Be In Bliss With A Manufacture This!

I am going to manufacture a rhyme today. I know there is always one on display. But let's add another that you have to read. Yep, you have to for it is regulated at every feed.

Get on a board.
Have plenty stored.
Whether crap or great,
No other can relate.

Relate to what?
Don't be a nut.
Relate to my thingy.
You have to umm bringy.

It's in the rules.
Regulated to all fools.
Fools because we win,
After giving regulations a spin.

Cheaper and better.
Bah, write a letter.
The regulations are made.
Sorry, that's "fair" trade.

With no trading at all.
But who cares at our hall.
We make the rules.
Suffer, you fools.

In order to build,
You follow our guild.
Otherwise no permit for you.
Gotcha every which way at your zoo.

Our product isn't cheap.
But you must take the leap.
We regulated it that way.
So use it, as you have no say.

Use another and it won't pass.
We'll throw you out on your ass.
A safety hazard it will be.
Sorry, but that's the way of we.

The rules were made that way.
We had to make sure you pay.
We couldn't make things that work.
We'd rather be an expensive jerk.

So buy the materials we set.
They are such a safe bet.
Follow the rules we made.
We'll go relax in the shade.

Don't you just love that? Those who make the rules and regulations sell the scat. So they make sure you have to use what they make. Did you do a double take? Well in many cases this is true. Did they fool you? Their product doesn't have to be cheaper or better. They just need to get in regulated in an official letter. Then they can sell them in mass. Rich pricks need to suck on the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Really tough to do right now since embedded comment boxes take ten seconds or more to register a comment!

    2. Yep, such a pain in the ass
      When it takes 10 seconds for every mass

    3. Ninja was quick as The Flash
      Now, show 'm the cash....

  2. Great poem Pat. Rules are made to be broken surely?

    PS: Your post didn't come through Yesterday so visited your site to comment on the day's verse.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Yesterday blogger wanted to be a pain
      Break the rules at their lane

  3. And who's regulating all those rules? The government.

    1. They need their cut
      While they sit on their butt

  4. We have a six foot long shelf full of Incandescent light bulbs that we stocked up on a few years back. That tells you what we think of govt regulations.

    1. Think they can shove it
      Every little bit? lol

  5. They can kiss my ass!
    That’s it from this lass.

  6. Rules and regs
    Bars and kegs
    It leads one to drink
    I'm right on the brink

  7. That's why we never pay attention to rules!

  8. Microsoft... anger in a single word
    Their rules should be flushed like a turd

  9. Rules are made to be broken. So pfftt on the rules!

    1. Pffft them all
      Toss them in the trash like aball

  10. Rules, regulations, and laws generally give the most benefit to the rich politicians and corporations who set them. And what's worse, most of those regulations are arbitrary and illogical.

    1. Yep, they just give the run around
      And not much sense in them is found

  11. All of those rules and regulations seem to make the rich richer and make the poorest of the people pay out for things they don't need or want.

    1. Yep, seems to be their design
      And the rich sobs think it just fine

    2. Isn't that the truth? And what regulations were in place to protect middle class and the poor are being lifted.

    3. And thrown in the sea
      As on them they pee

  12. Or what about a company that purposely breaks your stuff (ahem, looking at you Apple) then as a way of an apology, gives you the option to pay $30 back to their company to fix the problem. Greedy, greedy, greedy.

    1. Ha that is so true..I have been thinking of getting the new battery, but will it really be better?

    2. Or the assholes up here that admit to price fixing on bread for 10+ years
      And then, oh we'll give you a $25 gift card that you can only spend on stuff at our stores, dears

    3. Exactly! I just ordered flowers for a funeral and paid for guaranteed delivery. Funeral was today, and guess what? No flowers! I put in a complaint with the company and they tried to make it seem like they were doing me a favor by refunding my expedited shipping charge because they failed to deliver. One, you owed me that money back in the first place. Two, I can't use flowers after the fact. Funerals aren't just going to wait around for the flower truck so give me all of my damn money back. Now, I get a headache disputing it with Paypal, but they sure did think they were doing me a favor by giving me my $5 expedited fees back. *eyeroll*

    4. lol yep, they make it seem like they are the best thing ever
      That whole $5 back makes it an okay endeavor
      Pffft in every way
      Maybe that companies funeral will come on display

  13. Rules and regulations
    is there no negotiations

  14. orlin N cassie...thatz de nice thing bout bee in a cat huh, we haz noe roolz, we follow noe roolz, N we make R own roolz ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. That we do
      And we can even break our own rules too

  15. Do the people or whoever write the rules obey them too,
    Or are they just for poor folks like me and you?

  16. Be In Bliss With A Manufacture This!
    Rules and regulations made to fleece
    Follow the trend
    Of lots of friends
    Do your own thing and nothing amiss!


    1. Own thing is the way
      Find it and never fear going astray

  17. Well, I'm happy to learn that other people are experiencing 10-second+ waits after posting a comment. I thought it was me doing something wrong. The fewer rules the better!

    1. Yep, it is waiting waiting waiting
      Rules suck when umm err mating?


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