Here Fishy Fishy Gets A Swishy!

The cat was dealing with another nut the other day. They sure seem to find us no matter where we stray. This one was an idiot beyond words. I have seen more sense in birds.

All humans are the same.
That is my claim.
All the same in what they eat.
They need this for a treat.

They each need fish.
Whether every day or a once a week dish.
Every human needs it to eat.
No way anyone can cheat.

Vegans, bah they'll die.
Look into their eye.
They won't survive.
They'll never get out alive.

They are nuts anyway.
Who cares what they say?
Surely not me.
Plenty of fish in the sea.

No matter the kind,
Fish you can't leave behind.
It is a must in any diet.
Eat it raw or fry it.

Allergies you say?
Pfft they'll go away.
No such thing as being allergic to fish.
They are on every humans dish.

It is all in their head.
They'd never wind up dead.
They can get over it.
At least they can eat a bit.

Confused logic there?
Bah, don't be so aware.
Just go and buy some fish.
It will taste well on your dish.

Muscles, seaweed, sharks or whales.
All of them can hit the trails.
They will all taste great.
A yummy meal will be your fate.

All humans can eat fish.
They can do so whenever they wish.
Fish is a must in any diet.
Eat it and don't just try it.

So allergies are fake, whales are fish and vegans are going to die. Any wonder why I've seen more brains in birds than this guy? The moron was dead serious too. Pound sand up a certain spot is the only retort he got from my zoo. That was after an eye roll or ten. Maybe he thinks fish are birthed from a hen. Wouldn't surprise me at all. Are you that fish crazy at your hall? If so I'll send you a singing bass. You can tell it to him and not my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's landing, the plane the plane!
      Starting all over again!


    2. Back on the runway
      With no toads on display

  2. Doesn't half the population hate fish? It seems to be high on the dislike list.

    1. Yep, it is up there
      Idiots out there to spare

  3. I'd say well over half the world's population doesn't eat fish. Guess they should all be dead.

    1. By that logic they surely should
      Population control at his hood

  4. Coastal zones with plenty of fresh fish
    Regularly on the mealtime dish
    Have lower rates of MS indeed
    On fresh fish I will certainly feed

    1. Then some of lower rates on this and that
      All depends on what is good for the person where they are at

  5. Fishy fishy bite my hook
    Don't bite Joey's he's a crook

  6. Some people do call it seefood

    others call it smelly

  7. Here Fishy Fishy Gets A Swishy!
    Lean meat makes one so healthy
    one's happy family
    one's happy to see
    Sweet smile a contented's 'showie'


  8. orlin N cassie; we picked a good day ta stop bye N say hi; yur talkin trout !! happee new yeer two ewe guyz; heerz ta happee nezz healtheez N grazz oh plentee ☺☺♥♥

    1. Hope a happy one is had all around
      With plenty of trout found

  9. Hey, Pat? Snowing where you're at?
    All kidding aside, I hope that you and kitties are safe and warm. I just saw a weather map on tv showing the bomb cyclone heading straight for the long axis of NS. I have one sister in a room at the airport in Halifax. I used to take great delight in introducing my Colorado students to dulce in an introduction to multiplication for many years. Dulce and fish are overrated ~ LOL! Take care today, my friend!

    1. Overrated they are indeed
      We avoid at our feed
      I love these types of snow storms here
      As all we got it rain and wind near
      Still have power too
      No flooding yet at our zoo

  10. I like fish but do not want to see eyes on my plate, or gills, or a tail. Process the heck out my food please. Or something is fishy...throw it back for bait

    1. Yeah, see that for anything is blah to me
      So we agree with thee

  11. Well, I don’t like it when my car fish tails on a snowy highway, S(wish)ing my way home..

    1. That sucks a ton
      Can kill like an allergy run

  12. Replies
    1. haha geesh works
      All you can say politely to such jerks

  13. Funny we both posted fishy stories today!

  14. Never liked fish myself, but my husband likes it. I was just reading the other day how humans are consuming a large portion of plastic each year because of all the plastic pollution in the ocean. The fish are eating it, then humans eat the fish. Sounds delish.

    1. Yeah, another reason to avoid that
      We'll stick with chicken where we are at

  15. I like some fish to eat but not all.
    Great poem Pat most enjoyable to read.


  16. We love fish and eat it at least twice a week
    Salmon, trout, tuna is what we often seek.
    Arctic Char is great but hard to find
    Expensive too but I don’t mind.

    1. Never even heard of the latter one
      Shows what I know with a fishy run

  17. I like some fish more than others. I don't eat it often- but I do enjoy it. :)

    1. Good that you can enjoy
      With no allergies ahoy


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