A What You Know Type Of Flow!

The cat has heard this a time or two. I'm sure you have too. It is the old write what you know rule. Pffffft to that is all that is given by this fool. But let's pretend it is right. Or not at my site.

Write what you know.
Come on, let it flow.
Flow or not.
Work it into the plot.

No plot without it.
Nope, not one bit.
Only what you know.
Known is the best show.

Sci-fi writing?
Bah, bad lighting.
Can't write that.
You don't know a future stat.

Or do you?
The Mayans were true.
Err ummm bad example.
But I'm sure there are ample.

Thinking, thinking, nope.
Sorry there, dope.
You don't know.
So onward you can't go.

Writing for a cat.
Wow, look at that.
You know what it is like to be a cat.
Pfffft yeah right to that.

Sorry, can't write it.
Don't hiss and spit.
You can't fool me.
No cat is thee.

Write about Timbuktu.
Damn, well traveled are you.
What, you never went there?
Sorry, no writing to spare.

But I want to be like you.
I want to write about it too.
All over the place.
I want to embrace.

I wrote the lottery numbers down.
I just won a golden crown.
I know the numbers at my sea.
Are you is in the know as me?

Pffft to that most of the time. Sometimes it is a fine chime. But most of the time it is crap. Do you give that rule a flap? Maybe you do know magic, sex with genies and what it's like to die in quicksand. Hey, those just popped in at my land. But if the latter you know because it came to pass, you won't be able to write about it to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Figured you'd be here
      Hank must be in road gear

    2. Good Morning Pat

      I thought i’d give it a go
      commenting is very slow
      I wasn’t sure who would show

    3. Good morning True
      Glad it is you
      Yes Hank was on the road
      Nasty jam non-moving mode


    4. I know Hank isn't number one today

    5. Stuck on the road
      Moving slower than a toad

      Thanks to yesterday
      Knew the T would play

      Very slow indeed
      Hate it at each feed

    6. ha - I use my imagination so I can't say I write always from experience.

    7. Just imagine away
      A far better display

    8. True was one...
      More than once at your bun!

  2. write what you know, or go with the flow
    which one is right, I just don't know :)

    Extended long weekend here today, big thanks to MLK, Jr.! :)

    1. May go with the flow
      Could end up in a nasty place though
      Lucky you
      Back to work at our zoo

  3. Sex with genies sounds kinky. Hopefully no one wastes a wish on that though.
    With the exception of my short story involving guys playing D&D, I've not written about anything I know.

    1. Bet the genie one was already made into a porno flick
      Yep, not much I know has done the trick

  4. Write what you enjoy and what you like. Many write science fiction and fantasy but I bet they have not been in Space, seen aliens or fairies.

    1. That sure is the way
      Beats the old what you know any day

  5. Write what you know only works for non-fiction.

  6. write on a whim
    go out on a limb
    keep it fast and loose
    no libel, avoid the noose

    Happy Monday!

  7. Write or right, write with ease
    Write to irritate, write to please
    Write it down of what you know
    Don't hold back, just let it flow

    1. The motto of the cat
      No holding back where we are at

  8. I like Joanne's comment. Go out on a limb and see what's there.

    1. Just don't let it crack
      May fall and break your back

  9. I would be writing a lot about snoozing!

  10. I don't follow the rule because I write fantasy. But there is a lot that I see and know that helps me create what I write. Happy Monday!

    1. A lot can help as you go
      But yeah, not much in fantasy that one does truly know

  11. That just doesn't seem to work for a lot of what we write does it?

    1. Nope, sure doesn't apply
      As we lie and lie and lie

  12. I don't know a lot of things. Maybe that's why I have not been writing much lately.

    1. The less you know
      The more you can make shit up though

    2. Make up and go
      Can create quite the flow

  13. Wait, sex with genies. What a mind you have. I write science fiction so I guess I know the future if I write what I know.

    1. lol it will go anywhere
      Sometimes it can scare
      Can you tell the lottery numbers too?
      Could use a few

  14. People think they are oh so cool
    When they write what they know
    They sound like a boring tool
    Or fool
    Or someone whose book should be tossed
    in a deep swimming pool.

    1. And one the kiddies went in
      And gave peeing a spin

  15. Write what you want to know. How about that! Then you can research for a good reason.

  16. I have written about what I know or experienced, but I also write a lot about what I don’t know firsthand and have to research. Like I’ve never been in a tsunami. Unless nightmares count. lol

    1. haha well nightmares can lead the way
      With their dream display

  17. Rules were meant to be broken.
    On this I'm very outspoken.

    With Mayan sci-fi were you referring to the book "In the Courts of the Sun" by Bryan D'Amato? Imho, it was a mind-bending fun, well spun.

    Terry is fine after his cataract surgery. Thanks for asking!

    1. Don't think I've given that one a go
      Yep, rules can go into the loo at our show
      Glad it went grand
      Now he can see all across the land

  18. If I only write what I know, it will be very boring.
    Who wants to read about cats snoring?
    So instead I write about people and places from the past or today.
    Real life or make believe or whatever they tell me to say.

    1. That is the best way to be
      No cats snoring need or stuck up a tree

  19. I'm think that advice is meant to get the novice writer started, but writing just what you know would leave most of us in the short story status. :)

    1. Yeah, may work for those in the start
      Otherwise we'd all have a brain fart

  20. A What You Know Type Of Flow!
    Time to let others on your show
    It'll be factual
    Correct and credible
    Or someone is well in the know


    1. Well in the know
      Can sure rip it apart on the go

  21. Problem is, there are too many people who think they know everything but really know nothing. Then, the rest of us have to read the mindless dribble they push out into the universe.

    1. haha that we do
      And sadly, many believe what they say to be true

  22. I usually write much about what is happening in my life, although at present life is very hum drum. Loved the verse.


  23. I compose from the heart
    For me, that’s a good enough start!


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