Balls Away Come What May!

The cat has none anymore, except for furry ones at our shore. Hey, Cassie likes those. No need to go all gutter and curl your toes. They are just a toy. Hmm I can't win with this ploy.

You weren't called.
Nope, not one bit.
You should be appalled.
Go and have a fit.

Not because of it.
Nope, not at all.
You need your fit,
Because of a ball.

It was black.
It wasn't white.
My, what flack,
When it came to light.

Such a racist ball.
That ball should have known better.
I'm going to shout and stand tall.
I may even write a letter.

Don't balls have brains?
They are ever so round.
Some have furry manes,
But that was already found.

Those balls are bad.
Racist as can be.
Whoops, repeated a tad.
But they so irk me.

Lock them away.
All those balls.
They must pay.
Staple them to walls.

White balls mean winner.
Black balls mean not.
Blue balls could mean a sinner,
Or maybe nothing if snip snipped the lot.

But it's even worse.
It's a secret affair.
You may need a nurse,
If blue forever at your lair.

But black I reject.
For I'm so appalled.
One needs to eject.
For it has been blackballed.

Ever been blackballed at your sea? Actually heard one nut say it was racist when blackballed flies free. The word, not the doing. My, what PC nuts start cooing. Are black markers bad now too? Blackballed would be no fun to come due. But racist as can be? Yeah, and I'm a talking tree. Came from people secretly voting against you. Some people really have no clue. Soon grading a paper in black ink will get sass. Wait, red ink is so racist to apples and my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Most interesting to read Pat. Can't say I have been blackballed as you put it though I do have discrimination because I have Epilepsy.....very sad.

    Enjoy your day.

    1. At least no blackballed came due
      But still never good at one's zoo

  2. OMG This is so funny, I can't even rhyme
    Maybe I'll have to do it some other time
    Think of St Paddy's Day, Irish and green
    All of our grass cannot be seen
    Even the leaves on the trees have to go
    Wait for a good wind to have a big blow
    This one is hysterical laughter

    1. haha glad it was grand
      Thank the nuts across the land
      As black meets the ball
      While blue doesn't stand tall
      That grass is sooo crass
      Oh look, a dog used it to wipe its ass

  3. I guess a black belt in Karate is next to go...

    1. Have to make it all rainbow
      Equal opportunity for all with its glow

  4. Haven't ever been black balled but haven't been red balled, green balled or blue balled either, so guess I am living right.

    1. No color balls coming after you
      A fine way to be at your zoo

  5. Oh, for crying out loud! I recently heard that the saying, 'A pot calling the kettle black' was racist. LMAO, it's pure insanity these days.

    1. lmao I've used that one in a novel before
      Of course making fun of it being "racist" at our shore

  6. stay colorblind except for stop lights

    1. That may work
      Although stop signs may need to be added to that perk

  7. Why do "Blue Balls" keep coming to my mind? haha

    1. They were mentioned away
      So could play

    2. but, I have an image of the blue guy
      so this just might apply...

      Is it cold your way...freezing here...

    3. Blue still working away
      Yep, cold is back to stay

  8. While I was reading this a hairball came to mind.
    Now there is something I do not like to find.
    Whether it's white or red or pink or blue
    It's still a hairball, isn't that true?

    1. haha yep, all squishy and nasty as can be
      Especially when between the toes of thee

  9. We saw a guy dressed all in a black morph suit. I said, "What's that black guy over there doing?" My daughter then proceeded to tell me I couldn't say that because it's racist lol

    1. Blogger ate my retort
      I guess it was too racist at our court

  10. All this talk about balls
    You HAD to mention blue
    I hear blue balls are no fun
    I've been accused of causing a few
    At least they don't turn pink
    That would stink, you'd think
    unless you like pink
    which I do
    but I have no balls
    so who cares? Not me or you.

    1. Hey, at least all are round
      When they are found
      One trait to stick
      Flat would be ick

  11. Oh, lord! Blue balls! The things we gals have been accused of causing in the past ~ LOL I can remember being told in a staff development course that it was damaging for kiddos to have their papers graded with red ink. Give me a break! I've just come back from Sunday night at Parkway, and my two glasses of wine are definitely interfering with my thinking. Better go ~ have to get Terry to his cataract surgery tomorrow morning. Wishing you a good week, Pat!

    1. haha accused and may do
      Don't like them blue
      Pffft to the red ink thing
      Kiddies need to stop being pansies if so at their wing
      Hopefully the surgery goes well
      And you aren't hung over where you dwell

  12. Balls Away Come What May!
    Not forgetting that very day
    Not called
    Was excluded most sad to say


    1. Excluded one would be
      If the blackball came to be

  13. Balls can be fun when you have them in your hand figuring out what to do:). People need to chill because I have been black balled when I was in high school and I am whiter than white with blond hair. Oh well, I shall think more about some nice balls that I have at home. The cats love to play with thought I was talking about my hubby didn’t you?? Bad boy...or girl depending who else reads this:)

    1. lol my mind was going to the gutter
      Yep, people should shut the hell up about such stupid things and not spit and sputter


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