Dust And Trim Kinda Dim?

The cat will now nap but run. My, that takes skill by the ton. Would you call it sleep walking? Can I also throw in talking? You humans do it every day. So I want to mix and match too at my bay.

Opposite of told.
Let it take hold.
Opposite of tell.
Isn't that swell?

Same of told.
Joins the fold.
Same of tell.
What the hell?

Confused yet not.
Catch or caught.
Caught or catch.
Now go and fetch.

Grab the duster.
Has such luster.
You are going to dust.
In dusting you trust.

So you dust and take away.
Hmm is that word play?
Shouldn't un-dusting come due?
Is more dust being added by you?

Got you thinking.
Maybe through rapid blinking.
Or maybe you thought.
Thought to think about the plot.

Just like weeks ago.
Many had a tree show.
Lights, ornaments and whatever.
It was a tree trimming endeavor.

Umm, is that true?
The tree was trimmed by you?
Yet you added stuff to it.
Is that reverse psychology shit?

You supposedly took away.
What's done when trimming you say.
But instead you added a bunch.
Does tree adding not have the same punch?

But hey, you trimmed.
The tree you slimmed.
When the ornaments went back in the box,
And you put away your stash of socks.

Any more that pops in? Ever give those two a spin? You aren't really dusting at your sea unless dust is added by thee. You know, like crop dusting. That one deserves no busting. They are dropping dust/chemicals or whatever. Okay, could be a busting endeavor. So un-dust away. Tree add at your bay. The opposite must have far less class. Much like my dust free little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. It's amazing where and how the dust accumulates Pat.
    Great read.


  2. Sometimes it feels like I am adding more dust when I do it...
    How about the people who say they are going to un-thaw something?

    1. Yeah, just flies away
      Right in your display
      That is a good one too
      As you aren't freezing it at your zoo

  3. I never thought of dusting like that
    Lily Munster had it down pat.

  4. I think my Brother Simon should help with the dusting with that big tail of his!

  5. We dust only to add more
    From dusk till dawn
    No need to sleep or yawn
    Don't trust the dust anymore

  6. Don't take my dust just put it back
    I always save it in a sack
    Then I put it up for sale
    At the market with the kale

    1. A little extra flavor
      That all can surely savor

  7. Dust at our place must always multiply
    We clean and clean and I don’t know why
    Because dust returns in the blink of an eye

  8. swish away and windex
    seems like we are clean
    but evergreen needles appear until Easter
    so much for our shiny sheen

    1. They hide this way and that
      Even under the welcome mat

  9. Here's the real question about the dust - can we say it left or it was left behind?

    1. Hmm could be either or
      Or maybe both at ones shore

  10. Trimming the tree. I never really thought about that but it's true.

  11. orlin N cassie...trimmed ore knot eye had noe tree; coz sum one thinkz eye like ta chew cordz.. brake thingz... N get up inta stuff eye shouldna be up & in two.....

    tuna of moon ~~~ *

    1. haha yeah, we do that
      So none is had with Pat

  12. Good thing dust doesn't exist in the digital world

  13. We certainly trimmed, err, added a bunch to our tree:)
    Have a good weekend and stay warm.

    1. Added is the way
      Hopefully the cold shall stray

  14. Just use a swifter to get those dust bunnies.
    The real question is why are they called bunnies?
    Do they hop everywhere?

  15. Dust And Trim Kinda Dim?
    Not letting to sport a grin
    Talking opposites
    Making it bleak
    Be organized to look clean


    1. Looks can be deceiving
      Depending on who is receiving

  16. Dust free is the way to go!
    Whether in rain or whether in snow.

  17. My eyes are rapidly blinking,
    as I'm dusting and thinking.

  18. Like driving on a parkway or parking on a driveway. No wonder people get confused when learning the English language.


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