A Random Thought With Little Plot!

Does the cat ever have a plot? Maybe once in a while a plot is thought. Or the thought of the plot is caught. Now I've lost your train of thought? Don't worry one bit. I still have mine for a bit.

If wishes were fishes,
And fishes were dishes,
Then dishes with fishes,
Would splashes and splishes.

Those splishes and splashes,
Would bring crashes and flashes.
Then trashes of ashes,
Would clutter and clashes.

The clashes and clutter,
Would putter and sputter,
Then out of the gutter,
Comes bitter and butter.

The butter and bitter,
Would sputter and spitter,
Much like litter with glitter.
A double hatter with hitter.

The hitter and hatter,
Would scatter and shatter,
From batter with matter,
A smatter filled chatter.

The chatter of matter,
Or the chatter of latter,
Would flatter and tatter,
And pitter with patter.

The patter and pitter,
Brings fitter and sitter,
By glitter with litter,
And butter through bitter.

The bitter through butter,
Would sputter and putter,
A gutter of mutter,
With clashes and clutter.

The clutter by clashes,
Creates rashes and gashes,
From flashes and trashes,
Through splishes and splashes.

So splashes and splishes,
Creates dishes with fishes,
If fishes were dishes,
And fishes brought wishes.

Did you get tongue tied? The cat would smile wide. Hey, the rhyme just got stuck in my head and so I thought I'd let it out to get stuck in your head instead, Wasn't that nice of me? Did I confuse thee? Better never then make wishes with fishes near dishes that splashes and splishes. Stick with the mass or the singing bass or rolling in grass like my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A random thought can lead somewhere
    Might make a stranger stop and stare
    Will twist the tongue and make one think
    May even lead the way to drink

  2. Somehow, this became a song in my head.

    1. A song that's stuck
      Hopefully no what the fluck

  3. If fishes were wishes
    Bring be dishes of fishes
    If wishes were fulfilled
    Many would be thrilled

    This was a fun read
    yes indeed....

    1. Thrilled and filled
      Beats filled and drilled lol
      Glad it was fun
      To give a run

    2. Did True say, "Oops me"
      In the place to be?

    3. That she did indeed
      Hmm what could take seed

  4. Dr. Seuss would be proud
    With nothing but sun and not one cloud.
    The fishes look good on my dishes
    With some dill and lemon, yum
    Yup that’s it:)

  5. Sounds like you could have given Dr. Suess a run for his money. :)

    1. Could I just have his money?
      10% of it would be sunny

    2. I imagine you're right and 10% would be dandy. :)

    3. That it would be
      Sure work for me

  6. Sometimes I get the feeling my sisters are plotting something!

  7. Not just my tongue is tied,
    But my brain you’ve fried!!!

    1. haha fun to be had
      With a fried brain at ones pad

  8. my brain stutters
    my mouth sputters
    you kicked off the year
    in another gear

    1. Gave it a crank
      With a tongue twist and yank

  9. Now that was fun, and very clever. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, but all yours!

  10. Hey Pat, You might want to think about incorporating this as a children's book. It was a lot of fun.

    1. I'd have to see how it can work
      Hmmm not sure dead fish on a plate the PTA would see as a perk haha

    2. PTA can sit on a stick
      (Beats watching a reboot flick)

    3. That it does any day
      With the rebooted play

  11. What's the plot
    To get you a lot?
    The way to all things fun?
    What's the secret at your bun?
    How does that plot unfold?
    Where are those riches untold?

    Lot's a questions from The Goo
    Not Scooby Doo

    Grrrrrrreat post!
    From coast to coast

    1. Who, what, where, and why
      Keeps the brain rather spry

  12. Foxes in boxes, fishes in dishes...always good stuff w/Dr. S. and you.

  13. Glad I'm not the only one who thought of Dr. Seuss when reading this ;)


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