It Won't Be Tame Due To Fame!

The cat is going to have some famous schmuck here. That will sure make you cheer. They make everything better, right? They do if you believe that grand old spotlight.

This movie will be grand.
Famous Dude one is giving it a hand.
Yep, that means it's the best.
In 3 years we'll see if it passes the test.

They are collaborating on a book.
That will make it off the hook.
They are just so great.
Together they should mate.

She is joining that show.
Up the ratings will go.
It will be oh so great.
Gotta love her added trait.

They are making a new game.
It sure won't be lame.
It will be off the hook.
Whoops, I said that about the book.

Famous Dude two is here.
He says a new something is near.
That something will be top notch.
It sure won't be a botch.

They are all joining together.
Greatness they can weather.
They will make it reign supreme.
It will feel like a dream.

Famous Dudette one joined it.
That will be the shit.
She is just sooo hot.
That show will surely get bought.

Airhead Number one is around.
Something will sure be found.
Airheads everywhere will cheer.
Look, a new reality TV show is near.

Talk show host one joined in.
This will be a sure fire win.
I can't wait to see.
I've got a shaky knee.

Airheads, Famous Dudes, Famous Dudettes and of course they,
Are all coming out to play.
It's going to be one grand show.
That I just really, really, really know.

Do you believe that? Not bought by the cat. Just because someone did good before doesn't mean it will be forevermore. But then "good" is subjective too. So maybe for some it does come due. But just because a famous schmuck joins in doesn't mean you won't want to send it to the trash bin. Did the cat ruin the dreams of the hopeful mass? Pffft doesn't bother my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A very clever posme Pat, Thanks for a good read.


  2. Sounds like a grand show to us. Lots of interesting stuff going on. Have a great day.

  3. I can think of several ensemble movies that were total crap. Like Nothing But Trouble.

    1. Ugg, I forgot about that one
      Yep, crap by the ton

  4. Good is always good, except when it's not!

    1. And that except happens a lot
      As good go hot to trot

  5. Sounds to me
    Like a Golden Globes report by thee!

  6. Famous people show your face
    Don't hide behind the Irish lace
    A citrus light, it isn't lime
    What's your shtick, are you a mime
    Curtain call, it's number one
    Are we having lots f fun
    Pathetic people on the stage
    I hear "black bottom" is te rage
    Give one more narcissistic smie
    Rain clouds gather by the mile

    1. Pathetic covers it all
      Smack their head into a wall
      No smile will come due
      But it may still look like it to you
      For they think it is fantastic
      To be covered in a face full of plastic

  7. Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't.

  8. I can understand when they advertise something by saying "From the director who brought you [Whatever]", but it drives me nuts when they say "From the producer who brought you [Whatever]!" I sit there and say "Yeah! Who the hell cares?!?"

    1. lol yeah, like they did a lot
      Oh look, from the food preparer who brought you a food poisoning plot

  9. I hate it when the ads say "best picture Ever!"
    You know it will be a dud whether
    a famous has-been joins the show
    or it's in 3D..ughh they should just eat some crow.

    1. Yep, a bunch of tacky crap
      By some silly sap

  10. That's very true. Sometimes it's works and sometimes it doesn't.

    1. Sucker born every day
      As they use the display

  11. All those "stars" means tons of money into paying them and nothing into screenwriting.

  12. sometimes I think is all about money.

    1. The money it always seems to be
      From sea to sea

  13. orlin N cassie....we haz seen thiz with bandz dude leevez; nother stepz in; mor often N knot they suck ~~~~~☺☺♥♥

    1. Makes you wish they'd choke on the mic
      That is the only thing one would like

  14. It's almost always true
    if you did good once, folks always love you
    But what does "do good" mean?
    taping yourself having raunchy sex,
    I glean.

    1. haha could give some a thrill
      While making others rather ill

  15. It Won't Be Tame Due To Fame!
    Doing good before not to blame
    The spotlight on them
    Easy to get slammed
    But they can still make a claim


  16. Ha,ha! Airheads make me giggle so I can't even think of a rhyme.

    1. haha works for me
      With no rhymes and a giggling spree

  17. It is amazing what people make when they hit it big!

  18. I tend to like the movies without big names attached more. Seems that once one makes it big, their attitudes such and make them less enjoyable to watch.

    1. Yeah, they become douchebags after a while
      Making one want to turn the dial

  19. It depends really ~ The outcome the next time around might be better or a total let down ~

    1. That it may be
      Can turn out positive, barely ever though, at ones sea

  20. I rarely believe the hype. That way, I'm not disappointed.


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