      Unless the 9-5 is being a jerk

  19. So saying, “nice pussy” to a woman with no cat would be wrong? Or calling someone follically challenged, baldy. Oh well, I hate PC nuts and love to play with their heads

    1. haha fun to get them riled up indeed
      With such things taking seed


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